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Monday, August 11, 2008

Time pass by so fast.it only seemed like yesturday that I have just jioned myo.It has been one year now that i have joined myo.I did not realized that I have completed one year,I have joined my o on the 2 of August 2007/I am soo happy that i joinrd my o .

The reason I joined myo is because there where i live there are not a lot of peolpe who love anime i do not know or have any friends who are anime lovers so I wanted friends like you guys and that is why i joined my o.I have a lot of anime friends now.I am so happy that I joined myo .I love being here.I would like to thank all my friends would like to thank all you guys for being with me through out all old friends and new ones.Some of my good friends here are
Angel Zakuro
Anime snow angel
Fire first ace
and a whole lots of you guys.

Thanks for being there

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