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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   Heart Ni Kiraboshi, Sakashitari!!... And stufff... I guess...
WH00!!! Done with finals!!! For now at least. Ooo! Ooo! A song! ...On second thought... Nevermind. Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitari ended... and now Still is on. *Shudders.* Yes, I'm listening to my Fushigi Yuugi playlist. With my STYLISH Nuriko (Lovelovelove!!) Winamp skin. And now... Kaze no Uta is on. Nuri-kun's image theme... *drools* And... I just found an online quiz maker!!! It's at FounderWeb.com. Yes, the same link at the posting page. I reccomend Taking a look. ...And now, Never Get Away, Suboshi's IT is on. Next... is Ami-kun's!!! =333 *Squees* So glad that Ami-kun's not dead, that Ami-kun's not dead! So glad that... you get the point. Whoops. SPOILER!!!!! Heheh... ^^; Nobody knows... Particle Man. O.O; I've decided to damn the s. I woulda used copy n' paste, but... Man I hate those  s. So... I gotta go... pan (Yeah, BREAD)... I mean plan!! out that quiz now. In the safety (No, I didn't) of somewhere in my house. But... If I go to my brother's room, I might fall asleep in there. It's so damn hot in there! He just bought two fans. ...I hope you didn't take that the wrong way. But first... HOLY CRAP!!!! I need to draw my... uhh... *Does some math.* About seventeen more charas of mine need to be drawn. [sarcasm] Whoo, this is gonna be fun!! [/sarcasm] I really hope the posty-thingie doesn't think that the sarcasm thing is HTML. (EDIT: It did at first, but I changed it! ^^) But I am ranting again, and you're not here to read that. Are you, paparrazi? ...I thought not. Now I must go plan the quiz. (In a squeaky voice) This is gonna be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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