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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

damn ASSSSSSSSSSSSS hole i hate him to DEATH he is such a BITCH
ne ways g2g bye

Much Luv


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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What I Go Through
How does it feel when your torn in two
When your so called friends are never there for you
When lies and betrayl get the best of you and all you can do is stand there
When cutting yourself is just an obstacle you can't get through
Although everything you say and do comes back at you
When you can't stand the heat and your in the kitchen, then you'll know what I go through
When your friends are laughing at you and your family is hating you
You still can't let go
Death is just a phase that even you can't get through
Everthing is hard when it comes to me and you
When I try so hard to get away from you and you just won't go away even though I love you so much, I need my space
You couldn't make it either if you knew what I go through
My best friend is gothic and here I am with a cross around my neck
Hayley is my fire extinguisher
My mom is the fire
Rachel is my fire escape, incase I can't make it through the fog and make it through it all
She loves me for me, cause it's all I can be
Zahra's the water, sometimes she's helping me, sometimes she's letting the fire take over her
Victor puts the fire in my eyes making it harder and harder to extuingish the fire
All of this is two hours for me and an eternity for you sooo...
The next time you are looking at me, remember what I go through

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

yes i admit it i went to juvi for skippin skool.. it wasnt the best thing to do but it was fun....my frend was forced to give a blow job...hehehe... i could here him screaming.. not victor the boy he was giving the blow job to ... i felt srry for him....damn it the bell rang ...... yes ....well i told my friends in the cell that even though were in juvi its better than skool we all agreed... well my ugly ass teacher mrs. cowan said i cant be late for her class.... who gives a fuck.. not me... she looks like a cow ... n a black maddoosa.. my language teacher has a kangaroo pouch... well gotta go ... oh ya the move was awesome......heheheh



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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   shannons b-day
well.....i found out a few days ago that shannon is having b-day n im not invited i asked her if i was invited n she she said ya sure... i just have to ask other people.... cuz they dont like u to much....i knew who didnt like me..... i didnt know 1 of my bf didnt.... i was reeeeeealllly pissed..... i told shannon.... that me friend .... doesnt like herr.... she didnt gosh damn it believe me i felt reeeeallllly bad..... i told her the friends that love u r gunna be gone n the bf.. that talk bout u behind ur back will be gone..... that to she didnt beleive me... i dont know whats wrong wit me i compete for the friendships i dont have n throw away the true friends i have... im gunna have to get that fixed!!!!!


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