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Saturday, February 2, 2008


i've been away for a while havent i? well the midterms ended like a while ago and i got my results. haha i did good except in history where i got a C+. -_- i absolutely abhor history its soooooo boring!!!! ah well. haha wheni got my exams i was like "OMFG!!! IM NOT READY!! WAHHHHH IM GONNA FAIL!!!!!!!!!!! >.<" lol well nothing special happened. *sigh* oh! i got a deviantart account recently. here's the link if you're curious.

of course you dont have to visit if you dont want to. its nothing special anyway. alright gotta go! see ya!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


arrggggg!! right now i have my midterm exams....today tomorrow and the day after. ahhh!!! i hate studying!! my friends are all freaking out about the exams and it never hit me yet. but...my friends are starting too make it worry me... T.T who knew tests could be sooo bad...*cough* i did*cough*

well on to more happier news...i finally got a laptop!! yay!!! now i can have privacy and i dont have to share with my sis!!! xD and i know i havent been on lately...not that anyone of you care...but yeah sorry about that...busy busy busy. but i missed you guys...if anyone even reads this anymore ^.^U well times up..gotta get back to giving myself a headache aka studying.

ja, MATA ASHITA!..hopefully

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Thursday, December 6, 2007


omg i had no school today! but i was supposed too! school was canceled cuz of the weather....y'know today was the first time it ever happened to me. :D so anyway, how are you guys? i am always busy busy busy...stupid school. >.< my bday is comeing soon! im sooo anxious! im looking foward to it. christmas is almost here too...well like in 2 weeks... ill see ya guys soon okay? ta-ta!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


konnichiwa minna-san! o genki desu ka?? hai? watashi?? ah! hai genki desu! hehe some japanese cuz i am bored. well how've you all been?? i never posted in a long time!!! well christmas season is nearing. which is the reason i changed my background n everthing. xD well nothing interesting has happened to me during the time i was absent from this site. which totally sux..nothing interesting ever happens to me! T.T sigh highschool is a pain is the butt! too mcuh homework!! its killing me!!! >.< well anyway..have a nice day!! Ja ne!!! <3

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