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Friday, February 8, 2008

can it BE anymore awesome?

7 sonic songs. count em.

sonic heroes theme
open your heart
sonic boom
his world
live and learn
7 rings in hand
green hill zone
emerald hill zone
angel island zone
scrap brain zone

ok thats 10.....shut up!
isnt that awesome??????

what about pokemon?

gold battle/evolution
team galactic battle theme
(possibly a couple from melee)
wild battle (ruby/sapphire)
palkia/dialga battle

not as many....but kirby?

meta knights revenge
frozen hillside
gourmet race
(possibly others i forgot)

yeah....but oh well =D 10 sonic songs!!!!!!!!!! TEN


anywho....marth is hot as always :E and i've taken a liking to pit as well =w= lol

onto other games, one of the crew guys of the awesome pokemon guild i might become a crew in gave me some legendary pokemon yesterday :D

i have nicknamed them all (even though i can't change the names.)

darkrai - popo

shaymin - sonic (for obvious reasons, and because alt color sandslashes aren't blue...)

ho-oh - pit (man, i'm likin brawl a tad too much, huh?)

lugia - ike

raikou - linlin (dunno where that came from...)

and...uh.....oh! arceus!

arceus~ how DARE you forget the god of pokemon?! D:<

yeah yeah whatever your name is bob.

arceus~ I REFUSE!!!!!!

fine. you name is meta knight. FINAL *creep voice*

arceus~ ok ok o.o;

yeah...bored lol

anywho, going to dad's this weekdn unfortunately......but i will survive and be back sunday!

and sorry i haven't been posting on lappy and checking peoples sites :< me ish truly sorry....

well have a good weekend without me :<

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