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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thanks for the support guys!

although i can't be too cheerful today....

i have yet ANOTHER group of idiots making fun of anime and my love of japan. =_=

its one thing with boys--they give up.

girls however, NEVER let it go, thus the reason why gossip and rumors start.

yes, i wish i were japanese so i'd look a little more attractive than what i already look like. i'm ugly.

yes, i wish i COULD move to japan so maybe, just maybe, i wouldn't be surrounded by american idiots like everyone around me is.

don't get me wrong--i love my state as much as the next texan.

but the way politics are headed, i could care less.

hilary clinton winning being the main reason why we should all flee to canada.

nonetheless, i don't see why i should be made fun of. sarah and scorch like exactly what i like! why aren't they made fun of?

because they're popular, and i'm a nerd. it's always been that way. it'll never change.

i will never get the attention i deserve unless i move somewhere else so i can say "fuck you all, i hope you die!!"

the statement is not being made to my friends online (and of course my loyal myo patriots :) )

just everyone who doesnt understand why i live the way i do.

honestly, what else can i do? my father mentally abuses me, i have too much homework, people are constantly rushing me, i'm always getting injured mentally and or physically, and people making fun of me and my nickname?

other than becomming emo, i needed to be someone that could shut this world out.
so anime and japan came, and i took to it. as time grew on, i fell more and more in love with it (and now take VERY high offense to anyone who calls anime "cartoons".)

this is me, and i dont care if people hate me for it.

maybe when i'm a billionaire making the world's best manga, the bastards and bitches around me will be working at mcdonalds for the rest of their life.

sorry for the long post, but i just needed to let my feelings out. thank you all for continuing to be loyal, as well as trying to be patient. i promise i will check everyone's blogs eventually!!

again on bcis compy, so no toys today....sorry guys T_T

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