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Monday, March 31, 2008

  hi there

today we had a school festival.I had a lot of fun today.each and every class had to put on a stall.our class had two stall .we had a food stall were we sold chips with some spices and corns we sold a lot as it was pertty delious.And our second stall was a game stall it was called the treasure hunt,the game is that in a box there is sand and there are several alphabet kept and in a given time we had to find the words in the pile of sand and with the 12 alphabet you find you have to make a six to five letter words and if you could do it then you get a prise.

I ate so much today and played .I have won many prises too.At the end of the day our class earned about 2000 .well I had lot of fun today.Then we had to clean the whole school befor we could leaf.

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