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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Strange? Fun!!!

.:I am also a cherry blossom:.

Ello people!!

Well, today at school was the most wriedest day! Okay not really.
I got searched though, the whole class did!
Our depoty came in and search though everyone's backpacks. Just cuz someone stole an Ipod from someone's bag during the block, noone has no clue who did it. As the cop look through my bag, he found a book Im reading,:The Cry of the IceMark"
cop"What a think book."
me"34 chapters"

Goes through bag more, sees my art stuff. I carry my artbook, and my color pencils, when i get bored, and have nothing else to do, I draw. best way to time to fly.LOL
I also had 2 subs today. Monday, tuesday, and today. wow.
Then for lunch I did jump rope with my friends, that is so much fun.
Now Im trying to finish up a project.
Revolution war. I have to write letters being that person that lived thruogh the war. Thats no fun....
I'm planning to get a new hair cut/style. I need one, so does my mom too.
Well, Im going to get it over spring breack cuz when I get back i can shock everyone, there is something that can make them wonder what im doing over spring break. LOL

Tomorrow is Valentine day! I get chocolate from my mom.^-^YAY
nope, no boys said anything to me(like your pretty, ect..) I dont mind, the on friday we have the Valentins dance!! WOOT! Im going with my friends.^-^

1) How was your day?
2) Wanna art trade or request something?
3) what do you do for Valentins day?
4)what do you get for valentines day?

Spread the word! Spread the word out about the
Co-founders needed!

Requests- Open
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