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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Act2 seen3 part,1
Jonden: no she is died i will be there.

Amy: will i told my dad about is he will come in 10mins.

Brandon: good i will be here if u want to be with someone.

Amy: ok, thaks.

Brandon: don't ware about it.

Jon: will he will come to night.

The boss: good u know what to do.

Jon: yes get hem befor he can get to his dater.

The boss: good.

Brandon: Amy?


Amy: yes?

Brandon: did your dad come?

Amy: no.

Brandon: i over hered some plot about your dad.

Amy: no it can't be.

end seen3 part1

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i did a Quiz
will u guys r happy to here that i did a Quiz and now it is in Quiz Resert
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hay is a pome
i am brand12 and u having fun. will u get going. i will iam brand12. will don't leve iwas jk. will how will did i do 1-10
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the play
Act2 seen2 (brandon just came back from the seen.)

Amy: May r u here?
(brandon comes in)

Brandon: Hi amy

Amy: do u know ware May is?

Brandon: i have some bad news for u amy, she is...sarts TT_TT.

Amy: What!

Brandon: (looks in amys eyes) may is died,sorryTT_TT.

Amy: no she can't be died.

Brandon: (hags Amy)

Amy: TT_TT i will tell you how i know May she was my sis.

Brandon: :0

Amy: what u didn't know.

Brandon: no

Amy: i will start then.

end seen2
The cast so far.

brandon: is me/great's brandon foe
Amy: fater is jonden
may: same
Jon: is one of the bad guys
Boss: is the boss
jorden: is brandon's friend
Great: brandon's foe

will Amy get to jorden befor he gets killed and amy will be next. brandon saved may but may saved brandon. will he do the same for Amy or will he be late? came back for act2 seen 3 part 1

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Monday, May 29, 2006

   the play
Act2 seen 1
(may got killed at the end of seen4)

Brandon: what are u doing he's geting a way.

someone: stop now!

Brandon: did u see what happend he killed my friend, and now u what me to stop.

someone: so, u killed her.

Brandon: no i did not kill my friend he did, get hem not me.

Great: will someone fill me in did someone get killed.

Brandon: who r u?

Great: i am the one who will kill u so, do u have any thing to say.

Brandon: yes u r a killer and i am not the one.

Great: ok to bad ur friend is died she wold want u to safer.

someone: What is going on here.

Brandon: i don't no.

u will die at the end of this act, so hope u have time to get out befor its to late.

end seen1

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

will how do you like act1
hi u guys how did u like act1 do u guys want more?
y/n y=yes and n= no

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Friday, May 26, 2006

the play
Act1 Seen4
(ok what did Jon say in the last line)

Jon: for this.

Brandon: No i have nothing to do with that.

Jon: now u said something.

Brandon: What?

Jon: (Slaps May in the face) He WILL BE GONE BEFOR U GET BACK!

May: said nothing.

Brandon: No u can't do this!

Jon: will good bye then Brandon.

May: Jumps in frot of Brandon and gets killed.

Brandon:Noooooooo.TT_TT(will kill)

end of act1

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

do u have a acount at tagworld
hi you guys i have a acont at tagworld. my user name is the same here.
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the play
act1 seen3
(ok lets see jon left at the end of seen2)

Jon: Iam back.

Someone: good job so did u get May?

Jon: no.

Brandon: so you join the bad guys?

Jon: yes now come with me.

May: NO BRANDON! ples don't go TT_TT.


May: no.

Someone: get her.

brandon:May run get out of here.

May: ok what a bout u? TT_TT

Brandon:I don't care! just go. :(

Jon: no come here may my boss needs you.

Brandon: i will do what u want just don't take her.

Jon: ok.


Brandon: come on Jon take me.

Jon: i will thak u brandon for this.

Brandon: what?

Jon: for this.

end seen3 things looking bad for the good guys now Brandon is taking his life to save may. will may come in time be for its to late? tone in for the cool end of act1 and geting for Act2?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

look i have a bg its .hack
hay u guys i have a bg now so u wont see the wite bg. its .hack for may. do u like it. Tell me what u want for the next moth.
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