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Hi there and welcome to my page, feel free to look around and please sign the guestbook, let me get know you!!
I'm kind and very nice, but I can be cruel and mean when I'm in a bloody mood, but that does not mean that i don't care. Love you all people ok? Enjoy!!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hey people, im back finally about time i got back here i gots lots of new pics I made and im hopping to post them and that you ppl like them i kinda worked hard in some of them and not so hard on others, well im just here with some troubles but nothing i cant handle, hopefully, perblems with my friends and family arent gonna stop me from having a good time and enjoying my art!! ^_^ I'll see you ppl later i'll gte to post my art so you ppl can see it bye!!!

~Alucard's Blood Angel~

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Friday, July 7, 2006

   i have not drawn in ages...
man i haven't drawn anything since i got out od shcool, i have to get a few things before i draw again, but i'm just so lazy....i feel like as if i don't draw my hands are just gonna lose it and i will loose what i have learned, i better get to drawin' my hands feel like noodles...i feel so un-srtistic....^_^ oh well, better get to drawin' *runs and picks up he skecth diary*
see you ppl, i rpomise new pics soon ^_^

~Alucard's Blood Angel~

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

ok this sucks....why the hell am so insecure? by bf said he would dtay with me...but in some ways.....i just get....so unsure, am never going to let him know...but i'll keep it here and inside me....i'm not even going to tell his friend, i don't want anyone to know......at leats if they don't read this they won't know.
he and his friend said that he would stay with me but sometimes i think and....well it kinda scares me....i don't want to loose him. my bf hasn't been talking to me that much.....he knows i have my finals and well....he really doens't talk to me that much anymore....but their over....he wants ti know my score and if i passed....could it be that....the reason he didn't talk to me was cuz of the test? or was it another reason....?i am just so worried, i haven't talked to him on the phone, i don't even dare to call anymore.....but i think i'll wait untill saturday....then i'll call him....makes me sad......not being able to really talk to him.....we used to talk but it seems that we have lost it.....i don't want to loose him....i really don't, so i'll hide this from him.....he will not know.....
he always talks to his friend, seemes that i don't excsist anymore.....he knows he can talk to me anytime, he knows that i'm always gonna be here for him......

~Alucard's Blood Angel~

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