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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

arrggggg!! right now i have my midterm exams....today tomorrow and the day after. ahhh!!! i hate studying!! my friends are all freaking out about the exams and it never hit me yet. but...my friends are starting too make it worry me... T.T who knew tests could be sooo bad...*cough* i did*cough*

well on to more happier news...i finally got a laptop!! yay!!! now i can have privacy and i dont have to share with my sis!!! xD and i know i havent been on lately...not that anyone of you care...but yeah sorry about that...busy busy busy. but i missed you guys...if anyone even reads this anymore ^.^U well times up..gotta get back to giving myself a headache aka studying.

ja, MATA ASHITA!..hopefully

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