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Sunday, September 30, 2007

hey peeps!

omg i just noticed that i never put the name of the song from the post before this. well i'll put it here then! ^_^ the song is reason from the anime gundam seed! My all time favorite anime!
well schools been fine but danggit my nasty habit got to me again! i have this project due on the 3rd of october and i never started it yet. ARGH!! it's killing me cuz i want to do it but at the same time i dont. T.T my friends are like yelling at me. they think that im crazy. they are great friends though. they just nag me all the time....and ask me for help when they need it...and are always there for me...cept when they're busy..-sigh- i really should get working on my project shouldn't i?
wow that was just a major waste of space... -_- well thanx for reading my oh so very boring post. my life is so boring...nothing really happens...alright well im gonna go start on my project now. see ya!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


here's a little gift since i havent been on recently!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

hey peeps!

thanks lordsesshomaru (hopefully i spelled that right...) your comment made me feel much better.

well i guess i'll tell you guys something that happened at school. i had this project thing for biology and saved it on my account in school, but somehow it got deleted. i freaked out cuz it was due the day that i found out, and i never printed it out. (i had to make a chart) i told my teacher and he told me i could finish it during lunch. as it turns out i finished it (for the second time) but i had another stroke of bad luck. i couldnt print it out at school cuz i didnt have enough time! i almost cried ( ^.^U yeah, yeah you guys can laugh all you want.... ) then FINALLY i had the best stroke of luck ever! my teacher said that i could print it out at home and turn it in the next day! i asked him if it would be counted as late and guess what!? he said NO! i felt soooooo happy!!! I LOVE MY TEACHERS!!!!!!!

haha another thing... i said that i would try to get rid of my horrible habit of procrastinating BUUUUUTTTT apparently i just cant! i feel that i just HAVE to procrastinate. my life is doomed! T.T though luckily i can finish my work before its due and get an okay grade. -sigh- my horrible habit is gonna be the death of me! ^.^U

alright enough of my blabbering... see ya and thanx for taking the time (your precious PRECIOUS time) to listen to my nonstop pointless blabbering.. and people that just skipped it all....i dont blame you cuz i think that thats what i wouldve done haha XD

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hey hey!

hey im back...well sorta..if you guys have noticed i havent been on lately. well its because i dont really have much to say and its not taht i hate you guys or dont want to talk to you... IM SERIOUS!! i really do want to talk but i get all silent when i dont have anything to say! T.T forgive me!!!!!
OTHER NEWS... WEEEELLLLLL.....just to let you guys know i started school on the 21st of August and on that day i officially became a freshman....i know i know its not all exciting to you buuuutttttt to me its a big transition... i mean i finally get to use lockers!! on the other hand i have to always make sure im in class on time... high school stinks! >_< hehe but my teahcers are all nice, fun, and funny so i guess its not that bad. alright! i guess i bored you guys to death so i guess i'll take off now! JAA NE!!!! or in English.. SEE YA!!!!

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