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Friday, September 21, 2007

TGIF...or not...
It's Friday. For some, it's going to be a few nice relaxing days. For others, it's just more work. I'm guessing my weekends not going to be too fun, but at least there's no school right. That's good enough for me. For everyone else, may you all have a good Friday and weekend.

Thank you for the comment. It's more than I was expecting.

There's something I've been dying to tell you guys. There's a contest at school that I think I might join. It's an anime poster contest. If you join, all you need to do is draw an anime character and somehow promote reading in it. I'm thinking of drawing kakashi reading a book or something like that. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll be very effective. Should I take a negatie side instead? Draw an idiotic character who hates reading and ends up in some trouble. Or should I take a positive side making the character read? Hmm...this is harder than I thought. It seems fun though. Should I join? If I should, do you have any good ideas? If you do ever, just pm me or tell me in your comment.

BTW tomorrow I'm going to the library to get The wallflower vol. 3 and 4 and also skip beat vol. 4. I can't wait. Lately, the holds on manga at the library has slowed. It must be because of school. Kids can't get to the library much or something. Anyway, I'm excited.

I'm also probably gonna start drawing a lot more this weekend. I haven't been able to do much drawing except for a class assignment. I had to draw a room, but I took the liberty of drawing it 3-D. Yeah, it looks better than I needed it to. I left it in black and white though, but it was sort of the assignment. The only reason I'm saying this is because I finished my homework already. Yay! I don't have anything much to hold me back from it. I feel like this is my lucky weekend, but my mom is probably going to get me to work or something since I have more time on my hands. Oh well, drawing gets boring after a while anyway. And plus, I also want to work on a story I'm writing.

I hope you all finish your homework and get some time to do whatever it is you guys do. Free time is nice now and then. I'll try to visit as many of you as I can. Okay, later.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Wallpaper....
Thanks for the comments. I'm feeling better, so don't worry too much about the weekend I had.

BTW I have a new wallpaper up. I made it yesterday and my younger bro gave me some suggestions on some stuff. I've just put it up, so you might need to wait a while before seeing it. I hope it gets put up soon. Wallpapers are fun to make, but I might be getting carried away. I hope not. Anyway, I hope you check it out.

As for anime/ manga...I've read The Wallflower vol. 2. Interesting. I haven't had anything else yet. Just the wallflower. It's pretty cool. Maybe it's because I act so much like Sunako when I'm seriously depressed. Anyway, it's awesome.

As for my life....nothing new. Just school and stuff. I just felt really tired in school today. I'm also sick. My brothers were coughing one night, and I tried covering my mouth and nose so as not to catch it. I told them if they didn't cover their mouths I would definitely catch it, and unfortunately, that's what happened. I have a cold, so my throat sounds funny and I don't want to speak in class or anything. It sucks though because some teachers don't really care. Anyway, I hate taking medicine because it tastes bad, and sometimes I can't swallow it anyway (kinda childish, I know). This cold is probably gonna last a week...if I'm lucky. Usually, when I continue my school routine, the cold lasts for a month or so. Hopefully, my cold will get better. BTW I've heard that you only get sick when your soul has been damaged. Something like that? Maybe...

I've gotta go now. Later.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

New wallpaper....
Thanks for the comments. I'm still a little bitter from the fight yesterday, but I'm feeling better, especially after having read the comments. I think this is why I like school. I can get away from most people at home. I know, it's kinda pathetic. Thanks for not saying anything offensive.

BTW I've put up a new wallpaper. Though it's not up yet, please take a look at it.

Have a good day.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad day...I guess...
Thanks for the commments. BTW I finally got the pics up because I finally got some camera time. Before, my sis wouldn't let me use the camera much. That's how I got my fan art up.

I'm supposed to pick a manga up at the library, but I'll have to do it tomorrow. I forgot what it was. Maybe it's The wallflower vol. 2. Did I mention that I was reading it? ANyways, I am. It's really good. I like it because it's about (practically) an emo girl who excuses herself for being so...dark (and creepy maybe) by saying it doesn't really matter how you look like if you're ugly. Deal with it. Hide away in the darkness where no one can find you. Yeah, that's how I was feeling earlier. And it was all for a stupid reason.

(Warning: May have some swearing in the next section.)

Bad day, huh? It all started because my mom thinks that my room is messy. BTW I share it with my youngest sis who is annoying and leaves her stuff on the ground. I'm like WTF. Why is Mom blaming me for my sis's stuff? I'm older, so what? She's supposed to take care of herself. Plus, she's already in the fourth grade. Actually, she looks like she's 12, but she's only 9. She's so spoiled. Damn...Some people are so lucky. I'm not a real big fan of my little sis. And it's not cause she's so spoiled either. It's cause she's just...so annoying...in so many ways too. Ugh!!!

*sigh of relief* That felt good. I'm not done yet though. My mom got really mad at me for the messy room, right? It's not so messy to me. I know where my stuff is. I organized it, but because I have so much stuff, it looks messy. She's saying my organization skills are bad then, right? No, she's saying I don't know how to organize the right way. Such a conservative...whatever. Now there's a right way and wrong way to organize things. So does that mean I have to eat the right way too? What about dress the right way. Write the right way. Draw the right way. Walk the right way. Sit on the toilet the right way?
This is crazy. Maybe I just don't like being told what to do. She keeps criticizing my room. And I don't like it, but she won't stop. THis is what I was thinking the whole time she told me everything I did or had was wrong. (Jackassholemutherfuckingbitch) Damn!!!!!!!!! It doesn't make me feel better, so there was really no point in saying it. It's not nice to call your mother that, so I didn't think too far into any scheme of revenge or anything. And I hope not to. Right now, she's not so evil, but soon she will be again. Saying that I'm a teen and a girl, which means (because of my sex and age) I should be making the breakfast in the morning and etc. I'm like...can't my bros do that too? Plus, I like to sleep in. Highschool is too stressing, but they won't listen. I mean, they have jobs, so they must be tired too. So I tell them I'm weak, but they won't listen none either, so...whatever.

Right now, I'm carrying around a black umbrella and my emo cloak. It makes me feel safe. This morning when my mother stared going through my sis and my stuff (throwing things out, even though she didn't know what it was), I was so scared. I ran downstairs and grabbed my stuff I had left down there and then ran back upstairs to my room. I collapsed on my bed shaking. Man, I was so scared of her. I was literally trembling all over. It was the creepiest feeling ever. This is why I'm so obedient to my parents most of the time. If I'm not, I'll go back into my emo state of shivers. This sucks. I'm so weak. Don't say I'm not because I know I am right now. Please don't say, "You're not weak." or something like that. You can't know more about a person than they know about themselves. It's true actually; just not apparent to the person. They know it inside, but don't think of it. Only when someone says something, then they know more about themselves cause they finally have a name for the "feeling" that describes them. Oops! I'm philosophizing online.

That's all for today. My day kinda sucked, but I drew a cool pic for my AID class. (Apparel/Interior Design)

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks for the comments everyone. Japanese is getting more interesting. Now we're starting on the four alphabets romaji, hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Also, thank you on the comments on my wallpaper. BTW I usually just use paint and Microsoft Image Editor for the wallpapers. If I use other programs, I'll be sure to list it next time.

I also have some new fan art up. One has color.

I'll guess that's all for today. Not much to report, huh? I also finished my homework...almost. I just need to remember to pack some stuff for tomorrow. I'll visit as many as I can. Later.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The weekend...
It's the weekend. It's going fine so far. I have homework though. Oh well. I just gotta print some stuff cause I finished all the important stuff yesterday.

Thanks for the comments. More than one this time. I'll try to get to y'all. I might not, but you know...I'm trying my best. Please understand.
School is hard on everyone, but harder on some. Especially if you've got extra curricular activities or something. Japanese is fun so far, but nothing really great has happened yet. I'll be looking forward to Fridays in Japanese class. Well, the words that we've just learned are the easy words, since we've only started school a few days ago. There are words we are starting to learn that I don't know yet. And the teacher is a guy.

The Chrono Crusade pic is back. I wonder how it just disappeared. Maybe just a computer error or something.

There's not much to update on then. I just got to finish a few assignments and stuff. Maybe read some manga. The first week of high school went by okay. It's not going to stay this easy, is it? Okay, later.

BTW I put up a new wallpaper. It's not all that great, but it's interesting. Please take a look at it.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Thanks for the comment AZ. Still the only one who comments. I'll try to get to as many people as I can tonight, but there are only a few who've updated, so...yeah. BTW at lunch I sat with some people I know today. One is a sister of a friend and the rest I don't really know. I could sit with my sister, but she's a senior and sits at the senior table. Yeah, I don't really wanna sit there. I also helped some of the sophomores with their Geometry. Did I mention I'm in geometry even though I'm a freshman? It doesn't mean I'm smart or anything. My sister was more advanced than me. And a whole bunch of others too. It might have even been you. Anyway, I've found a seat at lunch. Yay!

Hmm...what else? I learned more words in Japanese. The teacher erm...sensei is teaching us words most of us already know because...yeah we're anime and manga freaks. Just kidding. They are pretty easy words though. We've also learned different words. EX: hai, banzai, kamikaze, batsu, maru...what else? I can't remember them all. And there are some I don't know how to say yet. I love Japanese class. On Fridays we watch an anime. Of course it's without subtitles, but dubbed in English. I hate those, but I can handle it because sometimes it's not so bad. Sorta like Princess Mononoke. The English version wasn't so bad.

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up Hikaru no Go 10 and Hana Kimi 12. I can't wait. I've still got a long wait for the other books though. I also finished Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and Angelic Layer. They were good books, but Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne was too...erotic? I guess...Angelic Layer was good though.

Something weird happened. I went to check on my fan art and one piece disappeared. I refreshed the system a couple of times too. It's down to 9 pieces of fan art now. BTW it's the Chrono Crusade one. What happened?

That's all for today. I'll see if I can get to you. I might not be able to though. I'll try my best.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ugh! Now I'm hoping for the weekend. At least tomorrow is going to be Friday. I've always liked Fridays. High school isn't as bad as I though it'd be, but it's not great either. There are some pretty sad things though.

Thanks for the comment AZ. Please take a look at my first wallpaper. I know it isn't very good, but I'd like to know what I could do to make it better or make better wallpapers in general. BTW I had to dress up as a sheep for the first day of school for the link crew thing. It wasn't all that bad though. All we had to do was wear some ears and tape cotton balls to ourselves. Everyone thought we were bunnies though.

I was hoping I'd have some friends in my lunch shift. Nope. All my friends either have lunch B or C. I sit alone in the lunchroom, but every once in a while someone'll come by and sit down just cause everywhere else is filled. I'm not going to enjoy lunch for the first third of the year. Oh well, it isn't so bad. I might find myself eating lunch with some people sooner or later. (Most likely later)

I still have some problems getting to some classes because the school is so big, but I've got some things down. All I need to do now is connect the dots.

I hope everyone has a great school year or just a year. Good luck with classes, clubs, sports, or whatever.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

My first wallpaper...
I just submitted a new wallpaper. I hope it shows up soon. It's not all that great. It's my first wallpaper, and I didn't really work hard on it. The only thing that I worked hard on was learning how the new tools in the program I used to make the wallpaper. I think it may have taken an hour to an hour and a half. It may not look very high quality. Sorry about that. Hope you check it out when they do put it up.

Thanks for the comment AZ. I'll be wearing costumes in about 3 days. Wish me luck that it won't have to be a stupid one, like toilet paper. I'll check sites too, but only a few people have updated, so I probably won't get to all of you. Sorry if I don't. I'll try my best to visit you next time.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

4 days till school....
Believe it or not, there are still four days before I have to go back to school. I'm kinda nervous though. I heard on the first day, you just gotta bring yourself to school. There are going to be link crew leaders who help your transition from middle school to high school easier ... for freshmen. Anyway, they're supposed to make costumes for freshmen to wear. I know about this cause my older sis in the link crew club. Some of the costumes are like totally ...gay though! I heard that some kids are going to have to dress up as TV's or lunch ladies or...I don't know. My sis and her group are dressing their freshmen up as injured athletes, so that's not too bad. Just put bandages on them, give them a pom-pom or jersey and say they're injured athletes. I hope I don't have to dress up like really weird. I'd rather just wear my emo cloak.

Before I continue any further, I need to say thank you to the comments. All four of you. Have fun with school shopping whenever it may be. (Though I didn't.) Good luck in school again.

I'm worried about the first day of school, but it couldn't possibly be that bad, right? Hopefully....*sigh* I'm gonna die on the first day if I have to wear something totally ...stupid and ahh! Maybe I'm overreacting. I'll just have to deal with it.

Manga I've been reading: Tsubasa, Rurouni Kenshin, Angelic layer, Hana Kimi. I'm still waiting for Hikaru no Go. I haven't been watching anime lately though.
I've started watching a drama though. It's a korean drama called Over the Rainbow. I'm not sure what it's all about though. It's about a bunch of kids (okay, they start out as teens, but are now in their early twenties) who try to become stars. One girl wants to sing though she can't sing. One guy learns to become a backup dancer. They fall in love...blah blah...She meets a hot star and is attracted to him after being with her former bf for 2 years or so. She breaks up with her bf. The bf is miserable gets depressed obviously. The hot star and her "go out" although he doesn't like her. It becomes a big for the media.

Another girl likes the hot star, but not really. She's just his fan. She and The star get off on a bad start. Then she meets the other girl's ex-bf and ends up liking him.
Basically the relationship is the girl likes the bf. The bf likes the ex-gf. The gf likes the star. And the star likes the girl.
The story is basically about how hard stardom is. You need to have talent and to succeed you must do almost everything your manager tells you. There are some neat facts to pick up though. Burning scented candles if you have insomnia. Etc.

This post is getting long. I'll just share one more thing with you. A month ago, I watched an anime. I'm not sure what it was called, but it may have been called Mr. Despair. It's about an extremely negative guy teacher and an extreme positive girl student. Whenever the teacher is in despair, he tries to commit suicide. The girl always tries to save him, but doesn't realize she's just putting him closer to death. When the danger is over the guy usually says, "What if I had died?" It's pretty funny. The teacher guy also has to deal with the weird students in his classroom. One is a stalker, another an illegal immigrant, one has a personality disorder, someone is extremely optimistic, one is a texter junkie, another won't come out of her room. So on and so on. It's funny, so I definitely recommend it to fans of comedy.

That's all today. Sorry for the long post.

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