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Result Posted on 06/22/07:
that was fun......but im starving X.X

One Damn Long Survey (Guarenteed To Kill A Few Hours)
*~ Simple Questions ~*
Full Name::Edward Wong Hao Pepilu Tivrusky IV
Nickname(s)::Kirby, Hinata, Milk
Where you named after anyone?::yes----Edward Wong Hao Pepilu Tivrusky IV
Straight, Gay, or Bi?::straight
Ethnical Background/Skin Color::.....white? red? i dont know....
Eyes::yellow or brown
Height::5 foot somethin
Weight::......1 BILLION MUNNY!!!
Shoe Size::9
Parents Names/Ages::Vash the Stampede and Haru Hara Haruko
Siblings Names/Ages::Edward and Alphonse Elric
Are your parents married or separated?:separated
Pets?::Kamineko and Kuroneko
Birthday::July 33.
Western Zodiac Sign::Capricorn!
Chinese Zodiac Sign::MONKEY!!!!
Address::the moon!
What kind of house do you have?::a house :D
Religion::Christian ^-^
Righty or Lefty?::righty......i wanna be a lefty though T.T
Do you have legs?::......i think? o.o
Marital Status::depends---who are you asking?
Are you an organ donor?::no....
Do you have a driver's license/permit?::no....
Do you own a car?::on GaiaOnline :D
What kind of car do you have/want?::on Gaia, I have a Possum ^-^
Where do/did you go to school?::VG ISD
Current Occupation::student
What do you want to work as in the future?::compy animator.....or animator!!! or game designer!!!
Where did/do you attend college or where do you want to attend?::Crazy Go Nuts University
What are your hobbies?::drawing ^-^
Where do you shop mostly?::uhhhh.....FX Games and EB Games.....
Are you a good listener?::what?
Do you think looks are important?::not really....
Do you use sarcasm a lot?::oh NOOOO.....NEVER....
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?::BECOME A LEFTY!!! or ambidextrous at least....
Do you like to sing in the shower?::rarely...
Do you like to sing on the toilet?::o.o what!?
Do you like to read on the toilet?::no....
*~ Favorites ~*
Movie::spirited away or the second naruto movie :D
Musical::.....a disney movie?
Scary Movie::evil dead 2?
Actress::Miley Cyrus ^_^
Singer::....uh.....Vanessa Carlton?
Song::theres so many though!!!!
Music Video::Are You Happy Now?
Radio Station::....uhh....
Instrument::youre kidding, right?
Comedian::DANE COOK!!! *squee*
Website::TheOtaku :D
Book::does manga count?
Author::Kishimoto Masashi?
Magazine::Anime Magazine ^-^
Manga::NARUTO and Dragonball....And others!!!
Poem::.....*bursts out laughing*
TV Show::MXC, Beyond Belief, and several others...
Reality Show::MXC!!! WOOOOT!!!!
Commercial::Build-A-Bear Workshop?
Sport's Team::........uhh...
Board Game::Pokemon Monopoly :D
Amusement Park Ride::Tilt-A-Whirl!
Item Of Clothing::extra large T-shirt so boys don't stare at my chest ^-^
Room In Your House::mine
Subject In School::art ^_^
Teacher::Umino Iruka-sensei!
Nerdy Saying::DA HOOOCH!!!!
Month::winter months :D
Day Of The Week::friday....
Time Of Day::lunchtime :D
Flower::a orange and yellow blend rose ^-^
City::Austin ^-^
Beverage (Nonalcoholic)::MOUNTAIN DEW
Beverage (Alcoholic)::MOUNTAIN DEW
Food::California Rolls :DDD
Fast Food Joint::BUSH'S CHICKEN!!!
Ice Cream Flavor::chocolate =w=
Lunch Meat::.......turkey?
Girl's Perfume::*gags*
Guy's Cologne::*gags but not as much as the girls perfume*
Shampoo::green apple :D
Soap::midnight pomegranate
Smells::midnight pomegranate......brownies......skunkies.....
Cartoon::Pucca and Kappa Mikey!
Cartoon Character::Gonard from Kappa Mikey. Or Neji probably, from Naruto
Disney Character::There's so many though! uhh.....uhh....OH! MOWGLI!! FROM THE JUNGLE BOOK
Childhood Toy::the ball pit =w=
*~ Are You A . . . ~*
Daydreamer?::yes ^-^
Class Clown?::no..
Rocker?::i guess?
Prep?::NO WAY!!!
WASP?::whats a wasp?
Goodie 2 Shoes?::no...
Rebel?::only to orochimaru.
Daredevil?::no o.o
Pervert?::only a tiny tiny bit.....but only anime and video games can turn me on ^-^
Nympho?::no o.o
Idiot?::.......wait gimme a minute on this one.....
Snob?::EWW NO!!!
Freak?::yes---AND IM PROUD!!!!
Nerd?::define 'nerd'.
*~ Love Life Etc. ~*
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?::he has a cookie in his pocket.....
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend (if so, who?)?::yes. Inuzuka Kiba ^-^
How long have you been together?::at least a month ago.....
How did you meet?::Itach iwas an ass to me so Kiba came up and asked me on a date :D
What's the sweetest thing he/she has done for you?::he built a pool for us ^-^
What do you like best about him/her?::hes not totally perverted :D
What's the weirdest thing about them?::he..............um.....uh?
If you could change one thing about him/her, what would it be?::are you kidding?
What do you do when you're together?::snuggle, date, etc.
Do you have a crush?::WHAT HAVE I JUST BEEN TALKING ABOUT?!?!? YES!!! KIBA!!!!
Does he/she know that you like them?::YES!!! WERE DATING!!!
Are you two friends/acquittances/etc.?:-_- im not talking to you anymore.
How did you meet?::3 munny?
Is there any chance that you'll be together?::5 munny?
Can you see yourself marrying your boy/girlfriend/crush?::yes.
Do you want to get married?::yes.
If so, how old do you want to be when you get married?::at LEAST 21.
Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?::japan!!!
Would you have sex before marriage?::no.
Would you have kids before marriage?::no!!
Do you plan on having children?::uh i dunno...
Names::uhhh........i dont know....
Do you believe in love at first sight?::yes....
Have you ever been in love?::HAVE YOU NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!?!?
If so, with who?::oh i get it.....you want real life answers....
How many people have you dated?::0!
Have you ever cheated?::nope.
What do you think of soul mates?::forever.
Are you afraid to ask someone out?::yes......especially that damned ga---......nvm...
What do you want most in a relationship?::honesty and true love ^_^
Describe your perfect date::just the two of us, eating teriyaki steak at Kiiko's, starting up some kareoke at the end of our meal.
Describe the perfect kiss::time stops as our lips meet. then, while our kiss lasts, theres lots of ruckus such as screeching cats and dogs emits.
*~ Versus ~*
Black/White::eh--.........would i be racist if i chose one?
Winter/Summer::WINTER OwO
Ocean/Pool::pool =w=
Hanging Out/Chillin'::uh thats the same thing, isnt it?
Paper/Plastic::chicken butt?
I Dream of Jeannie/I Love Lucy::I Dream of Jeannie
The Brady Bunch/The Partridge Family::BRADY BUNCH
Funny Movies/Scary Movies::FUNNY O.O
Pencils/Pens::PENCILS. but only the mechanical ones.
Cats/Dogs::either is fine with me ^-^
Mom/Dad::i cant decide!
*~ Friends ~*
Shortest::Hahli or Meredith.........no offense ^_^;
Most Outgoing::that would probably be me....
Can't Keep a Secret::no one i know ._.
Most Alike::Hahli :D
Most Accident-Prone::me again.
Preppiest::youre kidding right?
Has The Most Inside Jokes::Scorch probably
Most Obnoxious::uhhh...
Most Gullible::me again!
Biggest Panhandler::what?
Biggest Fruitcake::huh?
Craziest::thats me.
Smartest::Me and Hahli I suppose...
Happiest::me and Hahli again!
Most Depressed::uh....
Most Clueless::ME!!!
Most Talented::depends, what area?
Best Singer::ive never heard any of my friends actually sing like they mean it so i dont know XD
Most Likely To Become Famous::Scorch.
Most Original::me and Hahli :D
Best All-Around::uhhh........dunno
Best Friends::Hahli, Scorch, and Meredith ^_^
Which friend have you had the longest?::Hahli definitely.
Which 5 people do you trust and are open with the most?::Hahli, Scorch, Meredith, Nate, and Ellie.
*~ The Worst ~*
Movie::Cats and Dogs
Actor/Actress::Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff >_<
Band/Singer::Jesse McCartney. Seriously, have you HEARD him sing? BLECH!
Song::i cant choose......theres so many.....
TV Show::Life With Derek.
Reality Show::i dont watch very many reality shows....
Commercial::the old Slim Jim commercials. you know, with the dude coming out of the womans stomach? that made me very sick.
Subject In School::for me, history.
Sport's Team::like i would know!
Book::Harry Potter
Author::J.K. Rowling. witchcraft is against Christianity!!!
Magazine::those girl magazines that tell you to be anorexic.
Manga::well, i dont have a very wide selection so i dont know.....
Day Of The Week::monday. >_<
Time Of Day::6:00 on sunday T_T
Food::burnt stir fry T.T
Fast Food Joint::chick-fa-lle
City::Las Vegas. No offense.
Smells::perfume. BLEARG!!
*~ More Versus ~*
Love or Lust?::love ^-^
Hugs or Kisses?::hugs :D
Truth or Dare?::truth
Diamond or Pearl?::PEARL!!!! POKEMON PEARL ROCKS SO MUCH HARDER THAN DIAMOND!!! even though diamond has skunkies....
Silver or Gold?::silver ^^
Fruits or Veggies?::fruits :D
Ketchup or Mustard?::KETCHUP
Plain, Buttered, or Salted?::depends, what are we talking about?
Crushed or Cubed?::um what?
Plain Milk or Chocolate Milk?::CHOCOLATE
Strawberries or Watermelon?::strawberries!
Croutons or Bacon Bits?::bacon =w=
Gun or Knife?::knife?
Boxers or Briefs?::BOXERS!!! *whistles*
Showers or Baths?::baths are for snuggly time with your lover ^-^ so showers XD
Coke or Pepsi?::PEPSI 1000%!!!!!!!!!!
Batman or Superman?::this one was already done!
Rich or Famous?::uh---rich?
Leather or Lace?::leather!! NO GIRLY STUFF!!!
Minty Gum or Fruity Gum?::how about, NO gum? :D
Altoids or Tic-Tacs?::neither!!
Electric Slide or Macerena?::MACARENA!!!!!
Violin or Fiddle?::violin?
N*sync or Backstreet Boys?::*bursts out laughing* YEAH RIGHT!!!! they both suck equally!!!!
*~ Have You Ever . . . ~*
Been so drunk you blacked out?::nope---never drinken ^_^
Missed school because it was raining?::well, we DID have ONE snow day once upon a time....
Set a body part on fire for amusement?::no.....but we set spiders on fire :D they burn quickly :3
Won any special awards?::school awards.....
Been hurt emotionally?::DAMN STRAIGHT
Mooned someone?::no o.o
Gone skinny dipping?::no.....
Kept a secret from everyone?::yes
Used any illegal drugs?::NO!
Lied to your parents?::ah yes.....those were the good ol days.....
Lied to your best friend?::if i did i dont remember....
Broke the law?::no o.o
Been in a mosh pit?::a what?
Danced when there wasn't any music?::no.....
Broken/fractured a bone?::no thank goodness
Skipped school?::NO!!!
Went bungee jumping?::no....
Thought you were going to die?::YES!!!! OxO
Met Santa?::yes! he said i was his favorite elf! then he took off his beard and put a 'out to lunch' sign in his chair....
Had an imaginary friend?::why yes. whats that sasami? you rock too!
Cried during a movie?::ohhhhh yessss.....
Had a crush on a teacher?::not that i remember....
Thought an animated character was hot?::hell yeah. anime is the only thing that can turn me on.
Been onstage?::dont remember.....
Punched a wall out of anger?::well, ive punched my bed rails.....
Had a Spice Girls tape?::EWWW
Had a Hanson tape?::who?
Had a New Kids On The Block tape?::what?
Cut your own hair?::once......damn bobby pin was stuck somewhere so i had to cut A TINY BIT.
Had a pet rock?::yes..........hes very controlling.........whats that tim?..........ok, ill kill them all.....
*~ Controversial Issues ~*
How do you feel about abortion?::ABORTION IS FOR MURDERERS
How do you feel about cloning and stem cell research?::i think it would help us advance in science.
How do you feel about censorship?::for the good of the decent people!
How do you feel about gun control?::pro-gun control.
How do you feel about communism?::NEEDS TO DIE!!!!
How do you feel about plastic surgery?::why bother? God made us how we are and he intended for us to stay the way we are. if its an emergency that calls for plastic surgery, then im ok with it.
How do you feel about gay marriage?::GOD DIDNT WANT US TO MARRY THE SAME SEX!!!!
How do you feel about:blank?
How do you feel about online dating?::not entirely sure.....
How do you feel about flirting if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?::if you have someone you love, you shouldn't flirt with other people!
*~ Right Now ~*
Date And Time::June 22 I think....at 11:14......AM....
Wearing::kakashi matrix shirt and jeans.
Eating::nothing yet T.T
Drinking::Mountain Dew shall soon be mine!
Thinking About::Kiba =w=
Listening to::the tv....
Talking to::this survey :D
Singing?::nothing yet.....
The Weather is::somewhat cloudy...
Your mood is::hungry!!!!
*~ Miscellaneous Questions ~*
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?::only when its storming outside.
Do you have a journal?::yes----over 100 ^_^
Do you have any piercings?::NO!
Do you have any tattoos?::nope
Do you want any piercings/tattoos?::NO!!!!!!
Do you have any bad habits?::i cant think of anything right now....
Are you superstitious?::not really....
Do you wish on stars?::yes. whenever there is one. which is NEVER!!!
Do you like roller coasters?::NO!!!! OxO
How do you release your anger?::count to ten, punch the bed rails, and take deep breaths.
What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?::5555.
Where would you like to sleep for a night?::in Kiba's bed :3
Where's your second home?::with my mom :D
What was the last thing you cried over or got teary about?::someones blog saying they were leaving.
What's something about guys/girls that you don't get?::when you start getting a crush on that guy that has a crush on you, they all of a sudden forget their crush on you!!!
How do you eat an Oreo?::peel apart, lick the icing off, then eat the cookie halves ^_^
What's an object you can't live without?::MY COMPY!!! OR MY DS!!!!
What makes you happy?::depends ^-^
What's the next CD you're going to get?::probably the Gorillaz. or maybe another FLCL OST.
What's your most embarrassing CD?::that damned Ukranian cd Orochimaru got for me.
Do you have a CD burner?::no.....if i do i dont know how to use it.
Do you have a lava lamp?::at moms :D
Do you wear contacts or glasses?::nope.
Do you have braces or a retainer?::nope.....not yet anyway.....
Worst sickness you've ever had::that 3 month cold i had T.T
Where is your computer?::in my room :D
What's on your mouse pad?::naruto eating ramen. i drew it myself :D
Can you touch your nose with your tongue?::nope.....
Can you lick your wenis?::my WHAT?!!
Can you juggle?::no.....
How many keys on your key ring?::none.......orochimaru doesnt trust me with keys T.T
Best wedding you ever went to?::my aunt's----i got to be one of the altar girls :D
What's the worst advice given to you?::you're stupid and worthless. (yeah? will F*** YOU OROCHIMARU!!!)
What's the best advice given to you?::just keep standing, even afte youve been pushed down countless times.
What is one of the best days of your life?::oh ive had a lot of those.....
What books are you reading?:uh....
What song seems to reflect you most?::sad sad kiddie. now if i had the nerve to sing it to orochimaru's face........
Do you have any enemies?::yes.......gage is my eternal arch rival!!!!
What did you do today?::do some chores and wait for lunch T.T
What are you doing later?::play games probably
What is your greatest fear?::i have a lot.......
If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you owned to?::probably Hahli......shed go nuts for my naruto stuff :P
What inspires you?::my friends, Deviantart, and Photobucket ^-^
What did you have for breakfast?::......i didnt have breakfast today........(dammit i always finish off the good cereals within 2 days....)
Do you like getting mail?::yes!
If E.T. knocked on your door and asked to use your phone, what do you do?::car broke. phone. yes?
What's your e-mail address?::i_aint_tellin_you@squat.com
Last time you were depressed?::dont remember.....
What is your all time most favorite sweet?::California Rolls?
How do you want to die?::um---i---er----eh?!?!?!
What do you want to happen to your body once you die?::i dont want to talk about these things!!!
If you could bring someone back from the dead who would it be?::my grandma.....
If you could go back in time and change something about your life. . .?:oh theres a lot id do......
If you could ask God one question, what would it be?::i understand that you created us and everything we stand on. but if you created us, who created you?
If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be with?::one of my friends......or kiba maybe :3
What is your idea of fun?::gaming, drawing, and computering ^_^
If you could take over the world, would you?::yes.........tim the rock and i have been planning it for quite some time......
If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?::EAT!!!! X_X
Who do you want to be with right now?::KIBA!!!
Do you like to swim?::yes but i cant swim :D
Which celebrity (or even animated character) do you look most like?::Inuzuka Kiba. just put red stripes on my cheeks and BAM. instant look-alike :D
In the past week, what is the most fun thing you have done?::gotten a frosty float at wendy's :D
What would you do if you knew the world would end tomorrow?::id pray to God that we'd be saved in the rapture.
Who do you think is the most attractive person in the world?::Kiba!!!!!!
If you could go back to any era in history, where would you go and why?::the dinosaur one........I SHALL BE QUEEN OF THE RAPTORS!!!!!
Do you have a cellphone or MP3 player?::nope....
What's something crazy that you would do for a million dollars?::delete my data on my memory card----WAIT WHAT!!?!? NO I WOULDNT!!!
Who would you consider a hero?::parents.....
Who are your personal heroes?::my mom and dad........and my brother! definitely my brother!
If you were to become blind, what would you miss most?::seeing kiba......and chatting and posting in my blog!!!!
Do you do volunteer work?::define 'volunteer work'.
Where do you want to travel most?::JAPAN!!!
What are your favorite types of accents?::British and Asaian ^-^
What are you most known for?::my artistic abilities ^_^
Do you have a myspace?::NO!!!!! F*** MYSPACE
What was the last thing you bought?::............that I bought? uh.....too long ago to remember....
Would you ever enlist in the military?::OxO *dies*
If you hadn't been doing this survey, what would you have been doing?::dying of hunger X.X
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Result Posted on 06/09/07:
coool! im sora AGAIN!

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 06/05/07:
wow! thats very accurate! even if i am a tad more hyper :D

What Your Favorite Color Green Says About You:
Balanced --- Relaxed --- Flexible
Compassionate --- Philosophical --- Humble
Loyal --- Inventive --- Unique

Result Posted on 06/01/07:
ewwwwww im sakura T.T

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Naruto Girl Are You?
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Result Posted on 05/28/07:
*FALL* I AINT A WATER TYPE!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!!! I CANT EVEN SWIM!!!!!! i KNOW i had more jolteon answers T.T

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Result Posted on 05/25/07:
the answers pretty much gave away the results.....sephiroth was the only one that appealed to me ^_^;;;

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
Who Is Your Ideal Final Fantasy VII Man?
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Result Posted on 05/01/07:
uh.....i like the result, but......WHO THE FLIP IS GEORGE MIYAGUSUKU?!?!?!

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
Who's Your Anime Daddy?
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Result Posted on 04/24/07:

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Type of Fangirl Are You?
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Result Posted on 04/24/07:
well, i guess thats accurate considering my other two answers.....im not THAT perverted, you know >>

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Sannin Are You?
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Result Posted on 04/24/07:
sweet im tenten!!! what? i like weapons. so sue me. TENTEN ROCKS

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Naruto Girl Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

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