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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Once more, I have returned!
I know I've been on and off from MyO for such a long time, but what's going on with TheO and MyO?

Anyway, I bring forth good news today. :D If I haven't told you, I'm a field journalist for the school publication this year. And just a few weeks ago, I took an exam, so that I could continue being a campus journalist next year. I passed with flying colors, and my score is the fourth highest. I'm very happy about it. All those who passed are having workshops every weekend. We've finished two sessions, and I enjoyed them. I'm also happy to know that we're getting more members. And a lot of younger ones too. this year, the youngest member was a grade six student. I'm happy to tell you that next year, fourth and fifth graders are coming in as well.

The final exams for the school year have finished. And I'm happy to tell you that I got highest scores in Biology and English. I'm not sure with the others though. But still. I'm glad.

But because of the stress from the exams, and from the journalism workshops, my headaches are on and off again. And I have been absent from school for the past three days. By the way, school ends this Friday. I hope I won't miss it, because we will have a fair.

Anyway, I'm really sorry for the delay on Don't Ask. As I said, I had a lot to handle. So probably this upcoming summer, theBlackERSpot and I could finally finish it.

Okay, you guys! I'm done writing here!

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