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Friday, September 1, 2006

the romanc
jon: now get her.

brandon: no if u whant my love.

jackie: ples don't kill hem.

jon: i iam not u don't think i wold.

brandon: so u are not going to take my love?

jon: no iam sorry about the last days of the romanc befor this.

brandon&jackie: its ok

jon: lets be friends i wont do nothing o hrem u guys.

brandon: i don't no.

jackie: lets ask the adends.

brandon: ok

will do they let jon in as a friend or not? and y

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

the romanc
Brandn: thanks for coming today.

jackie: yes thanks for coming.

happy days for u guys

gdog- brandon's friend

jackie- brandon's gfriend

jon- badsaid

brandon-jackie's bfreind


amy- friend

now the school

brandon: hay came back here now mew.

mew: what i have to leve now.

brandon: *comes and hugs mew*

mew:*hugs back bye brandon see u later*

brandon: bye mew see u wen u get back TT-TT.

in school

jackie: brandon * come here u*

brandon:*comes to jackie* i mised u so bad.

jackie: i know me two.

back to my home

will that is all i can say now bye

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hay guys
i got up to 600 vists happy me.

lets see have 600 nextup date 700 vists

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the romanc
gdog: ok iam in.

brandon: good now get them back.

jackie: my love is here but his friend will take us back.

mew:*yes* in a tired voles.

amy: come u 2 folleow me.

j&m: ok!

15min's gone bye.

brandon: jackie iam happy to see u.

Jackie: same

mew: same but have to leve u guys iam going to do a lot of thing's.

brandon: ok have fun and hope u don't leve to long.

to be cont in the romanic in school.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the romanc
sorry about the post frome the nopost for the romanic. see the thing is that none of u guys post the long post.
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   the romeanics
jon: will i have to do some thing.

jackie: like what?

jon: like kill u!

brandoon: no u wont.

jon: oh yes i can

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Monday, August 28, 2006

no romance
i will not post any more romance!
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

the romanc
brandon: what thank u for the up date.

gdog: i will get them back.

brandon: i know.

jackie: mayway go now i have had it.

jon: no u will kill ur love.

may: don't do it jacki.....

jon: kill ur love and we will let u go.

jackie: no i will not kill my love he did not do anything to me.

Brandon: i can feel her she's stoling for time.

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hay u guys y r u not coming to my site anymore me sad T-T pls come and tell me what i soud do to imporve my site no bg ok. is it my post's that keep u guys a way.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

the romanc
Jon: what no he is died.

boss: ok but how do i have a feeling that he is not died.

jon: give me 2day's.

boss: ok 2 day's.

gdog: ok brandon he lone has 2 day's to kill u.

jackie: no i will not let him do this.

brandon: no my love i have to do this myslafe.

mew: what a buot the monter.

brandon: waht iam a lover not a fitere.

mew: yes that one.

jackie: oh that u did'n tell me that.

brandon: will i did.

jon: hi brandon nice friends.

jackie: no.

mew: no.

jon: take the girls and leve brandon to me.

someone: ok came here i have them i will be in the van.

jon: ok.

brandon: no don't take them.

gdog: no its to late.

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