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Thursday, June 23, 2005

W007!!! In about 10-30 years, there will be a Shmeh/Ria- made anime. I won't say its name tho... We're already making the script. It ish fu~n!! It's gonna be fantasy (Ha. It's real!!)/ Comedy/ Adventure. It is a loooong story. You'll get confuzzled if I tell you about it. *EL GASPO!!* But what is this?? I will be making a quiz to see which one of my GD charas you are. There will be two quizzes total, each to find out which chara you are, one for me, one for my partner-in-crime, Ria. Her name's not really Ria. And speakin' of her... she's supposed to be here right now!!

...I just had some bread and water, and I'm pretty full right now. Tis dinner time, and I'm supposed to be eating meatballz. *Chews some yummieh bread* Mmm-mm!! Breadddd... *Licks lips.* Okay, and now to wait on the porch. I shall sees j00 lator. o.O;; ^^

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