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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

a poem i wrote and i have no clue what the name should be.....
i dont need anyone
i hate everyone
speaking...the end is near
its true, drive me into madness
i cant stop the pain
dont close your eyes
hold me
im falling
there is so much more that you dont know
blinded by my tears
dont fade away
all these whispering voices
happiness is an illusion
dont turn away
give in to th pain
dont turn away
live and die, thats what life is
all these laughing faces
illness is what i am
i am a sickness
and there is no cure...

by: brooke (chii)

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why i never went away
why i never felt this way
i am in deep depression
like a strange obsession
why i look and sigh
why i wish to die
i live life in a stride
as i look for a place to hide
why i always seem to cry
why i run and have to lie
i must turn my life around
my path is forward bound
why i fight
why i stry from the light
when the rain falls
darkness calls
why i find my way
why i never stay
my eyes start to tear
i sit in waiting in my fear
why i close my eyes
why my spirit flys
i drift into the sun
my life is over done.

By :brooke (chii)

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yeash...i did
border="0" alt="I adopted a human Inuyasha plushie from Suta-raito.com!">
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some real and not real pics

edward sissor hands

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the nightmare before christmas

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um i guess the cake died and umm
its flying to heaven...ummm and he
is crying or something

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Monday, December 20, 2004

any way...how is every one...i was thinking...about all the thing i would never say and here are a few
1.hi! like my name like is brooke!
2.*sing the theme song to barney
3.write a happy poem

*things i would say*
1. shut the f*^& up!
2. go F768 a cow!
3. bioch!
4. ummm....read this new poem i wrote....

well then today i went with pita-ten to the tennis court and it was fun but i am soooo sore...i cant wait until christmas is over...i mean there are christmas lights every where...anyway...i think pita-ten's site is to bright...and christmas-ish i cant stand it...you should have seen it on halloween...that was better...welll im going to go now...oh yeah if you go to pita-ten's site there will be a pop up saying something about a virus...well i made that for her and there is in fact no virus...so no worrys...

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haha thought this one was sooooo freaken funny....sorry i had to put it upp...

hey looks like me when i went to school with all black on....yeah the class was desserted too....every one ran like i was gonna kill them....well the thought did pass through my head a few times...

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hey everyone...anyway....i found out glitch doesnt hate me....hmm.....oh and i here at my house and my friend is over here (its-me.-.)
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