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Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Wallpaper....
Thanks for the comments. I'm feeling better, so don't worry too much about the weekend I had.

BTW I have a new wallpaper up. I made it yesterday and my younger bro gave me some suggestions on some stuff. I've just put it up, so you might need to wait a while before seeing it. I hope it gets put up soon. Wallpapers are fun to make, but I might be getting carried away. I hope not. Anyway, I hope you check it out.

As for anime/ manga...I've read The Wallflower vol. 2. Interesting. I haven't had anything else yet. Just the wallflower. It's pretty cool. Maybe it's because I act so much like Sunako when I'm seriously depressed. Anyway, it's awesome.

As for my life....nothing new. Just school and stuff. I just felt really tired in school today. I'm also sick. My brothers were coughing one night, and I tried covering my mouth and nose so as not to catch it. I told them if they didn't cover their mouths I would definitely catch it, and unfortunately, that's what happened. I have a cold, so my throat sounds funny and I don't want to speak in class or anything. It sucks though because some teachers don't really care. Anyway, I hate taking medicine because it tastes bad, and sometimes I can't swallow it anyway (kinda childish, I know). This cold is probably gonna last a week...if I'm lucky. Usually, when I continue my school routine, the cold lasts for a month or so. Hopefully, my cold will get better. BTW I've heard that you only get sick when your soul has been damaged. Something like that? Maybe...

I've gotta go now. Later.

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