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Friday, February 1, 2008

TIME: 8:32am, Friday

So fucking tired today.
So dad come in my room last night, saying he has cracked ribs from a coughing fit awhile back, and explaining how it feels, when right in the middle he has a tiny cough and actually falls to his knees. That was kinda funny at the same time it likely suckeed.

Had a boring day.
Went to chat with mom after work, watched the second of 2 premiere episodes of Lost. Good episode, scared me twice lol.

Well, have to do all the homeroom shit now, peace.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

TIME: 8:33am, Thursday

The glaring eyes of grade 11's watch as I type. They are evil, sitting behind me, always talking. One has a pencil case, and if that isn't lame enough, its an animal pencil case.

This is biology. lol.

Anyway, this term may not be bad at all. My marks didn't budge much, mostly 90's. Sweet. I have a 92.00 GPA ^_^

Gotta go anyway, continue the ebay quest for Lost Planet.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

you know when you're a little kid and you move to a new place, you need to make friends or else you stay inside and watch tv all day. that doesn't apply when you're my age. I'm 18, I can drive, a senior in high school with a job. funny how that turns out that here, in this hick town filled with old people, I feel no need at all to socialize with the 6 people my age I've seen here.

wicke ^_^ I just drive to my old town to see friends! ha.

Sitting here in first period of the second semester, last of my high school career. woo! my report card looks fucking wicked. I'll talk about it tomorrow, and how smoking I did.


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Monday, January 28, 2008

TIME: 12:46pm, Monday

Its turnaround time. After exam week, we have 2 turnaround days for teachers to get their report card marks in and students to rest their thinkers. Its nap days for me.

Anyway, its ice-snowing outside, 15-20cms today. Don't know what ice-snow is? Well, its like ice-rain but clicks when it hits windows and is in large snowflake form instead of pellets. Can't fathom this? You don't go up north enough then.

I kinda have my voice back today, which is a plus and means its less likely that I have an evil throat infection. I want this snow to stop so I can go play Xbox live in town tonight. stupid snow.

I bought a tree for my room yesterday. Yeah, an indoor tree, its about 6 feet tall, looks like something you'd find in the jungle, nice and green. Its awesome. Colours up my room, and takes up space ^_^

Anywho, ganna peel, get something to eat.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reason I didn't post yesterday:
I couldn't. I woke at 1pm, watched tv for 4 hours, went to work at the rink, came home, slept. I have THE WORST throat cold. Lost my voice yesterday, can't speak a word today. Swallowing burn like hell, my tongue is stiff, all my teeth hurt, my jaw barely opens, but other then that, I feel fantastic! Not kidding either. Everything else is fine lol.

But anyway, this better go away by Tuesday, when I actually have to speak at work.
Catch you all later.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

TIME: 7:54am, Friday

Its -30.7 degrees Celsius ...

it grinds my gears, the fact that people on facebook are stupid. today is facebook fact day.

my high school has about 800 kids attending. 729 of them are on facebook.

people who take pictures of themselves and give the devil horns, are fucking retards. honestly, it looks stupid, and makes you look like a hick.

use your god damn image.... of YOU in the profile picutre! why wouldn't you? you have to live with your face and body, so who cares who sees it, especially since facebook only has your friends and family seeing the images anyway! nothing's worse then seeing fucking Mario and Luigi as a profile image. if you look like that, suicide is a great option for you.

applications are stupid. who cares about them? no one ever checks out your aps, all they want is to send it to you and have you sing up so they get cred. its dumb.

ah facebook, always good to talk about. bet you can't find me there!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

So, my mom was discharged last night. Yeah, quite a surprise, we brought her to my grandmothers, which is where I just was which my brother for awhile. She's doing very well, even back to nagging me a bit about the car!

I never have to do Chemistry again! The exam went fairly well as far as I'm concerned.

Exchange student "German-Dan" as I call him won't be happy when he gets back in Germany after the laws are under scrutiny for teen drinking in the country.

I'm still a little upset about Heath Ledger's death. I think it makes me want to watch "Brokeback Mountain" his acclaimed role, and the new Batman movie in June.
And speaking of movies, I'm off on a trip to see "Meet the Spartans" with my friends tomorrow as it premieres. Super ^_^

Gotta peel.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TIME: 2:15pm, Wednesday

I be sittin here in dis chair listenin to de banana phone song. whoo!

Its time for a TOP 3!
Today's topic, the first in a long time, is Top 3 actors / actresses who need to be wiped from the gene pool.

Number 3
Lindsey Lohan

- yeah, this may sound like I'm generalizing her because she's in the media all the time but looking at her film career, she sucks balls! I've seen, all her films, except the last 2 bombs she dropped in the box office, and she is one of those people who Hollywood puts on a golden pedestal but who really fails at life and gives dry, uninterested performances.

Number 2
Joaquin Phoenix

- oh dear. The one person who made Gladiator a movie you can only watch once a year? This man. He has a creepy face, and I would not like to see his offspring. You know that neighbor you can't look in the face for fear of spontaneous combustion? Him.

Number 1
Samuel L. Jackson

- I hate this guys in movies. anyone who makes a career through excessive swearing and yelling at people to try and look important fails. SG, I know you love Sam Jack, but he's so mediocre, and I honestly can't take his performances seriously, more so after "mother fuckin' Snakes on a Plane".

These are, in light of the tragic passing of Heath Ledger, an actual actor, a great one. "A Knight's Tale" was magic, totally hilarious and epic. I though this guy was fantastic, and its really tragic that his life ended at 28.

Anyway, moving on, my mom called me at 6:45am today, to ask me about exams and her car and stuff. Its the first time I've heard her voice in a month, so, it was nice, despite waking me up. Might go see her today if I can.

It snowed like a foot last night and this morning. Insanely annoying.

By 11am tomorrow, I will never have to do Chemistry again in my life, besides the chemistry involved in baking. Yeah! Cakes!

Anyway, ganna peel. Peace.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TIME: 7:42am, Tuesday

I'm so cold right now I can hardly type. Today is my first exam, in Trig. Shouldn't be to hard, I know what I'm doing for the most part.

My mom is finally able to speak, slightly, and walk, which is good. I have to go see her sometime, I've been working though.

And speaking of work, at the rink last night, I'm training this new kid for clock, he's 12, smart, but really rough around the edges, mouth like a sailor. He and I are doing everything up good, and shooting shit about the game, which sucked, and at one point, I immitated how he would commentate the gamem, using his language, which is crude. So, about 5 minutes later, a little kid comes from the sound booth and says to me "Your mic is on..." and I look over to the mic on the wall for annoluncing high school games, and its fucking on. Now, I doubt they could hear us, they being the parents sitting beneath the speakers, but they likely heard our constant laughter and my commentary of this kid. So, I'm sure I'll hear about this, which makes me look bad, even though I'm not at fault, but for letting him go like he did, and this after my boss says the minor hockey association has something for me. Fan-fucking-tastic luck there.

Anyway, gotta go find my dog, which my dad lost.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

ha, forgot to post, I was playing rock band.

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