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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make up exam season >:)
Heeeey guys!! xD...Hehe thanks for the lovely comments back there.Wolfy,Hearty,Stixxy,Zaku
Ahh...Yup guys...I screw one up.And THAT one is called phonetics =_=.The study of sounds.English sounds...no...make that British =_=.And combine that subject with a bitchy professor,you get a little thing called A CRAPPY SUBJECT!! >:(.And I have the luck to study it =_=.
Oh well...life goes on,those who BEARLY passed it are now enjoying the BIG break of three months...while I gonna keep fighting to pass that damn thing =_=.

Yesterday I had my last final exam FINALLY,that went pretty good ^_^"...Just got the results and Wow...a B for Linguistics! xD..thought I was gonna C that one ^_^".And the others are B and one A for Modern English.

That Phonetics F just doesn't belong in my table >_>

And so...day One of the Make Up begins! >:)
Ughh...telling my parents about it was not so good -_-.They were a little disappointed at first,but then they were kinda encouraging ^_^".Still...I didn't feel good about it -_-.
I went today to the college to see what's gonna happen next for the "fails" like me...and I was surprised when I saw A BUNCH of people from my class that failed on phonetics too!! O_O!! OMG!!That PHONETICS BITCH NEEDS A LIFE!!...Really...She is one of those young girls "Ohh look at me I can do whatever I want now" types =_=.But the Dean of Foreign Languages(she is like the head of all who are teaching and majoring languages ^_^")is a total sweetheart ^^.So we went to her office,to "chat" a little bit about WHY so much people failed on it.I just told her the truth."I didn't studied like I should have,cause the prof didn't explain the material very good".She got the same response from the other guys too.
Yeah...like that will help =_=.
Now I have to wait until 15th June till they can decide what to give us to study and...obviously...to pass the exam ^_^"
Wow...I have 5 days of FREEDOM!! xD xD *how low =_=*

Ahhh...instead of me talking about LOVE (yeah...SOMETHING happened these last few months ^_^"),I ended up writing a whole post about phonetics =_=.
Next post is gonna be NOT COLLEGE like ^_^"...And an update for the "Month's Favs"...

OH OH!! AND THANKS FOR YOUR LOVELY POSTS ON MY WALLS!!! <3 Hehehe I read them like three times!! xD...More coming up today too!! xD

Well..that's about it I think ^_^".Have a great time guys and see ya soon!! I'll comment when I can on your posts!Love ya!! <3

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