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Hello, I'm bob the 3. I'm a girl. My Older bro choose this name so yeah.
Facts- Female, fav color blue, cats, Naruto, play bassoon and clarinet,and Like making my onw manga(Life's Journey)
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hey everyone!!
I so can't wait for vibrian vision!!! It's going to be awsome!
Well, I have been watching Bleach. It is so awsome!! I watched 9 episodes so far. Over weekend I will watch more or if I get the time too.
I love Bleach! Favorite character in Bleach if Inchigo! He is rock'in!!!
It was the fist day of the SBA.... it was easy, but I dpn't want math to come... Hate math!
Well, I'm doing good.
I have another Fanfiction for you!

‘.. .’ means thought
Sasuke, Sakura © Kishimoto Masashi

I was crying after hearing a roomer about the Sasuke left the village and went to Orochimaru. I looked everywhere for him, but he was nowhere to be found. So here I am crying in the palms of my hands.

"Hey. Why are you crying?" A voice said.

"Huh?" I looked up, it was Sasuke! "I though-"

"Orochimaru hasn't taken me." Sasuke said softly then hugged me.

I blushed. 'Is this really happening?' I whipped away my tears and smiled.

"Let's go for a walk." Sasuke said.

"Okay..." I said.

"Sasuke, why are we walking around here?" Sakura asked looking around.

"You'll see." I said.

'The park is the perfect place.'

"Here we are." I said smiling.

I pointed to a tree. Sakura looked then she saw behind it beautiful scenery behind the tree. She walked over to get a better view.

"It's beautiful Sasuke!" Sakura said in excitement.

"I thought so." I said sitting down and leaning on the tree.

Sakura sat by my. She was enjoying herself. As the time past Sakura was getting sleepily, then she falls in a deep sleep. I don't mind Sakura falling asleep on me. I just rested my head on hers and watch the sun goes down.

Hope you like it! Plz commet!

Art trades- open
requests- open

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   Hey!! FUNFUN!!!(Art fest) FF!!
Hello guys.
I put my site back to its orinaginlly something.
It's only temporantlly.
I like the colors!
Soft colors!
1ft day of MARCH!! Sweet! My b-day month!
Yestarday, I had an art fest at my school!
The band, chours, guritar, volins...ect..
Well, when I got done playing, I went to the libaray were they put all the art in.
I have a wall of my art work on it!!!*Happys dance*
That is so cool!!! PPL can't believe I draw those!! So rock'in!!
I enjoyed myself greatly!

VV- I hope Adam does put up fanfictions catorgory. I have some FF that I would love to put up. the DA is blah, it takes forever, which means I can't even submit.(takes too long)

Well, here is a FF for you guys! Plz comment!!
this is one I did for coasgoth for winning my contest a long time ago. I gave it to her already.LOl its something you dont read everyday!

Today was a boring day. I had nothing to do. I would have played with the rest of the Akatsuki members doing poker, but they were playing strip poker. The guys so need a life.

“Kyra!” Itachi said poking my on the shoulder.

“What?” I asked.

“I lost a bet.” Itachi answered.


“So, can you help me?” Itachi asked me.

“Help you with what?” I asked.

“Bake a cake.” Itachi answered. There was boredom in his voice.

“Fine.” I said.

At least this gives me something to do.

We got to the kitchen. I got out all the ingredients that were going to need.

“Get a blow Itachi.” I said.

Itachi got a blow, and I broke the eggs, and put everything else into the blow.

“Okay. You can start mixing it.” I said to Itachi.

Itachi went to the blow, got the electric whisk, and started to mix it.

“Make sure it’s not on too high.” I said to Itachi.

Too late! Cake balder went all over the place. Itachi and I were covered in it.

“Hehee, sorry.” Itachi said.

I growled.

Itachi came over to me. Started too lean in close.

“You think this is a good time!?! Yeah right! Clean up this mess now!” Yelling and storming out.

I finished cleaning the kitchen. I walked out to go clean myself up.

“What happen to you?” Kisame said as I waked out.

“Cake balder.” I answered.

“So, that’s why Kyra came out mad.” Kisame said.

“Yeah.” I said.

I walked to the bathroom, and got myself cleaned up. I walk out, went to the and living room. Great, Kyra is here. I walked over to her.
“I’m really sorry.” I said.

All of the sudden she hugged he.

“It’s okay.” Kyra said smiling.

“You have been really moody lately.”

“I know.

Pein and Konan
“What’s with her?” Pein asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Konan giggled.

“Really. “ Pein said stopping a little box Konan was holding. “What is that then?”

“This? It’s for her.” Konan answered, and left.

“I will never understand.” Pein said left all alone.

Kyra © Coasgoth
Akatsuki © Kishimoto Masashi

I hope you like it!

plz comment!

art trades- open!
requests- open!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


.:The singing, music angel:.

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile.
Lost of stuff going on. February may be the shortest month, but it seems long, and its my most busest.
Well, I went to my friend Erik's house.(sleepover) It was fun, played the PS2 all day.LOL
Gartuir horeo, dancing with the stars, and DDR2.
Next wekk is the SBA!
Okay, the is this middle schoool(not mine)
Who wrote some aricles and it went in the newspaper.
They have horrible spelling. Every word you read was incorret. That got around and so everyone at my school started to talk about it. Were the smart school cuz we can write and spell, and that middle school is dum. in mid school who soppose to know to wirte and spell, so ya. That is what changed the SBA for us. It we fail the SBA, next year we loose our eletives and take extra class like math... thats only if you fail, dum mid school... I hope I dont fail tha math and science part. Math is not my stronge point, but im good at it. and science, If ealt like I havent learned anything, I kept getting D's on science tests, but have a B or A in class.
Also, Sunday, I played with a high band. Its was at panda express, and Cibloa had to play to earn money, na d my brother got my clarinet out, and so I started playing. Thank god it wasnt my basssoon cuz I cant stand and hold it.
Well thats what I did and Im in a very happy mode!
How are you?

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.:The magics in me:.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

.:The singing, music angel:.

Yestarday was so much fun!! The VALENTINES DANCE!!!
I was dancing!!! I was dancing to all the songs!!
then on the Walk it out song, Michel was dancing with Aldrahda(sp?), the he pulled me in! So me and her were suck dancing with him. Really wierd, but I had fun!
I can dance!! Pop lock and drop it, got really trieing. but fun!! I loved yesturday!!!
Now I cant really bend down. oh well, I need a rest. LOL

Spread the word! Spread the word out about the
Co-founders needed!

Request- Shy valentine, almost done, needs coloring.

Requests- Open
Art trades- Open

.:The magics in me:.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Strange? Fun!!!

.:I am also a cherry blossom:.

Ello people!!

Well, today at school was the most wriedest day! Okay not really.
I got searched though, the whole class did!
Our depoty came in and search though everyone's backpacks. Just cuz someone stole an Ipod from someone's bag during the block, noone has no clue who did it. As the cop look through my bag, he found a book Im reading,:The Cry of the IceMark"
cop"What a think book."
me"34 chapters"

Goes through bag more, sees my art stuff. I carry my artbook, and my color pencils, when i get bored, and have nothing else to do, I draw. best way to time to fly.LOL
I also had 2 subs today. Monday, tuesday, and today. wow.
Then for lunch I did jump rope with my friends, that is so much fun.
Now Im trying to finish up a project.
Revolution war. I have to write letters being that person that lived thruogh the war. Thats no fun....
I'm planning to get a new hair cut/style. I need one, so does my mom too.
Well, Im going to get it over spring breack cuz when I get back i can shock everyone, there is something that can make them wonder what im doing over spring break. LOL

Tomorrow is Valentine day! I get chocolate from my mom.^-^YAY
nope, no boys said anything to me(like your pretty, ect..) I dont mind, the on friday we have the Valentins dance!! WOOT! Im going with my friends.^-^

1) How was your day?
2) Wanna art trade or request something?
3) what do you do for Valentins day?
4)what do you get for valentines day?

Spread the word! Spread the word out about the
Co-founders needed!

Requests- Open
Art trades- Open

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