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Saturday, March 21, 2009

hi people
i am back after a long time .I know i have been gone for a long time ,its because i was rather busy and also i felt very bored here.
I want to applogise to all of you for not being around and from now on i will try to visite you guys everyday to make up all the time i lost here.There have been a lot of change aroud here .
I hope you will all forgive me and let move on wiht our lives .I know i have made a lot of friends here and so this is why i have come back its because of all my friends that i am back


i am sorry Pictures, Images and Photos

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Time pass by so fast.it only seemed like yesturday that I have just jioned myo.It has been one year now that i have joined myo.I did not realized that I have completed one year,I have joined my o on the 2 of August 2007/I am soo happy that i joinrd my o .

The reason I joined myo is because there where i live there are not a lot of peolpe who love anime i do not know or have any friends who are anime lovers so I wanted friends like you guys and that is why i joined my o.I have a lot of anime friends now.I am so happy that I joined myo .I love being here.I would like to thank all my friends would like to thank all you guys for being with me through out all old friends and new ones.Some of my good friends here are
Angel Zakuro
Anime snow angel
Fire first ace
and a whole lots of you guys.

Thanks for being there

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hi I am back
hello everyone sorry it took so long

My exames just finished.I to be honest I did not do that well the paper was quite difficult.I am not happy with my work.The same goes for al my friends and classmates .They all complaned hoe the exame was so difficult we all just have to work harder in the next exames.

you mayo or may not know but I do not get mangas here where i live .So I told my cousin sis who lives in Austria to get me some expecially Tsubasa chronicle as she as comming to visite and she is finally here and i get my first manga.She brought me three mangas two tsubasa chronicle and one manga called gentalmans alliance cross.I love readig soo much i stood up all night reading it.I had a lot of fun.I am happy i got them.
Sorry it took so long to come back.Nice to see ya all.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hi there everyone

school had already started and I manage to comlete all my home work and projrct and now I am more relaxed.At least thats what i thought now i get to know that my exames is going to start very soon I just have about three weeks to prepare and complete all my studies.I have a lot of work to do.Exames start at 7 of July.I am so sad but this is the life.Have to work very hard.

I wil see ya all after me exames

Anime Girl

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

   hay there everyone

I am so stressed out my holidays are almost over.I have onlt some days left.my school will start at 11 june and i did not compelete my h.w and projects.I have a whole lots of work to do .my work just seem to keep piling ....well i just took some rest.Sorry i cannot come visite eariler...so whats up anything going on ...well have to go back tp my work.

see ya


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hay there eneryone

i am so happy my summer holiday began yesturday .my holiday is going to last till 11 June a short holiday hua .I don't think that I am going to enjoy my holidays.I have so many projects to do and I do not know which project to start with.There are about 6 projects to do the subjects are geography,history,maths,E.V.E,
economic applications,science.soo amny things to do.I have my chemistry test on th first day of school.And I hate chemistry.

But I intend to have fun I just cannot studt and stud the whole time....so I am going to out ith my friends ao the 29 this month.we are going to have so much of fun.antway I have to both study and enjoy myself well this is the life and i need to start my projects and mt studis

see ya


Study Sleeping

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Monday, April 28, 2008

   The great fire........
hello there is been long since I last visited .

Well on the 2 April at 2o'clock in the morning a fire had started in my building .The fire spread from the fifth floor to the second floor.Well I live in the second floor.The fire had burn and destroyed many room and house my neighbor has a book store in the building all the books got burnt.It took the firefighter about 5 hours to put off the fire.I am so happy and glad full that my house did not cathch fire.There was no electricity and no phone line and so I could not post and visit.I have took the electricity from the next building and it was yesterday i got my phone line. The first few days was a living hell for me but now everything is normal.Well so what is going on anything new.Sorry it tok so long........



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Monday, March 31, 2008

   hi there

today we had a school festival.I had a lot of fun today.each and every class had to put on a stall.our class had two stall .we had a food stall were we sold chips with some spices and corns we sold a lot as it was pertty delious.And our second stall was a game stall it was called the treasure hunt,the game is that in a box there is sand and there are several alphabet kept and in a given time we had to find the words in the pile of sand and with the 12 alphabet you find you have to make a six to five letter words and if you could do it then you get a prise.

I ate so much today and played .I have won many prises too.At the end of the day our class earned about 2000 .well I had lot of fun today.Then we had to clean the whole school befor we could leaf.

anime school girl

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Hay does no one come to myO now that VV has come?I just got only 3 comments in my last post that is bad or is it no one wants to comment .No one post on myO too .I would say VV is cool but myO is coo to and we should not stop posting on myO I did not post for a long time because I was busy as my new academy year has just began .I feel very sad that no one is visiting myO now.I did not get any GB writter for over a month.

My new academy year had started I am in standerd nine now.It is really hard like in standerd nine everyting is so differtent we have so many experiment to do .nine is hard gotta start studing so i could do well in any tset.
So vv is nice and I am still not very good at using it.My worlds name is capture's wonderful world.

well I wann wish everyone a happy easter . have fun and have a lot of easter egg.


anime Easter

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi there

Sorry I did not post for a long time I had some problem with my internet.
So you may have notice that I have changed mt layout.So do you guys like it?I think it is very cute it give me a jolly feeling.the one which I had before just vanished after the version Vibrant came.I really liked thta one Sakura looked so nice there.I am so mad that my layout just vanished.

Hay did you guys checked the virsion Vibrant.Do you guye know how use it?I do not know how to use it yet it is so confusing.So if you guys know how to use iy pleasa tell me.I do not really like the Virsion Vibrant very much.I have just created my world which is known as Capture's wonderful world. but do not know how to use it.


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