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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   Blogspot.com, GD account
I just got an account for Ria and me on Blogspot.com. The link... http://gdanime.blogspot.com/. Yeah... So... I'll be updating that too, as well as this account on TheOtaku. ^^ Ria will be adding many things to the Blogspot site. You can check there sometime if you want to. You know, just to see how our progress with the anime is working. ^^ We're still making the script, so if you have any ideas (such as randon happenings or quotes), please send them in. Extra creativity will be appreciated. Thank you!! ^^
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   Drawing, GD, and CTMS
(Saturday, June 25, 2005. NOT Sunday. I'm in CA, so it's 10pm for me now.)

I am so happy right now. I'm almost done with the pic of Tohya (one of my OCs)!! Imma use it for the quiz. But... I am also gonna post it here, on TheOtaku.com. YAY!! ^^ Hopefully I'll gain more publicity. (Maybe I should make a quiz! XDDDDDDD I am...) o.O;; Heh. ^^;; You didn't read that here. Or if you did, just pretend you didn't read it here. XD I already have my Yam, Procyon, Sar, Keiri (which needs to be inked and colored), and maybe Hari (as a chibi) pics almost ready. Most of them are inked, but I need to scan them. And color them. -_-; But! I will do that SOON!! I might use the Karl pic already on mah comp... nah. Too non-up to date. Oh! That reminds me! I saw someone that looked like Karl at the CTMS today! More on that later! ^^; The pics I need to draw are...: Obinox, Leckta, Tsuko, Whitefire, Tacy, Killian, Karl (maybe?), Daeron, Ruber (I might use the pic of him in a swimsuit. XDD), Kooi (I got pissed off at the sub who patted my shoulder and said I was a good artist. I HATE people who do that!! So I kinda stopped.), Larke (I might use the pic of him that I already drew back in late 2004/ early 2005), Ilin (Must... redraw... soon...), Spef, and Aona. I will describe them in time. Just post comments (hint hint) and I'll put up descriptions (hereby known as descs) of them. YOU JUST HAVE TO POST CO0MMENTS!!!! Okie. I'll stop yelling. ^^;; O.O!! I forgot to takke my pillz!! (>_<) Nooooo!!!!! I'm on Guanfacine withdrawl. I'm all hyper now. XDD Brb. *Leaves to take Guanfacine and Risperadal.* *Comes back.* Okie. It has been done. >.> Now... changin' the subject~!!! X33

Now to the topic of GD. What it stands for is a morbid inside joke of my best friend and me. I won't tell you what it stands for, but God Damn, I sure as HELL won't!!!! XDD (Try to find it.) ...But you didn't hear it from me. ^^; Heh... o.O;; Well, yeah... The Gods are damned on Tori to behave like humans. Dude, the basic gist of it is that most of the main charas are Gods themeselves. Or children of Gods, which makes them gods, and those children have children, and those children have chilren, and so on! Until you reach the 6th generation. XDDD (Note: These are all my friend's charas and mine. ~_~) Now... onto a different topic! (They're all related somehow... Hmm... I wonder how... XD)

I went to the CTMS Festival today. As I always do. It's how I met my best frind!! I owe a lot to CTMS and Soka University. I'm not sure how much, though. That place is where I think my life changed. I mean, MAJORLY changed. I don't know what I would've done without it. Ok. I'll stop the dedication speech. Meh. -_-; So... Stufff!!! With 3 F's!! X33 I played GD (My DnD campaign somehow got turned into a to-be anime!! =DDDDDDD XDDDD) with Ria at the CTMS. I shall call her that online from now on. (To self: C'mon, bladder. You can do it! Keep holdin' it until I'm done with this post! PLEASE!!!) ...And I guess I shall end this post. But first, I'll make a list of my GD charas that I can describe to you in one of my future posts. The list is...

Yamato (The Yam)

And those are only a few of my charas in GD. Ria has more to come. Maybe she'll start a MyOtaku account? She might do that. Maybe if I poke her enough. XDD Then we'll be able to desc all of the important charas in GD. Yeah!! ^^ Okie. I must be kind to my bladder (and colon o.O;;) and end this post!!! Okie. I'll see you later. Don't forget to post comments!!!!! See ya! ^w^

EDIT: I forgot to tell you about the guy that looked like Karl!! (>_<) Well, he looked like an older Karl. That's for sure. He even had the white hair (No, DUH. Old person that looked like Karl) and the ponytail!!! ^^^^^ But... Karl has odd-eyes and wears glasses. And is much younger. Around 148 as of August 1. Did I say 148? I meant 26. ^^;;;;; Heheh... ^^; >.> <.< <.> *Pokes you in the famous Ritsu Spot (Ritsu??!!!! O.O Where??!!!! Must... glomp... Rii-chan-san... *drools*) to make you forget Karl's age.* I'll post the first pic I made of him if you want me to. I mean, come on!! Please? ;_; I want to post it, but I'm not that confident. >.> Well, what I do need is your opinion. So... fell free to comment. ^^;; Now I must go do other things... like finish writing the results. XD Okie. I'll beh seein' ja! X3

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

   Really weird AIM conversation. Read if you're blind.
This is a VERY queer topic that my friend Ed and I got into. It lasted about an hour.

Just... don't say anything... ^^;;

EDIT: Wha? It's not working... I need a host... Meh. PREPARE TO GO BLIND!!! You can gouge your eyes out now if you want.

Anyway, its about me being a pad-sniffing-Nasal-Vampire who chokes when the Lakers are metioned. And Nerdgasms. Just... Don't ask.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

   Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3
My dad made me go to school today. I didn't want to go. But I went. Grr. Oh! Wait! Not grr!! I played a really awexome import game for the GC during 4th, lunch, 5th, and 6th periods. It is called... *Dramatic pause* "Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3". It was fun... I'm gonna get one of my parents to buy it for me. Most likely. XD I think I passed 9th grade... I'll look at the report card when it comes in. I hope I got at least a C in Bio... So if I passed it, then I'm gonna get NGNT3!! Yaaaaayy~!!!!! ^^ X33 WootwootNyar!! *Goes narcoleptic.*

I will be going to the CTMS festival on saturday and sunday. If you're there, I'll be picking up trash on saturday from 10-2. Whoop. ~_~; Oh well. At least I'll get to write more scripts (hopefully). ^^; But wait... she said she won't bring her laptop cause she'll be too busy... NOOOOOO!!!!!!! (>_<) Meh. I'll invite her over sometime next week. XD

Okie. It is now time for meeh to stop ranting. I vill sees j00 lator!!

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

W007!!! In about 10-30 years, there will be a Shmeh/Ria- made anime. I won't say its name tho... We're already making the script. It ish fu~n!! It's gonna be fantasy (Ha. It's real!!)/ Comedy/ Adventure. It is a loooong story. You'll get confuzzled if I tell you about it. *EL GASPO!!* But what is this?? I will be making a quiz to see which one of my GD charas you are. There will be two quizzes total, each to find out which chara you are, one for me, one for my partner-in-crime, Ria. Her name's not really Ria. And speakin' of her... she's supposed to be here right now!!

...I just had some bread and water, and I'm pretty full right now. Tis dinner time, and I'm supposed to be eating meatballz. *Chews some yummieh bread* Mmm-mm!! Breadddd... *Licks lips.* Okay, and now to wait on the porch. I shall sees j00 lator. o.O;; ^^

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   Heart Ni Kiraboshi, Sakashitari!!... And stufff... I guess...
WH00!!! Done with finals!!! For now at least. Ooo! Ooo! A song! ...On second thought... Nevermind. Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitari ended... and now Still is on. *Shudders.* Yes, I'm listening to my Fushigi Yuugi playlist. With my STYLISH Nuriko (Lovelovelove!!) Winamp skin. And now... Kaze no Uta is on. Nuri-kun's image theme... *drools* And... I just found an online quiz maker!!! It's at FounderWeb.com. Yes, the same link at the posting page. I reccomend Taking a look. ...And now, Never Get Away, Suboshi's IT is on. Next... is Ami-kun's!!! =333 *Squees* So glad that Ami-kun's not dead, that Ami-kun's not dead! So glad that... you get the point. Whoops. SPOILER!!!!! Heheh... ^^; Nobody knows... Particle Man. O.O; I've decided to damn the s. I woulda used copy n' paste, but... Man I hate those  s. So... I gotta go... pan (Yeah, BREAD)... I mean plan!! out that quiz now. In the safety (No, I didn't) of somewhere in my house. But... If I go to my brother's room, I might fall asleep in there. It's so damn hot in there! He just bought two fans. ...I hope you didn't take that the wrong way. But first... HOLY CRAP!!!! I need to draw my... uhh... *Does some math.* About seventeen more charas of mine need to be drawn. [sarcasm] Whoo, this is gonna be fun!! [/sarcasm] I really hope the posty-thingie doesn't think that the sarcasm thing is HTML. (EDIT: It did at first, but I changed it! ^^) But I am ranting again, and you're not here to read that. Are you, paparrazi? ...I thought not. Now I must go plan the quiz. (In a squeaky voice) This is gonna be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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