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Sunday, September 5, 2004

they're so... chibi...

Went out to dinner last night with all the regulars from Anime Kingdom... it was great fun. All eightteen of us went to Buca di Beppo's and gorged ourselves on wonderful italian food.

And in case this has not been stated clearly before, I am no longer a vegetarian. Meatballs and meat-stuffed tortellini and lemon chicken meat are good...

Anyway, at Anime Kingdom... there are now these too-cute über-chibi Fullmetal Alchemist figures. The whole set is twenty bucks... I just earned twenty for helping my grandmother sort out her garage sale stuff... hmmmm.

That be all for now. My computer refuses to play any CDs, and I crave Led Zeppelin, but I only have a few of their songs on the computer... curses... *hugs her brother's CD and waves a tiny banner that says "get the Led out"...*

Love and peace!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Today's moment of zen.

... this... is far too entertaining.


In fact, it's almost mesmerizing.

In other news, Led Zeppelin was recently voted the number one most influential hard rock band. School starts for Aurus in six days (gah!), and she has borrowed a great deal of anime to watch. Kenshin OVAs, for example, and Inuyasha episodes 42 through 105. Not to mention, she's a little behind on her Fullmetal Alchemist (only up to 42, shame!)...

I have a new mission. I want to start collecting and wearing gloves. Like, I want Alucard's gloves, and Roy Mustang's gloves, and pretty much every anime glove ever designed, just because... think how awesome it'd be!

I have to stop buying my friends lunch now... I'm rapidly going very, very broke.

That's about it for today. But seriously, if you do nothing else, look at that thing. It rocks. No idea who made it, but it ROCKS.

Love an' peace!

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Saturday, August 28, 2004



Guess what, aurus isn't dead!

... but she did go visit a cheese factory on her little vacation thing. That's pretty close to death, at least, I think...

Anyway, to the people who signed my guestbook while I was gone - I swear I will return the favor over the next few days! I'm just a little swamped and all ^.^;

Love you all!

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Thursday, August 19, 2004


Okay, I really feel bad for spreading my weird bout of depression yesterday. Things are looking up, a little... I'm not banned from the computer and I'm not under any punishment, at least. The fact remains that I shredded the car's oil pan and it'll be a grand to repair... It's really ironic, actually, since I was driving home from a police ride-along. Which was pretty awesome. If you have connections with your local police, ask if you can do a ride-along, it really is interesting stuff.

Anyway. Cool Thing of the Day!

... Full Metal Alchemist figures! Kee! My local anime hobby shop has Full Metal Alchemist figures for sale! You know, they come randomly, you buy a box and you get one of six figures displayed on the box, or the really rare secret figure...

Let me tell you. I've bought two of these guys... they are REALLY nice. So far, I've got Al, and a silver Scar (the secret figure, kee!). They're really detailed, the paint job is great, and they're sturdy. The whole set is Ed, Al, Winry, Riza, Roy, Armstrong, and Scar (the last being the cool rare figure). Each one also comes in a silver version, which isn't just 'silver' or 'gray', it's actually shaded and stuff. I think they're 8.95 a piece, at least where I got mine. Look for them! They rock!

... and the Roy figure even has little spark flame things around his hand. I want Roy, quite badly...

... the FIGURE, you sicko! *gringrin* ... though...

... *slap* shut up, aurus, you baka.

... I'm done, now. Love and peace.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

jet lag.

It's really catching up to me, now.

And then I spent last night at a friend's house, and we watched all of Hellsing in one sitting. It took six hours. I would rant about the greatness (and, at times, the crack), but I really feel like I'm going to pass out, now.

Not to mention, I've worked myself into a bit of a jam in a RP that I'm in... I missed a crucial moment, everyone has gone on without me, and I have no real way to gracefully get out of where I am. Now I feel like I've made a total ass of myself around people who I don't know that well, and I bet that their impression of me is going to be that I'm an idiot and a jackass who can't roleplay or write. I'm sure things wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't gone on that trip... or if I'd been able to get internet access... and now I just feel like crap about everything.

Sorry about that. I just really, really need sleep.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

   Home from bloody Cleveland.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is bloody heaven on a stick.

STOP SPAMMING, people. For crying out loud, you're not doing anybody any good, you're just wasting time. Your own time, I might add. I'm having issues with all of the spammage. As in, I know I'm not supposed to let it get under my skin, but it has. And as soon as I find out who all is doing the spamming, I'm running straight to Adam.

... thank you.

Ah... and do you see THIS? Aurus is in love. Dangit, Roy, I love you and that suit! Stop being so good-looking, you're destroying my lack of hormones!... eto...

Love and peace, all. I'm gonna go and recoop from the past three nights of no sleep (Aurus loves to travel, but she can't sleep anywhere except her own bed. Go figure).

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

   Think of the kittens, people!

SomeGuy, I love you for planting this idea in my head. This is for you, and for Shanny, of course. Insolent humans, do pay attention.

Of course, it's available for download at the THAT banner website. Spread the love.

Shanny, we love you! Best of luck, and do get well soon!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I can never say "Ohio" anymore without thinking of "ohayo"... and it doesn't help that someone I know from there always spells it "ohayo" for some reason or another.

But anyway. Leaving tomorrow morning to visit Oberlin College (which I'm considering as an option, but this visit is more to make sure that I want Reed as my first choice), then going to visit relatives (blegh) in the area and - the coup de grace - check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame good. Everything else... kinda stinks.

Now, to keep you entertained while I'm gone (not that you'll be any less entertained, but hey, I can have delusions of being amusing, can't I?)... I bring you, Arcana. This be a pretty-darn-cool webmanga that I started reading recently... it doesn't update much at all anymore, but the art and the story so far is SHINY. Vampires, harpies, bishounen, and lots of shounen-ai.
Go, feast!


Anyway, I'll see you all Sunday when I get back!

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Monday, August 9, 2004


Ren faire! Good things! Wore my cloak! It was cool. Saw fakey jousting, had a really creepily accurate fortune telling lady give me a quick reading - guess what! I was a samurai's page in a past life! - and... well... I have something of a confession to make...

... I almost can't say it... ahh, the shame....

... okay, fine. I ate meat.

Ohh, it started out innocent enough! A few days ago, my friend Charley and I went out to lunch at Uwajimaiya, and I had a piece of her sweet and sour pork (which is THE BEST FOOD EVER, may I add). I said, that's it. I won't have any more meat until I hit two years, and then I'll start eating meat again. I want to get into martial arts and things, see, and it's just too hard to get enough protein as I am... but anyway, I figured that would be it.

... well, at the faire, they were selling turkey drumsticks. Big drumsticks, roasted and hot and good... so... I gave in. Alex said, "hey, it's my birthday, it doesn't count." I got one, ate it... and it was so good... I said, that's it, I won't eat any more after that.

... well, we went to a Mongolian grill that evening for dinner. I've decided that I love Mongolian grills, by the way. Such good food. Anyway... there, among all the foods we could pick from to have grilled... MEAT. Beef and pork called to me, and I could not resist the plea.

... of course, I'm paying for it, now. Not having had any meat in a good long while, my stomach isn't all that happy about it.

Well, that's my confession. *sheepish* I tried to make it two years, but... it was the pork. Blast my friends, they love their meat too much.

Anyway... that's all from me, now. Don't tell my brother's friends. I'll never live this down.

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Thursday, August 5, 2004


Gyah... to Shanny and the others who instant messaged me today... I wasn't here for most of the afternoon, and messenger is being an evil creature... It's started doing weird things like signing on while the program is closed (go figure!), so... GOMEN NASAI! *wails and falls to the ground*

... and if, in the future, you IM me and I don't respond, it's not you, it's me. *seppuku!*

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