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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

okay well i promised that i would have pics of some of the "costumes" i had to wear for the show. so here they are

1st: this is the one for the opening number...we had to dress kicker(cowboy)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2nd: this was for the medly of "RENT" /the guy behind me is named Jacob.....he was my partner for the duet i had to do/ and the bottom part of my costum is in the next pic
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3rd: the one i wore for one song and a solo i did the bottom its the same as the above pic excet without the black long sleeve shirt.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4th: this was the other part of my "costume" from above (im talking about the puppet^^)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is a pic of me and one of the girls in the choir, Ashley....there were quite a few people that thought we were sisters^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and last but not least i just thought that i would throw this one in...its my mommy^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well i hope you like the pic.......and now about my day yesterday.........BORING!!! i did nothing, except go to class. and for today.......campus closes at 2pm....this means that we can go home and if there are ne classes after 2 they will not be held. and then thursday is TURKEY DAY!!!! oh i cant wait, my mouth is already starting to water......yummy^^. oh yeah and i dont remember if i ever told you guys but i hurt my ankle about 2 weeks ago and last friday the trainer made me start to wear a walking boot.....it some kind of immobalizor. and god its a major pain to walk around with......and i have to keep it on till monday. and...........*thinks realy hard*......i dont know if i have ne thing else to talk about.... oh yeah, do you guys like my new theme? it Yuki from Fruits Basket. well i best get going, love you all!!!*hugs everyone tightly*


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Monday, November 21, 2005

okay......the show was a big hit! even though we didnt have much of a crowd most of the night, cuz of a basketball tournament going on at the exact same time at my skool, but it was so much fun! and last night after the our last showing we stricked the set, painted the stage and then watched saturday's preformance(cuz it was the best form all the nights). and i never laugh so hard at myself. oh yeah, and i also died my hair back to auburn. i dont think i would have been able to stand another day being blond.
and also, i watched adult swim on saturday like always.......and it made me so depressed. they took InuYasha off the air, well at least till next season......i wanted to cry. but the other animes were very good, especially s-CRY-ed........that was very very good^^.
oh and one more thing........IT'S THANKSGIVING WEEK!!!! that means in just a few days we get to eat like no ones business....and no one can tell us nething if we are eating to much!!! YES!!! i cant wait!! TURKEY!!! oh well.........i guess thats all i can think of saying...so ill let you all go^^. love you all be bye!!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

okay well even though we got power back yesterday, we were not allowed back in the dorms till late yesterday, which means i didnt get nething done that i needed......but i will today(if it kills me!)
and as for opening night.......that was interesting. i think we did well, except for the duet that i have with one of the guys in the choir, we sing "Anything you can do, I can do better"......well lets just say we got all the words and frases(sp) mixed up.....and there was one verse that i completly forgot to sing, but thank god Jacob(my duet partner) was able to play with it and started to play fight with me. and even though we screwed the whole thing up, we recovered it, and made it seem that that was the way it was supposed to be^^. THANK YOU JACOB!!!*runs and hugs jacob^^*........but i felt kinda bad....cuz the whole time after the duet, he kept apologizing to me, he was all like "im sry i screwed this up for you"....but i couldnt help but laugh at the whole thing! even when we were on stage for the song right after, i was so glad that my back was to the audience...cuz i was laughing so hard*(good thing that when i laugh hard i dont make ne noise^^)*, so yeah, and tonight is another night of singing and dancing, and falling of the stage^^. oh yeah the almost happened too. well i better get going, i have to finish a drawing for someone and i promised they'ed have it be yesterday, butas you know..that didnt exactly happen(stupid power). oh well bye-bye...love you all!!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

well heres the plan...........im going to go jump off a cliff and see if i survive!
no im just kidding.....life is good here except for a few things. dress rehearsals are going well....and the costumes i made for the different medlys are totally kick ass......i have to dress kicker for one, and whatever for the another, and the rest i just have to wear my choir shirt(actually only for one song that im in), and i also have to dress clubbish for another.....but ill take pics so that you can see what my costumes look like^^. with the one where we can dress whatever...its for the "RENT" medly. and i am dressed in all red and black. it was funny cuz yesterday was the first time i had worn something like that, and i made everyone hit the ground! i walk on stage before the medly started to talk to the choir director, and everyone was sitting in the audience seats as well.....and all i hear when i walk out is "HOLY SHIT, THATS HOT!" and i kinda did the what-are-you talking about look...and the girls were all like "damn marla, you need to dress like that more often, it looks totally hot!"......and the only thing the boys did was nod in agreement. i was so embaressed(sp?), i turned bright red. i thought it was hilarious.....and maybe i should wear it one day to skool....see what everyone else thinks^^.
ne way.......other then that, i have been doing alot of catching up on stuff that needed to be done a while ago, like finishing up on a drawing(and im almost done, YES!), getting tests done, and not to mention trying not to talk for ne reaseon at all......and thats the hardest! cuz people will come up to me and ask how i am doing and i cant really answer them.....oh and the reaseon im not supposed to talk is cuz it is bad for the throat when you have a major preformance that is a few days long. and when you are a singer you have to really take it into consideration, especially now that it is starting to get really cold out.....so the less talking one does, the better it is, and the less the voice will crack jump and all that good/bad shit while trying to sing.
what else......*thinks*.......oh yeah, and a bunch asked why i would dye my hair blond, well i did it for the preformance...its hard to sing that you are blond when your not^^. but my hair is a naturally auburn, but more toward the red. so ill be dying it back after the show^^. ne thing else..... nope nothing, i cant think of nething else at the moment. so ill let you all back to your business before, and i hope you all have a great day. *hugs everyone tightly*

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

...........I'M BLOND!!!!!

yes you read right i'm blond! okay explaination........naturally my hair is a reddish-brown(more or less auburn), and then last year i dyed it black, as most of you know......then it when brown again. and now it's blond! not cuz i want it to be, but mainly cuz it has to be for the choir prefomance/production that we are putting on this week. becauz 2 of the songs i sing say in a girl with golden hair or somewhere along those lines. and i catnt be a girl with golden hair if my hair is half black half brown now can i^^. ne way........the production/preformance thingy is coming along great......but its just a hasle to get through....we didnt get out of dress rehearsal last night till about midnight......and we still had to go get something to eat for dinner.

well i best be going........i still have to go take an lit. test and turn in my math test(i missed class this morning...i couldnt wake up). well i love you guys.......oh and i just want to give a big THANK YOU to Kelsey for coming to visit yesterday^^! *hugs Kelsey*


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Monday, November 14, 2005

   Original Owner Speaking...
Eh well it's me Kelsey. It's been a while and I have time to come and see how everyone's doing so I decided to drop by. Um...well sadly in my life volleyball is over for the season and I made the J.V. basketball team. There is only 7 of us and one of our girls got hurt at a schrimmage and now there is 6 basically, which sucks cause I'm a post and she was a post now there are only 2 posts...Humm...Well school is school. Kids don't ever go to high school! NEVER GROW UP! IT SUCKS!!! Don't believe what anybody tells you! LOL! Well I just came back from my sports banquet a lil while ago. I've got my letters which is cool. So yeah...Oh yeah yesterday (Sunday) I had my first day at driving school, omg it was boring! But out instructor person is cool, his name is Karl... :D Karl...that's a funny name (not meaning anything if your name is Karl)! Eh that's about it for my update. Toodles for now everybody! :D

<3 KeLsEy

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

holy mother!!!
okay.....well saturday i didnt go and get my mom like i had planned. but i will be seeing her today. last night sucked.......i had to work and lets just say i had to do a report. not like for class i mean a incident report on someone...and i had to call security because of how bad it got...then the boy involved was suspended from the dorm for the rest of the semester.
any who.......i just finished watching InuYasha...and was it just me or did it seem a little.........out of order? i mean, it showed for 5 mins then there was a commercial(which doesnt normally come on at least 10-15 mins into the show), then the credits and end song came on after 10-15 mins, then it showed more of the show, then it showed the next episode. it was so wierd it screwed with my head!!! and i was watching FMA.....and that one was a good one too^^.
well i really cant think of nething else to say.........but yeah...ill talk to you all later. i love you all....and take care.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

hey guys........ry i havent been on for a while. even though its only been three days........ne way its becuz ive have been really busy with skool, choir, and work. and i think the stress is finally getting to me or something. cuz yesterday and the day before i had quite a few nose bleeds. and that part that sux is that i have NEVER had nose bleeds before...well at least not like this. normally they are just slight and only for a few secods.....no, these went on for good periods of time......one of them was about 15-20 mins. so yeah it sucked! and next time it happens my mom wanted me to go to the doctor.....cuz its not normal, well at least for me neway.
ne way..............and i feel really bad...becuz i am supposed to be working on a drawing for someone....and i got like a part of it done but i cant find the time to be able to sit down and finish it...so thats eating away at me too. geez i feel like crawling in a hole and just burying myself alive or something. and not to mention....track practice starts back up on monday, and im going to die! not running for 3 weeks really packs a punch. and i still have 3 tests i have to go take before the weekend is over!!! *hits head on desk* the this ever stop!!!!!
well i have to get going.....i have to go get my room cleaned and try to learn some of my lines for theater. love you guys...laterz!

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