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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   shannons b-day
well.....i found out a few days ago that shannon is having b-day n im not invited i asked her if i was invited n she she said ya sure... i just have to ask other people.... cuz they dont like u to much....i knew who didnt like me..... i didnt know 1 of my bf didnt.... i was reeeeeealllly pissed..... i told shannon.... that me friend .... doesnt like herr.... she didnt gosh damn it believe me i felt reeeeallllly bad..... i told her the friends that love u r gunna be gone n the bf.. that talk bout u behind ur back will be gone..... that to she didnt beleive me... i dont know whats wrong wit me i compete for the friendships i dont have n throw away the true friends i have... im gunna have to get that fixed!!!!!


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