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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   moooore dirrrrty jokes
o.k.... there ius this 14 year old n this 8 year old..... they r brothers n they have a bunkbed.....soooo.... 1 night the 14 year old brings over his girl n they start gettin freaky... the 14 year old says ok since my brother is right below us if u want me to go faster say lettuce... slower tamatoe... to stop bread... soooo.... they start gettin freaky..... the girl says lettuce..lettuce..tamatoe.... tamatoe.....bread.. she does it again... lettuce...lettuce... tamatoe...tamatoe...bread....then.... the little brother said.... would u guys stop makin sandwiches ur getting mayo on my face.... get it the mayo is the cock.... ha ha ha funnny yes i know !!!!!


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Friday, October 14, 2005

   dirtttty jokes
o.k. here is a helarious joke.... there is this man n he had to go on vacation... and he didn't want his wife to have sex while he was gone ....soooo... he went to buy a vibrater for her in case she got horny.... sooo... hes at the store and there is no more vibraters so.... he goes to the manager and says there is no more... n the maneger says have u tried voodoo dick .... n the man says no theres no such thing... the manger says yes there is and pulls out a box from the counter n says voodoo dick key hole.... so the voodoo dick starts thrusting the keyhole... then the maneger says voodoo dick box......so the man says fine ill buy it.... later on he gives it to his wife n says if u ever get horny use this...few days later she gets horny sooo.....she says voodoo dick my pussy... sooo voodoo dick starts thrusting her... one problem her husband didnt tell her how to stop it.... sooo... she decides to the hospital....on the way she gets pulled over for swirving in the road...she says to the officer .....im sooo sorry ive got a voodoo dick stuck in me...the officer says voodoo dickk my ass.... get it voodoo dick my ass thats how you get it to thrust u... yes funny i know
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i feel really sad for not bein on in for ever n a day... well heres what's been goin on in my life,,ive been havin dificulties wit my life n my mom is a bitch... were movin n i have nothin to do,,, my computer broke down so i have to do everything in my school library.... soooo now my class isleaving sooo... ive got togo
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Friday, December 10, 2004

   iss(in school suspinsion)
so i had to go to iss for the most stupidest reason.... i went to the library with shannon n alissa.... so ne way we're in the library for not even 15 minutes n this woman..... a "teacher" who teaches this retarted girl in my class thinks she rules the world....... so ne way she came up to us n said i want u in the class room now......... so shannon n i were like.... what the hell we wern't even in there for 10..... so we stayed a little bit longer after she left.... n then she cumes in a second time n was so pissed i thought her head was goin to blow off...........so then she said she wanted to see us after class so we thought she ment during wheel cuzz thats our only free time........n she never sowed up...........

................the next day.....................
so the nextt day my sun of a bitch tacher gave us an office referal........so we went to go talk to the princapal Mrs.Birk........ man she is like 3 feet tall.........ne way she said "skipping " class is an automatic day in iss....... so by now my frends n i r really pissed........ so we go........surprise ... surprise....... i had the best time ever in there..... kool enough i got to get away from the devil teachers..... but i also got to sleep...... so from now on i don't think im gunna be so pissed the next time i have to go to iss

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Monday, December 6, 2004

   Linkon Park 25
there is this guy that has a site on myo n we talk almost all the time on aim n every wher ebut i havnt been on in a while so i think hes kinda mad at me
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Saturday, November 27, 2004

   F**k u JORDAN!!
well Shannon -Shannon

Shannon was over at my house n we decided to go skateboarding. a guy named 'Jordie' was ther with his friends n he saw Shannon n me skateboarding. he laughed n said something bout dum blondes.
shannon doesnt like to be called that so she went over there n -haha!- i dont kno WHAT she was doing but the guys ran away n cursed while they wer at it.

l8r i found out shannon was saying to them...

"hi boys. what r u doing?..."

then she said something about how she was a vampire....?....hahahahahahahahahahaha days with her r so fun!!


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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

so today my friend shannon n i were eatin pistachios so we disided to have a contest n this bowl is huge its bout 5 pounds so we were like thets se how long it takes us to eat this HUGE bowl so we wait till the clock said 6 n then we started eatin n eatin until the whole bowl was empty - i won...shannon gave up- so then we layed on her roof n talked ofr n hour
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Friday, November 19, 2004

katie is this gurl who can not shut the hel up even if her life depended on it... she is such a two faced bitch i can sometimes want to knock her out...... I HATE HER SO MUCH some people would say that that is a harsh word but hell no... not in this conversation.... yesterday in p.e. we were in the locker room n she was talkin 'bout my best frend so i stood up for my frend of cource!!!so today my frend went over to sit with the devil of Tennessee, n i forgot to tell my best frend 'bout what happened the day before so it wasn't her fault so when she came back i told her what had jappened yesterday she got so mad at katie i was laughing so hard 'cuzz she went to go cuss her out that was my day


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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

   i do not know
so today i got in trouble in class over the stupidest thing (i hate my teacher as u will soon find out)it was 'cuzz i had forgotten about doin my science so my teacher started flipping out and i was like shut the hell up 'n she wouldn't so this time i was getting pissed off really badly 'cuzz she has got the biggest mouth that i have ever ever seen......i mean she is so damn crazy... i had to go to the office,... and well i hate that beep i could say things butt i refuse not to


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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   i'm an angel
i am such an angel i so rock... i'm sure u guys are angels to but u know i am such a perfect angel i mean cumm on look at my picture i mean i'm a pretty person.......and i am gunna be truthfull..... and well u r 2 i can not believe i just said that like today when Shannon -Goddessofwinter- was cracking up. Mrs. Binda -my teacher- said, " Shaela...you are not an angel! when you are, maybe i'll start listening to you...but you'r not!"....soooo untrue!


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