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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi there

Sorry I did not post for a long time I had some problem with my internet.
So you may have notice that I have changed mt layout.So do you guys like it?I think it is very cute it give me a jolly feeling.the one which I had before just vanished after the version Vibrant came.I really liked thta one Sakura looked so nice there.I am so mad that my layout just vanished.

Hay did you guys checked the virsion Vibrant.Do you guye know how use it?I do not know how to use it yet it is so confusing.So if you guys know how to use iy pleasa tell me.I do not really like the Virsion Vibrant very much.I have just created my world which is known as Capture's wonderful world. but do not know how to use it.


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