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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/24/07:
well....ok :D as long as its not english-dubbed roxas. JESSE IS ICKY!!!!

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What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/24/07:
um......i think im more the 'calm and intelligent' villain.....

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What Kind Of Villain Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/23/07:
sweet, im pikachu ^^

Which Nintendo Character Are You? (With Pics) by Evil_Dead
# of Nintendo Systems owned (Including Gameboy)
You are...

Result Posted on 07/23/07:
O.O that doesnt sound like shikamaru.....replace him with kiba and *drool* =w=

A party with the cast of Naruto (Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara, Itachi, and More)(girls only..sorry guys) by Sasuke's Gurl
Zodiac Sign:
The Party Was At...Your House
Who was there?GUYS-Shikamaru, Neji, Gaara, Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke, Kabuto, Haku, Kiba. GIRLS(you didn't talk to them much)-Sakura, Ino, Hinata, TenTen, Temari, and You!
When you played spin the bottle, you got...Shikamaru
While in the closet with him for those 10 mins...He pulled you close to his body, to the point were you could feel his heart beating in his chest. you could feel his warmth against your body. then he kissed you gently on the lips and wispered in your ear, "You are mine now, and you always will be."
You also got kissed by...Neji
Your Ex-BF tried to kiss you but got stopped by...Sasuke
You woke up naked next to...Gaara
_____has a secret crush on you.Neji

Result Posted on 07/23/07:

Naruto-Academy Enrollment(girls only...detailed results...includes your naruto soulmate and how your gonna die) by Sasuke's Gurl
YOUR VILLAGEVillage Hidden In The Leaves
YOUR RANKSpecial Elite - The same as an Elite Ninja, but specializes in a certain field, like medicine or chakra manipulation. In some ways this can be easier to achieve than a regular Elite Ninja, because you only need to be really good at one aspect of being a Ninja, where regular Elites need to be really good and lots of different things. Anbu captains would fall under this category since they are also very specialized.
YOUR NIN-JUTSU SPECIALTY TECHNIQUEJutsu name: Water Element,Water Wave (Suiton,Suishouha) - A jutsu which creates water out of no where and then thrases it all over the place drowning the opponent and slamming them into solid surfaces. The attack requires a high ammount of chakra to be performed.
YOUR GEN-JUTSU SPECIALTY TECHNIQUEJutsu name: Sexy Skill (Orioke no jutsu (sexy no jutsu) - One of Naruto's own original techniques. Basically it's henge no jutsu, but the user would transform into a beautiful naked woman. This technique causes nosebleeds but sometimes it doesn't have any affect on the opponent(perverts). But most people (mainly adult males of course) are affected. Even the 3rd Hokage was defeated by it. ;p
YOUR SPECIAL TRAITS AND SKILLSyou have god like speed. and you can do anything from one hit kills to making pretty designs in the air, with kunai knifes.
YOUR SOULMATE AND HOW YOU METSasuke-you get stuck in a cave with him for an entire week. Luckily you had food with you.
HOW YOU DIESakura and Ino push you off a cliff because they think you are stealling their Sasuke.

Result Posted on 07/22/07:

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What Military Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/22/07:
damn....i didnt want inuyasha -.-

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What Anime Stereotype Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/22/07:
nice ^_^

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What Full Metal Panic Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/22/07:
aww hes adorable :P

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Who's Your Wolf's Rain Hottie?
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Result Posted on 07/21/07:
OwO WOW!!!! dont believe choujis result----i say ino's too skinny and chouji's just right ^^//

Naruto Guys: Thoughts, and Love Life. (Girls only) by HeavenCondescending
Your Name
NarutoHe likes your attitude. The way you never give up! The way you like to hang in there till the very end! He isn't shy to talk to you, since you aren't the shy person. You often get conversations with him more than he with you. Lately though, he's been liking you more and more because of your teasing remarks and your never ending spirit.
SasukeHates how you are one of his fan girls. But you aren't like a normal fan girl though, he is often left in the dust with a teasing remark made by you. Or some mark to just make him think about you more and more, until the day he finally accepts his feelings towards you.
NejiAdmires you for complimenting him on his Byakugan, and complimenting on his skills in the Hyuuga clan. And by that he tends to think of you as his friend, nothing more.
Rock LeeTreats you the same as Sakura. He has to protect you with his life, and cannot fail! If he does that is 500 laps! But anyways-- He likes how you are a bit weaker than he so he can protect you without you making a remark that he is a weakling, and is ugly none-the-less. (GASP) He often tries to impress you, basically.
ShikamaruThinks you are far too troublesome for his likings, and admited it to your face. Yea.. he doesn't like you that much.
ChoujiDislikes how you and Ino often make fun of him by his weight and how much he eats. You tend to comment on him alot, as well as Ino, and he hates it.
ShinoSmiles at the fact that you are really interested in him. You don't like bugs much, but you were willing to see what they do, and that made him slightly happy. Normally people wouldn't like to see what his bugs can do, but since you like to see he puts on a show just for you. He loves how he can make you smile, and even blushes sometimes. He really likes you.
KibaBlushes when you tease him and get really close to him. You don't appear much around town, and that makes him search for you. He tends to find you at the waterfall alot more than usual, and hangs around you alot. He likes the fact that you are mature, and a very good Shinobi. He often thinks of you during missions, and tries his best to gain your attention.
GaaraAdmires how you stand up for your teammates and is not affraid to lose your life for someone you love. When he is in Konoha he visits you alot while you sleep, since he can't, and when you are awake he walks with you in the woods outside of Konoha. He had already said that he would give a try in protecting someone, and he did and that was you. And then and there he liked you alot more, but could not understand the feeling within him that makes him blush slightly.
KankuroWatched you accept his brother, but he often pulled out for training or just to watch him and his puppet. He liked the fact that you were very interested in his skills, and hoped you would ditch his younger brother. (Yea he is evil like that..)
KabutoAdmires you for being tougher than Naruto at points, and how you saw through his lie in the Chuunin exams and how you knew it was him dressed in the ANBU when the Hokage was ambushed.
KakashiLooks down upon you as a younger sister, and protects you like you are his comrad. He can't think of you any more, since you are a bit too young and naive for his tastes. But he gives blunt statements on the guys you say you like. It is either a Yes, or a No. In his words. Very concise..
GaiSees you alone alot in the corner, and he normally tries to make you happier. Even if it meant to make him look like a dork in public. (Um.. that ship has already sailed!) Basically he would do anything for you. (Not in a lover way, but in a friend/ father way)
JiraiyaIs.. well, very excited on the fact of how mature you look even though you are Naruto's age. Can't help but even peak on you at the bathing house.

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