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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Holy Mother of Mercy!
well what is there to say.......i have a cross-country meet tomorrow......and i am not looking forward to it. its not the fact that its a meet against all other college runners......more or less the fact that i am really hating running right now...but what can you do when your getting paid to do this! some one just shoot me in the foot and call me shirley already! im just playing..........but hey to think of it, it would keep me from having to run^^. oh, and not to mention i ended up missing my first class today! i was so tired that when i woke up to get ready, i just said to myself ill just lay here for a min to actually wake up(cuz thats what i normally do), but instead i crashed! i was out like a light! and it didnt help that my roommate did the same thing....so we both ended up missing our first class. but we sure were hyper enough for our next class^^.
well lets see what else should i put up???? well i cant think of nething else, just keep those art peices coming at me for the contest. oh yeah and you know how i said i was going to enter something but not judge it, it would just be there to look at......well i forgot to tell you that my piece is my myO layout^^........i havent really been the mood for drwaing lately, so i did this instead, and im glad you guys like it^^. well thats all for now! laterz!!!

ps- for info on Village of Art contest just click^^

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005


okay i was asked by me bro-bro if i can go ahead and post the stuff about the contest again...so i will^^. the deadline is the 23rd of this month, and all forms of art are excepted! that means your myO theme, fanart, fanfics, aviators, poems, and wallpapers. if you are going to participate please message me either here, on my other site marz, or on the Village myO site, this way i will not passover you if you have entered a piece.....and if you can please let me know what you will be entering if you have an idea. you can find all information here: Village of the Hidden Art and please if it is something that needs to be emailed send it to barz_marz@yahoo.com
well i beleive that is all.......so please if you are going to join in the contest, which i hope you do^^, have fun!!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Damn im lazy!
hey guys! well i know i should really tell the members about contest info, but im to lazy today, and its still up on yesterday's post so you all can look there^^. but i do want to say this, cuz i thought of it last night......when you tell me that you are competing in the contest, if you know what your piece will be please let me know, especially if it is going to be you myO theme.....this way i dont miss it.
okay....now about my day................................................................................................................................NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!!!!okay so i got out of Statistics early, but ohter then that its the same old day! boring! say it with me...B.O.R.I.N.G!!!!!!!!^^ okay so im also a little cooky at the moment, but you would be too if you got up at 6am for practice and had the equivilent to a cup of sugar for breakfast^^. oh yeah, and i just realized this yesterday.....i have 6 online journals! i have a myspace account, xanga, livejournal, myO, adultswim(yes their network has an online journal area), and hi5.......i think i have one more but i cant remember!
well thats enough rambling for me....so ill let you go and try to get to some sites. love you guys, and take care!*hugs everyone tightly*


Which Naruto character do you fight like?(pics)
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Monday, September 5, 2005

hey everyone......well im doing much better today, the only thing is that i have a headache. but ive had the same one for about a week, so i can pretty much ignore it. oh yeah......NARUTO AIRS THIS SATURDAY!!!! i so totally cant wait!!*gets butterflies in tummy*^^.....and also Escaflowne will show on saturday and 12 or if you live in NM at 1am......its going to be totally awsome^^, and the best part i dont have a XC meet on sat, instead its on friday. so i wont have to worry about missing nething! YES!!!!
okay enough rambling^^

Village of the Art Memebers!
Please join in the contest....and if you would like to join in....leave me your name so that i may write it down this way when judging time comes around, i wont miss your peice. and the deadline is sept 23rd!

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Hello andGOMEN
hey everyone!! i am so sry for not being here the past few days, but yesterday i had my first XC meet of the season, and the day before i was feeling a bit under the wind so i didnt get online. well as for my XC meet, i did fairly well, not the best i could do, but for being a first meet even my coach said i did well....so im happy^^. and lets see.......for today i am going to go ahead a put the infromation for the contest up again, so please if you are a member of the Village of the Art please read it. i would really like all members to participate in the contest^^.

okay you can get most of the information at the main Village page here: Village of the Hidden Art, the deadline for all art forms is friday Sept. 23rd and all art forms are excepted. whether it be aviators, wallpapers, poetry, fanfics, fanart, or your myO theme.....all it has to do is protain to either the Village or to Naruto. and please if you are entering the contest let me know in a pm or in a comment, this way when its time to jugde the contest i wont forget ne one. thank you so much for listening (well reading) to me^^. have a great day!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hello everyone!
okay all you Village members......time for the first Village contest held by the new kage, me^^. all the info will be on the Village myO site, and on its main page. so please if you are a member.......join in^^.
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Monday, August 29, 2005

hello everyone......
hey guys, sry i havent posted in the past couple days, ive been trying to get so things settled at skool, and with my differnet sites that i am taking care or control over......so yeah, im sry.
well toady is clean up day for this site, im going to ix it up a bit, and hopefully it will turn out nice, so ill probably be doing that as soon as all my classes are over. *looks at clock* i best be going my next class is starting in 5 mins! laterz

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

hey guys i bet most of you were confused about the whole banner thing from yesterday....well thats because i forgot to put it up on this site, but is up on my other one^^. but i will have it on here in no time flat.well here is the banner i was talking about yesterday:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

im going to put it in the profile later, when i work on some stuff. well i guess that is all.....i wont be going to sites cuz im going to be working on some stuff. well laterz yall.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

hey guys!! how are you all doing? good i hope, if not there will be a hug hunt on the way^^. ump....to late...*hugs everyone*!!!hehe.....sry, im in a good mood today, not quite sure why but i am. oh yeah, and i made it to everyone's site that posted before 7pm my time, on this site and the other one, but i didnt get to all the sites on the BlackWingedAngel site...i ran out of time^^. but i will do it today, i only have 2 classes today, and my last class ends at 10:50am, so it will give plenty of time.
oh yeah, do you like my new banner......its the one NOT in the scroll box. my roommate made it, and it explains what we(my XC team) thinks. so yeah^^, i know its mean, but got to let ones anger out some way. but the main reason she made the banner is cuz our new XC/track coach has no repect for us......i mean come on i may be the youngest on the team......yes even younger then the freshman(college)......but im still an adult! so you think he would show a little respect towards us...but no, he yells at us and like this morning his exact words were: "you guys need to shut the hell up, and just do the workout" (when we were just stretching, saying nothing), and he also told me and my roommate: "i dont give a shit about your classes or school life, you are here for XC and XC only.....if choir (*me and roommate in the choir)gets in the way of that, then get rid of it".........that was the point where it pissed me off, cuz not only am i in the choir, but i have a scholorship for it, so im doing choir even if he dont like it! -_-+, geez he makes me mad.....but im in a better mood now cuz i only have 2 classes and i get to visit with you guys.
well i guess i better go, my first class awaits! love you all, laterz!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

hey everyone!! how are you all doing. well just thought i would drop in for a post before my next class. oh yeah, and i will be going to site today too. i will be going to them after my classes and then after practice before i had to go to choir tonight at 7. just thought that you would like to know^^.
well i cant think of what else i can write or tell you about, cuz my day has been nothing but bore. and it will probably stay that way. so ill let you go, and everyoen have a great day.......(okay that sounded gay)

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