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Sunday, September 10, 2006

the romans
kittykat534: hay iam on yay.

brandon: will iam happy for that.

mew: but will this be good for the story now.

brandon: iadd u in remaber.

mew: yes but she was not in the story in the beging.

jackie: who is this is this a new one in the story.

brandon: uh... yes, iam not that going on now that iam at school so iam adding one more and that is that.

mew: ok

jackie: ok, i don't like this.

kittykat534: will then its sitled then iam in the story.

who want's in the story
jackie: no one.

olne mew,kittykat534 and my friends can coment

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

the romans
brandon: hay it's me how r things? will bye.

mew: comes home and lesns to the maseg.

brandon: will i just called mew no anser.

jackie: ima prod of u brandon i am ^-^.

mew: comes over and say's sorry T-T

brandon: ok iam sorry to*hugs mew*

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Friday, September 8, 2006

the romanc
brandon: mew are u ok?

mew: nothing

brandon: ples tell me

mew: i hate u brandon!

Brandon: y?

Mew: i just do leve me a lone now!

brandon: ok!

jackie: brandon, whats woring? ples tell me.

brandon: oh its nothing just mew wont be friends for a long time.

wow mew and brandon wont be friends? will they be come back?

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

the romanc
Jon:go's to bed with mew.

mew: i love u jon.

jon: i love u two mew go's in and hugs mew.

mew: takes off the pants and let jon get on top of her.

jon: grabs her boob and rubs it.

mew: no jon no.

jon: takes off his pants and feels happy.

mew: i can't do this.

jon: go's even more and takes off mew's underware.

mew: no jon...

jon: grabs her moth and puts his face on her boob.


brandon: it's geting late lets go home.

jackie: ok can u hode me.

brandon: ok.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

new anime i thank
hay guys do u know full metal panic. any way that's all havea good day school start's tomaro for me.
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the romeanics
oh ok look mew jon s not in bed with u. i forgot to tell u that he is in a different bed.

Jackie: will good day today.

brandon: yes, it's a good day now canu get n bed so i can sleep.

jackie: ok but u have to do some thing frist.

mew: wow what a grat drem ihad.

jon: you look cute.

mew: looking at jon what did u say to me.

jon: i sad u look cute.

mew: will that is ok.

brandon: will iam up now so what shoud we do?

jackie: lets go out by the lack.

brandon: ok.

mew:go's to sleep

jon: hugs mew and sleeps.

now mew is happy! look's like brandon and jackie are happy today

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

do u guys like dane cook
hay guys do u lke dane cook if u do here is a website www.Dane Cook.com
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the romanc
the boss: jon so how r the plans.

jon: uh... the plans what plans?

boss: get them back.

jon: do u mean get mew and jackie back?

boss: yes, so do u havethemnow?

jon: no, i will not hrem them no more.

boss: fine i will kill u and ur friends in 1 hr.

back to the home

brandon: oh hay jon.

jon: i have bad news for u,jackie and mew.

brandon: what of.

jon: will my boss called me and said, " he's going to kill us in 1 hr."

jackie: no...

mew: so we will be out bye then.

brandon: what?

mew: i mean we will be going to a new home now.

the new home a way from the boss's killing. and a way frome the oshen.

mew: will do u guys like it.

jackie: i do like it but how is this going to save us.

mew:*ponts at the wall* with this* the room go's way and nothing on the rader*

brandon: wow i like it.

some one: boss the home is gone.

boss: good then they will be died.

mew: *push the butem* the room is back.

brandon: will iam tired i will go to sleep* finds a bed and get's in and sleeps*.

mew: jackie go sleep with ur love ok.

jckie: ok* go's in bed wiht me*

mew: *finds a bed and gets in*

jon: *gets in two*

wow things r going to be hard now that the old home is destored.

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Monday, September 4, 2006

the romanc
mew: iam back.

brandon: *hugs mew* happy to see u.

Jackie: *hugs brandon and mew* happy to see u.

brandon: will bye i have to go and coment on my friends.

oh we hve to go then ok.

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the romanc
Brandon: will jackie do we keep him.

jackie: yes, but if he go's for u kill him.

brandon:ok, i will.

jon: sweet thanks


mew: hi is this the place?

someone: yes, and hi mew.

mew: hi.

looks like mew is happy she will be back monday.

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