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Hello there everyone! Well this is the site of the BlackWingedAngel, Kelsey. And I am marz. I am the one taking care of Kelsey’s site while she is away at school. But if you happen to have ne questions, or just want to talk feel free to pm me^^, and please feel frre to add me^^.

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and here is something written by our dear Kelsey^^

I Wish
To the one who wouldn't forgive

When you said you wouldn't lie,
I just wish I died,
The promise you made to me,
Was a difficult task indeed,
But as I wither away,
Thinking there are so many ways,
I pounder on a thought,
That I promised myself I would lock,
As the sky turns gray,
I want to lay,
The thought of it makes me gag,
And turn into a old hag,
My promise I didn't keep,
Oh, how I weep,
I told you I would forgive you,
But I didn't; I ran; far, far away,
Now I wish you could forgive me father,
For I have sinned.

Monday, July 14, 2008

   It's been a long time!
So my friend recently told me he revisited my otaku and I decided to go to mine. It's Kelsey! Lol, it's been such a long time. I hope everything is going good! =D
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

hey everybody!!! well i am back home and having an okay time....it just kinda sux that i dont get to be on the net all the time, and it has been raining everyday since i have been back. i really dont mind the rain...it just makes me sleepy.....oh well^^! lets seee...........what have i gots to say..........oh yeah, for the first time i got to see Desendants of Darkness (i think i have that spelled right). i was going through things i should record on my DVR, cuz of how late the shows were, and i saw the title of it on AZNTV, an Asian channel that we have with comcast....and i was curious cuz i really didnt know what it was..till i went to watch it and WABAAM! it was actually the anime that i had been dying to see! everyone of my friends that had seen it said that it was really good and they highly recommended it, and now, i finally got to see it^^. oh and me and my mom are going to Washington DC on Friday for the weekend to go see my dad and get some of his stuff to bring back home, cuz he finally gets to come back home permantatly in June! i sooo totally cant wait^^. hhhmmmmmmmmmmm...........what else is there......i really cant think of ne thing. so ill leave it to you all..........ask me a question or nething, its all on you^^. well i hope that you all are doing well, and that you are all being safe and that you will all be safe when your summer vactaions start^^. i love you and take care!!!!
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