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Hi guys,my name is Anita ^_^
So...How should i define myself in a few words to keep it in short??
Ok now for a starters I'm a college girl now,in the moment,that loves fantasy
stuff (like books,comics,movies),playing games,love to make vectors,wallpapers and stuff and most
importantly I LOOVVVEEEE anime and manga XD ^_^...Well...I'm more of a manga freak ^_^"

FAVORITE ANIME : Bleach,Death Note,Naruto,CodeGeass,
Trinity Blood,Claymore,Chorno Crusade...I think there are more to come...soon

FAVORITE MANGA : Bleach,Zetman,ALIVE,Vampire Knight,Claymore,Naruto,D Gray-Man,
Fairy Tail,Highschool Debut,H2O,You're so cool...And MANY MANY MORE!!!

Yup,I have many of them,but I think these are fine for now :P

(LOL to little space to put all my faves on the right menu bar :P)

So thats in short about me :)
Sign my GuestBook if you want,or if you wanna add me as a friend,it's fine with me ^_~
Anything you need just send a PM,or if you have MSN feel free to email me ;)

P.S If you're passing through my site,feel free to check my Portfolio to ^^

I LOLed soooo hard on this one!!! XD XD...Hehehe...Ulqui-chan the badass emo!

Talk about badass...here's my hubby!! <3...Jin from Zetman...God I love that manga *_*...

Waaa!! XD...Ok...so this is a little corner of mine that I've made up just for the fun to pick out my "Favs of the month" aka the past month March ^_^".
Ughh...I know I haven't been around for a long time >_>...but...let me tell you what made March interesting for me!! XD

Manga: AHHH!!! Lots of it (as always ^_^"),but I have to recomend them for ya!
- Bakuman (Death Note art *___*)
- Honey Hunt (Cute! ^^)
- Samurai Deeper Kyo (Wow...I've picked it up >_>...but has gaps -_-)
- ALIVE-The final Evolution (YESH!!New chaps XD)
- Beelzebub (Funny one :D)
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Picked that one too >_>)
- Model (Awesome manwha with vamps ^_^")
- Fruits Basket (FINALLY!! >_<)
....and that's it for the read ones...I think I have a few more...but I can't think of them now -_-'...Sheesh >_>
But on my radar this month are:
- Addicted to Curry
- Gantz
- Skip Beat
- Monster
...yeah...I need to read those!! >_<

Anime: Sadly...March wasn't very animeish for me...college makes thigs...busy =_=...So other than Bleach...nada >_>
But April is an anime season ^_^"...so...maybe I can check out some of these!
- Eden of the East (Honey and Clover art!! XD)
- Tales of the Abyss (Yeah...haven't watched yet >_>)
- Basquash! (Looks interesting O_O)
...I'm not a Gundam fan so...I'll leave that one out ^_^"

Movie:Waaa I can say that "Once" was my movie of the month *_*.Really liked it!...A down to earth romantic movie is a really rare thing for me to see,so it cought my heart really fast!Beautiful music in it and a great story...Here's a quick sumary: "A guy helping his father running a small business, but dreaming of one day having his songs recorded. He is still emotionally vulnerable after the departure of his girlfriend when he meets an Eastern European immigrant who has moved to Dublin to start a new life for herself. A relationship blossoms between them helped by their shared love of music."...Check it out! ^_~

Music:It's the Prodigy...not my style...but their new album had some great songs(although not like their old ones),but hearing "Invaders must die"...*_*...it's on my phone as a ringtone ^_^"...
...And...OFC...The Boom Boom Satellites!!...I was "saving" them when I freed myself from that damn college stuff!! >_<.I had heard "Shut up and Explode" from X'amd the Lost memories...but never knew they had OTHER awesome songs like Fogbound,Gril,Push Object,Sinker,Easy Action...love 'em!!XD

Well...I think I'll stop with this now...it's too long is it? >_>
I'm gonna update this box every month for the new picks of mine...and come up with more stuff ^_^"!! XD

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make up exam season >:)

Heeeey guys!! xD...Hehe thanks for the lovely comments back there.Wolfy,Hearty,Stixxy,Zaku
Ahh...Yup guys...I screw one up.And THAT one is called phonetics =_=.The study of sounds.English sounds...no...make that British =_=.And combine that subject with a bitchy professor,you get a little thing called A CRAPPY SUBJECT!! >:(.And I have the luck to study it =_=.
Oh well...life goes on,those who BEARLY passed it are now enjoying the BIG break of three months...while I gonna keep fighting to pass that damn thing =_=.

Yesterday I had my last final exam FINALLY,that went pretty good ^_^"...Just got the results and Wow...a B for Linguistics! xD..thought I was gonna C that one ^_^".And the others are B and one A for Modern English.

That Phonetics F just doesn't belong in my table >_>

And so...day One of the Make Up begins! >:)
Ughh...telling my parents about it was not so good -_-.They were a little disappointed at first,but then they were kinda encouraging ^_^".Still...I didn't feel good about it -_-.
I went today to the college to see what's gonna happen next for the "fails" like me...and I was surprised when I saw A BUNCH of people from my class that failed on phonetics too!! O_O!! OMG!!That PHONETICS BITCH NEEDS A LIFE!!...Really...She is one of those young girls "Ohh look at me I can do whatever I want now" types =_=.But the Dean of Foreign Languages(she is like the head of all who are teaching and majoring languages ^_^")is a total sweetheart ^^.So we went to her office,to "chat" a little bit about WHY so much people failed on it.I just told her the truth."I didn't studied like I should have,cause the prof didn't explain the material very good".She got the same response from the other guys too.
Yeah...like that will help =_=.
Now I have to wait until 15th June till they can decide what to give us to study and...obviously...to pass the exam ^_^"
Wow...I have 5 days of FREEDOM!! xD xD *how low =_=*

Ahhh...instead of me talking about LOVE (yeah...SOMETHING happened these last few months ^_^"),I ended up writing a whole post about phonetics =_=.
Next post is gonna be NOT COLLEGE like ^_^"...And an update for the "Month's Favs"...

OH OH!! AND THANKS FOR YOUR LOVELY POSTS ON MY WALLS!!! <3 Hehehe I read them like three times!! xD...More coming up today too!! xD

Well..that's about it I think ^_^".Have a great time guys and see ya soon!! I'll comment when I can on your posts!Love ya!! <3

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'M BACK!!!....again ^_^

OMG I can't believe I did it...AGAIN!!...Ughhh >_<...long story short guys...my finals were HORRIBLE for two freaking months...and in the end...I even failed on one =_=...yeah...I screwed up pretty bad on the last one...BUUUT me as always the EVERLASTING positive person...it's just two more weeks in college to do the make up exam for it! NO big deal AT ALL!! XD...I'm gonna nail that baby for sure! >:D

But guys....TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELVES!!How are things going for ya!!!Exams were OK...or not that good? ^_^"

I'm gonna keep this short for now...I have LOTS of updating to do EVERYWHERE!

See ya VERY soon guys!!Zaku,Wolfy,Ana-chan ME LOVES YOU!!<3...It's summer...so I'll be here now!!!

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