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Monday, December 26, 2005

so how was everyone's Christmas? great i hope. did you all get what you wanted? i really hope so. well i want to tell you all what i got.....so here goes>>>>
i got a double dragon goth globe and a dragon gargoyal(sp)goth globe and fountain from Spencer's gifts(in chase you want to see what it looks like^^, but i will be takeing pics), i got a t-shirt of my brother's band....i got a bunch of chocolate (which i dont need might i add^^)......i got InuYasha patches of Kilala (Kirara, however you want to spell it) and the InuYasha logo, and a brand new digital camera and printer dock(which i dont know why i got it in the first place...i really dont need it, but i like it just the same^^)....oh yes and the best part of all my presents is the InuYasha, Sesshomaru, and Kirara plushies i got and an InuYasha blanket(this was the only thing i actually wanted this year...and i got it^^). no i didnt tell you all what i got to brag, i would love you all to tell me what you got and tell me how your christmas was. cuz my chritmas was great^^....mainly cuz i got to see my daddy. he was able to come home for the holidays from Washington DC, and thats what made my christmas^^.
well i have to go now, love you guys....and if you are traveling after the holidays and i dont update, be safe traveling and have a great New Year!!
and to everyone that i didnt get a card or banner sent to, i am very very sry. i really wantedt o get them to you...but its a little hard when your dial-up doesnt want to work properly.....but ne way i hope you all had a great christmas^^.

*hugs and kisses*

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Friday, December 16, 2005

i off!
well guys i just thought that i would go ahead and post before i left for home......so i am. i dont know when the next time ill be on, but it will be soon^^. but in the mean while, to all those traveling for the holidays......be safe and take care, and for all those already at your destinations......also take care and have a blast^^

i love you guys! bye bye!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

hey guys!
okay for one.......i really think that i passed all my exams!! which im totally excited about. whatelse......oh yeah starting next week i might not be on as much cuz the internet connection where im going is sucky when it snows..so yeah. and whatelse.....*thinks*oh yeah, i said that i would have everyones cards and banners out by thursday, or today whenever you are reading this......but i was wrong. its going to take a little longer cuz im still working on all of them for my other site......but they will get to you before christmas, now that i can promise^^.
well i think that is all........*hands everone a cookie, and some hot cocoa* byebye

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hey everyone^^!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!..............okay, i thought i would have all the cards and banners out by thursday, but maybe not.......but i will have them out by friday! okay^^
what else.....today is my last exam, and its math well to be more specific its statistics. and its going to be great. i took all my other exams yesterday and i really think i pasted them ALL!! im so happy! and i have my fingers crossed that i will pass my math one^^. so keep your fingers crossed for me.
okay another thing.....i just found out that i might have been a neko in another life....on reason....i LOVE to play with yarn. one of my friends is making a blanket for my roommate, and i cant stop from playing with the yarn^^.....i think i am a neko deep down inside, hehe....*purrs*
well i cant think of nething else to right about, so ill talk at you all later. I LOVE YOU!!!! *hugs everyone tightly and gives them christmas cookie*

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Monday, December 12, 2005

how is everyone? good i hope.
well i am getting all my e-card sent out to everyone that have their emails up on their site, and if you dont i will be sending you a christmas banner in a pm^^, so be looking for them, k^^.
okay what else............this week is finals week. and man do i have a lot of exams to be studying for...but im not^^.
well i really cant think of ne thing else. but yeah.......all christmas e-cards and banners will be out by thursday, so if you dont get one......let me know, okay^^. well love you all!! bye bye!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

hey everyone^^. how are you all doing? im doing great. my best friends from El Paso came to visit me yesterday.....and so did my friend that i hadnt seen in 10 years......i was sooo happy^^. we had a blast hanging out. we went to a party and laughed at all the drunks there....i didnt drink though cuz i have a choir Christmas concert today, and drinking is very very bad for your voice. but it was a blast cuz they wanted a "bar tender" so i did the honors......and when they said they wanted a strong one.....boy did i give it to them!
well today is my last Christmas concert for the corral.....and its going to be great. we had one on thursday and it was soooo cute when the children's choir sang. there was this one little girl, she had to be no older then 4, and when they would sing she would say only the last word of each fraz, but she would say it after everyone else. it was SOOOO cute, i just wanted to go and hug her and squeez her^^.okay enough of that......i got a cool present from frogger91 and here it is
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
it is soo cute, i love it^^. and i will be sending out little gifts to everyone soon also, okay! hmmmmmmm, what else. man i cant think of ne thing else. well i guess ill leave you all with a question.

what is the one thing you want MOST for Christmas?
me:i want to just be able to have a good holiday with my family and get the InuYasha fleece throw that i have been searching for.

oh yeah and i found this site where they have O Holy Night in Japanses^^.....its sooo cool!

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Thursday, December 1, 2005


What are your Inuyasha Icons(Icon Credit On My Website!)? by ladyallie
Your Kagome icon is:
Your Shippo Icon is:
Your Sango Icon is:
You Inuyasha Icon is:
Your Sesshomaru Icon is:
Your Miroku Icon is:
Your Group Icon is:
Your Demon Icon is:
You Kikyo Icon is:
Quiz created with MemeGen!

well i couldnt think of nething to write about so i did this cool little icon quiz^^

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

hey guys, thanks for all the anniversary wishes yesterday^^. well today is what, wednsday(sp)? i get paid today^^.....and that means getting some christmas shopping out of the way! thank heaven!! but the only thing that sux is having to wait till i get back from christmas break to give my friends their presents. but i guess its okay, cuz everyone is waiting till they get back. *thinks* wait, i only have 18 more days till i go home for christmas! hells yes!!!! now im even happier!!! what else.............you know my brain has not been working very well, i cant think of ne thing else of interest to talk about. okay then, questions! ill ask you guys 5 questions.....you answer(if you want)....and then you can ask me 5 questions of ne thing! and i will answer them in my next post. okay? well here i go^^

1. when did you first join myO? 11/28/04

2. do you own a gaiaonline account? yes^^

3. if so, what is your username? marz_inuyasha

4. do you like pocky? oh yes^^, im addicted!

5. if so what are your favorite flavors? chololate, strawberry, alomond chocolate

well thats all^^, bye bye!

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Monday, November 28, 2005

oaky guys......the all powerful marz has a question to ask you........DID YOU GET THAT THING I SENT YOU?.......hehe just kidding^^, i got that from Harvey Birdman on AS, that stupid hippo always says it, and i guess it just got stuck in my head. ne way, how is everyone's day. good i hope. mine is going well.....i get this stupid boot off today, and then with my luck ill end up hurting myself again cuz of the practice the coach has promised to us. thats right it is judgement day for all of us runners as you can say. so if i die i invite you all to my funeral^^.
hmmm......what else, oh yeah me and krista(my roomy) started decorating our dorm room for christmas. we have lights, garland(sp), and wrapping paper everywhere!!! all we need is a mini christmas tree and it will be all done^^. and it is finally starting to get cold here.....took it long enough. yes you read right. i love the cold weather.....and i love it even more when it is snowing, cuz it makes me feel younger then what i am^^. and even though the cold weather makes my arthritis kick in......i just cant help but smile^^.......man i love the dark seasons^^.
well i best be going, i still have class to go to. laterz!! *hugs everyone tightly and hands you all hot cocoa or tea*

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

hey guys!! okay i know im a little late on asking this, but, howwas everyone's thanksgiving? did you all eat alot of yummy food^^? i sure did, even though i didnt eat as much as i usually do every thanksgiving, but it was enough to make me pass out^^. hehe..........okay neway about my thanksgiving weekend. well i went to Carlsbad,NM to visit my aunt.......and i got to see a few of my friends while i was there. i went and saw the new Harry Potter movie.....and it was really really good, much better then the 2nd or 3rd one.that was on thursday.........nd friday i didnt do nething....just sat on my butt and watched tv.......on saturday i went to my friend jill's house for a mexican potluck dinner. kinda boring, but fun at the same time.....then when i got back to my aunt's i went straight to the back room to watch anime^^. okay now this is where it gets funny. well since my aunt lives in Carlsbad, and Carlsbad is pretty much a desert, so she tends to get mice in her house. well saturday night while i was watching i believe it was FMA or Samurai Champloo there were 2 mice running back and forth in the back room playing wth each other. so when it was a commercial i would stop to wach them...it was really cute, cuz they would run one way, then one mouse would pounce the other then they would run the other way and the same thing would happen. then when the show would come back on the mice would actually stop what they were doing and scurry over in front of the tv.....and they were watching the show right along with me. then when a commercial would come on they started up again. it was soooo cute!!! and i think it went on for about 2 hours.lets see what else........oh yeah....okay i have yahoo email, well i keep getting all these messages with the subject line "i have a new email address" or "your password" from all sites that i am a part of, or from people that are already on my list. but the thing is when i go to open them there is nothing there except for a zip file......and since i have bad luck with viruses i dont open them cuz well they tend to be viruses. but i dont know why i keep getting them.....and its really making me mad. oh well, maybe they will stop soon......but its weird cuz i just started getting them like last week. ..................*spins around in chair*.......well i dont have much else to talk about....so ill let you lal to your lives^^. i love you guy! take care *hugs everyone tightly*
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