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Monday, June 12, 2006

the romanes
Brandon: ples don'tlook jackie. your father died ples jackieT_T don't look.

Jackie: OMG! why did u kill him Brandon. u killed him.

Brandon: no i didn't kill him jon did. so if u don't want me then beat it.

Jackie: fine i will then. if u killed him u will go to jale.

Brandon: i didn't KILL HIM! u thik i did but jon did.

Jon: will he was good. but u will be died frist night.

Jackie: no so jon killed my dad. TT_TT*hugs brandon*

will u see him to nigth said jackie.

Brandon: yes, i will see jon to night.

Jackie: good.(T_T *hugs Brandon don't die* TT_TT

how sad

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

the romanes
Someone: wll r u going to kill me. i know i will just get the gril.
Brandon: ifu do that i will kill u in the night. so how bout that.
Jackie:comes to me and hods my hand.
Brandon:what r u doing?
Jackie: ples don't kill him.
Someone:lesn to ur griland don't kill me.
Brandon:ok i will not kill u if u come back i will.
Jackie and i: left.
Jon: brings out a gun and shots at us.
Joned:gets killed to save us. how sadTT_TT.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

have fun u guys.*hugs all arond* tell me how the romans r doing. but lets get some ideas on the next seen. that is all. HAVE FUN TODAY! from brand12mew
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Friday, June 9, 2006

i have 300
hi u guys i have 300 and 400 is soon i have 383 rigt now. so keep it up and it will be there.
happy mew. mew v. happy i know mew. its a happy day

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this is just a sort one
brandon: hi iam the cool kid in the tone. if i olny find some one.

Jackie: hi iam the sweet gril you will see.

Brandon:(hids in the bush) see there she is.
Jackie: i mess that kid.TT_TT (sits on the char.)
were is he.
Brandon:ok here is the story i fell in love with her (ponts to her) now we r going to be late.
Jackie: leves a note on the char. if he comes back. i will come back and hag him.
Brandon:i will go out of the bush.(see the note) i she lafet a not a the char.

Brandon: reads the note( i will be yours for long time) its gone.
Someone: u came back to the seen brandon.
jackie: no its to late he came to soon.TT_TT
Brandon: no you can't do this
Someone: will if you love her then come with me.
Brandon: ok i give.No u can't brandon said Jackie.
Brandon: i will kill u now.

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

if u like the play i will do some thing like it a bit different any way give me some ideas for the new sits(acts) that is all will have a good day today
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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

guss what is out for the . hack fans
yup the new i am new . hack came out and guss who as the frist vol.1( it begens with b) .HACK//Another birth vol.1//INFECTION yup that is the new . hack for fans and my friends have a grat day u guys hope u get this soon i like it .

oh the play is over btw. i will do some thing new for someone(ponts to a friend). that is it

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

is any one geting bord with the play
hay noone is posting on my play r u geting bord with it. ples tell me.
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Monday, June 5, 2006

the play
Act3 seen1

Brandon: u r going down.

Jon: we will see.

jon: now i will kill u

Brandon: how can u kill me if u can't see me

Jon: u did say that u can't get killed if someone u love dies frist.

Brandon: yes

jon: good then say by to your friend then

Brandon: no i will not do it

Jon: one

Brandon: no

Jon: two

Brandon no

Jon :3
Brandon: what the

Jon: no u can't do this its his friend so, u can't kill her.

Brandon: jackie r u here?

Amy: no but i am here and who is jackie?

Brandon: don't say nothing

Jon : kill her now
brandon: come on

Jackie: iam here and say good bye jon.

Jon: no i had her but u did not kill her.

Brandon: i am happy u came back!

Amy: who is she?

end Act3 seen1 will have a nice day/time

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

act2 seen3 part2
Brandon: will i am here

Amy: good now go left.

Brandon: ok

Jon: can i kill hem.

The boss: becase (trins on the monter) he is here.

Brandon: no they just trind on the monter.

Amy: no ware r u?

Brandon:.... Iam at the door.

Amy: i see u.

Brandon:(trens just befor) look out!

Amy:.... What happend.

Brandon: i am here Amy.

Amy: good but how.

Jon: good u r here.

The boss: i will take her.

Jon: takes Amy.

Brandon: i know how it was.

Jon: no this can't be.

end seen3 part2
will this is the end of act2. so be happy u guys.

Act3 seen1

Brandon: u r going down.

Jon: we will see.
will that is the pervwile of what act3 seen1 is.

have a nice day u guys. 1-10 so far

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