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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


.:The singing, music angel:.

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile.
Lost of stuff going on. February may be the shortest month, but it seems long, and its my most busest.
Well, I went to my friend Erik's house.(sleepover) It was fun, played the PS2 all day.LOL
Gartuir horeo, dancing with the stars, and DDR2.
Next wekk is the SBA!
Okay, the is this middle schoool(not mine)
Who wrote some aricles and it went in the newspaper.
They have horrible spelling. Every word you read was incorret. That got around and so everyone at my school started to talk about it. Were the smart school cuz we can write and spell, and that middle school is dum. in mid school who soppose to know to wirte and spell, so ya. That is what changed the SBA for us. It we fail the SBA, next year we loose our eletives and take extra class like math... thats only if you fail, dum mid school... I hope I dont fail tha math and science part. Math is not my stronge point, but im good at it. and science, If ealt like I havent learned anything, I kept getting D's on science tests, but have a B or A in class.
Also, Sunday, I played with a high band. Its was at panda express, and Cibloa had to play to earn money, na d my brother got my clarinet out, and so I started playing. Thank god it wasnt my basssoon cuz I cant stand and hold it.
Well thats what I did and Im in a very happy mode!
How are you?

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