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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boring days and The Book Faire ^_^

Hehehe!! XD.How are ya guys!...being busy I guess? ^_^"...well sounds like that -_-.Zaku and Wolfy *hugs hugs*,thanks for posting!! Waaaa I'm sooo glad you like my new page look ^_^...I thought it's gonna look a bit "gothy"...but I love red/black combos,and I NEED the red color now >:D...it gets me fired up to do more stuff!...not making me lazy that is >_>...
And WAAAAAA!!!...We seam to have similar taste in some things too!!! BOOM BOOM!! XD.Oh and Wolfy,I started reading those two cute manga like three days ago!! LOVE 'EM *_*...gotta see Blazer Drive...

Ahhh...things are boring around here these past days -_-.Tons of homework,going out at the cafe,vectoring in my free time...The only thing new is that I became a PRO for phonetics now...which is totally...me ^_^".I got from having an F to havving an A+ on revising classes.My prof keeps asking me "Why the hell did you get an F for the midterm?"...me "Well...didn't study much ^_^"...the prof "Girl,you didn't study AT ALL did you? >_>"..."Teeheee XD...maybe?"
So no worries for that one anymore! :)

And from today...The Book Faire is here!!! XD XD XD...I never miss that thing!.It lasts like a week and there you can found books that can't be found in a regular book shop!!...But...I was supposed to go today,but cause my friends were having some of their midterms(they have theirs a bit later than mine)...so today was a canceled one -_-.
AAHH I WANTED TO GOOO SOOO MUCH!! *impatient person*...And I'm so greedy when it comes to books >_<...I ALWAYS want to buy like four or five books at once >.< ...but lucky it lasts like a week,so I can go three more times...again ^_^"

I was looking some books on Amazon,cause maybe those books are gonna be there for selling,so there were some that caught my eye like Wolfsbane and Mistletoe by Charlaine Harris...UUUU I wanna have that SOOO BAD!!! >_<...and other books like BEASTLY!!! WAAA I LOVE THAT ONE!!IT'S A MUST HAVE!!!.Beastly by Alex Flinn is a modern-teen telling of Beauty and the Beast...and...this one is told from the point of the Beast.Cause I couldn't "hold' myself from waiting,I found it as an E-book(if you want I can give you the link ^_^")...but now I'm definitively gonna buy it.It's totally funny and I RECOMMEND IT!!!

Ok...enough of my book frenzy now...Do you guys have any recommends for me to see?I'm open for everything!! XD

OH OH!!HANDBALL!!...It's my MOST fav sport of all(even soccer).My mom used to play once,and one of my best friends played too,but she quit cause she had a surgery,and it kept her from playing a whole year...
So,here's a vid with our national team,(it's on macedonian language,couldn't find any english ones -_-)and it's from the latest World Championship,when we won the 11th place,and our best player(shooter)was elected as the best player in handball championship history!! XD...Wow...for a small country like ours...that was a BIG deal!! XD
Hope you can see the clip well! ^_^".Macedonia vs Poland(we are the whites)...

Well that's it from me,sorry if I annoyed ^_^".
Take care and I'll try to comment as much as I can! <3

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting back ^_^...and making plans >_>

OMG OMG OMG!!! *_*...ME LOVES YOU SOOO MUCH GUYS!!!XD XD XD...Really...don't know what to say T_T.I must have read your posts like...Ummm...many times!! ^_^"...Zaku,Wolfy,Hearty...*GIGA HUUUG*!!
Yup..we need alot of catching up to do eh? ^_^" *all my fault >_>*

Well...fixed my page a bit!! XD.Added some extra stuff,to make it look more...flashy ^_^.But,now I added a "PLUS post" as you can see!! XD...Yup...my "Monthly picks" box!.There,you can check what was interesting for me by that time.Manga,anime,music,
movies...and still thinking what other stuff have I done then ^_^...The background pic is from a cute little oneshot called Benkyou no Jikan (which I edited it a little bit ^_^"),and the cute bishie on the right is Andou-kun...my "helping hand" with fixing my stuff ^_^"...
Oh...and on this post box...is a DA art bishie I LOOOOVE to stare at!! *_* <33333333...Umm...hope he's not staring at you too intense ^_^" *keeps staring at him <3 *

So...on with the real stuff...

...College...It's much more relaxing...but...as I know myself to be a "hot head"...college is boring to me >_>.I dunno...I'm majoring languages now (english,macedonian,little bit of french).It's interesting,but the class atmosphere is...too calm for me >_< AAAH!!...
So...everything was going smoothly,till my second semester came...and we had our second midterms...And guess what?...I failed on one exam >_>(thought I failed on two...but lucky lazy me >_>)...So I'm spending most of my time now,making plans to fix that damn grade,before telling my parents.Yup,haven't told them yet =_=...

But...I gotta have myself a free weekend before I continue that ^_^"

So this weekend was fun!! XD...All my friends go to different colleges,so "go outing times" are not like they used to be -_-...
Yesterday(Friday is a weekend day for me ^_^") was ALL day through the mall,going out for coffee,looking some cloths ^^.And today...was going at a handball match!! XD XD.I LOOVE HANDBALL!!! XD...Don't know if you guys watch that thing,but I never miss a handball match when the national team is playing!!WAAA!! What an awesome match it was!!We were playing against Switzerland,and MAAAN it was nerve pumping all the time!!The were leading in the first half,then we were leading and the second!! XD...But...in the end...they won with one point more >_>..Ughhh >_<...But...it was worth being there!!! XD

Ahh too long too long already!!! >_<

OH!!...one more question...Ughh...I was trying to submit my walls here on TheO.So...cause they were TOO big to submit,I had to resize them.But...it didn't work!! T_T AAHH!!It kept telling me the same thing about resizing them!!EVEN for the 1024 x 768 ones!...Am I missing something? T_T

Well...thanks for reading this guys (sorry if I annoyed -_-) AND THANKS A BUNCH for the last post too!!! WAAAA I'M HOME AGAIN!! *_* ^_^
See ya soon then,and I'll try to comment around too!Take care! ^_~

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Even the dead are more alive than me in this point...but yeah...I'm back ^_^

...You're free to shoot me,drown me...or whatever you like to do to me...
Cause I'm back AFTER A WHOLE YEAR!!! >_< ...yeah long time...

Lots of things happened (and most of them were the reason I left somehow >_>...very long story =_=)...but I plan NOT TO DO THAT AGAIN EVER!!!...ZAKU-CHAN!!THE MAIN REASON IS YOU!!!...so...I start over AGAIN!! XD

And yeah...guess I need to fix this page too,so... sorry about looking this way now ^_^"...I'll update it as soon as I can!!Pictures,vectors...all coming up soon!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


*blushes*OHHH GUUUYS!!! *hugs everybody very tightly* XD XD.Thank you soooo much for your sweeeeet comments ^_^.Anna-chan,Hearty-chan,
.I loved reading all of your comments ^^.Glad to hear that you're all doing OK.Hehehe thanks for the lovely compliments on my pics ^^.The room,my hiking...and the prom *blushes*.Naaahh i don't look so good.There were much more pretty people than me there.But i didn't care about that :P.All i wanted was to have a great time ^^.Ohhh Chibi,Zaku,was it that bad?? *big hugs* T_T.

OK you remember the vector i was making...A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away?? :P.It was from the "Five" manga scan,but it didn't turn up that well.I made the lines,but when i stared coloring...it turned out horrible T_T.So...i decided to make another one.This time,it is with Naruto...AND I DID IT!! :D.Yup a full vector ^^.But it took me like three or four days to finish it -_-.In the end,it was worth it.
Now,i decided that latter i'm gonna make a wall out of it,and submit it here ^^,and only the vector art on MiniTokyo(just have an account there,and four submitted scans.My walls are not good enough for submitting them there...Ohh,StromFangs is there to ^^)...I don't like Animepaper so much -_-.I like it here ^_^
Ohhh this might be a stupid question...but how can i submit in a higher resolution??Should i resize the wall from Photoshop,or when i click on the "browse button" on the other resolutions,they resize themselves??...Yeah,a stupid question i know,but i only submitted walls with 1024 x 768...

The exam went pretty well ^^.My three best friends were with me in the same class room Gorica,Stefanie and Violet,so i was reviled when i saw them.We were sited pretty close,so if i needed "help",i knew were to ask :P.But i'm to lazy to say in the middle of the exam:"Hey,the right answer for question 23 is B right".Nahh,i'm not like that.When i wanna do something,i wanna do it myself.So there was no need for that.
But the questions were pretty hard -_-.50 Q's in 2 hours.The first part was easy,but the second one was annoying.To much writing,but not enough time.Somehow i made it in time -_-.All 50 Q's,witch i think are correct :P.Still one more exam to go.History.But that's next Wednesday.I kind of want to relax for two days.

Just when i thought about relaxing...i have to go to the dentist tomorrow -_-.

Ohh i think you noticed that i made some changes to my site ^^.What do you guys think?Ulquiorra needed some rest,so this theme it's a bit more colorful ^^.Still looking for a good text box.Also i added a "song that can't get out from my head".And i'm gonna change it frequently.For now,it's Cage9-Hollywood Car Crash ^_^

Well,think that's about it,i'll submit my wall sometime later,much later,cause i have to go with Gorica and her boyfriend to the cafe...

Take care guys and see ya around,i'll try to comment as much as i can. *sends lots of hugs* ^_~

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Monday, June 16, 2008


GUUUYYYSSS!!!!! I'M BAAAAAAAACK!!!! OMMMGGG IT'S BEEN LIKE A MONTH!!!...AGES SINCE I'VE BEEN HERE!!! *gives huuuge hugs to everyone* :D :D :D

Wow...now that i see the date of my last post...O_O...long time no see eh?.The only thing i did was post two walls(and i didn't have internet at that time around >:( ).

Form where to start now...
I had a lot of things to do this month...and a bit from the last one to...
BUT HOW ARE YOU GUYS!! HEHEHE SPENDING THE SUMMER WITH HAPPY FACES?? :D :D.I'm sure everybody is happy,no school,just the big vacation waiting ahead :P :P.

Like i said,i was pretty busy with serous stuff.Well,not that the prom was anything serous,but i had my big enrolling exams for college...OOHH YEAH,I GRADUATED FROM HIGHSCHOOL :D :D(hehehe,well,actually it was from the 21 of May...nothing new for me).The prom-night was AWESOME!!.I didn't expect to have such a BAST TIME there :D.Music,dancing(Ohh we where in the famous hotel in my city called "Alexandar Palace"),until 3:00am,and then went to a cafe in the mall(hehee my favorite one "Museum" ^^)and stayed there until 7:30am...Yup,we where pretty UP the whole night till the morning...It was fun,having all the friends around you ^^...But i didn't have a date though(partner).Actually,only three girls from my class had dates.Reason??...Little number of buys i my school.They don't seem to like chemistry much :P.

Ooopss,drifted a bit from my subject...hehe,guess i have a LOT of things to say...

I still have some of my enrolling exams left.I already had english and literature.They were pretty hard and i'm still waiting results from them.And the starch project that i had to present it with Powerpoint...infront of 40 people(you can't imagine how freaked i was O_O)...i passed with the highest score...100 points!! ^_^
Now i have two more exams left.Analytical Chemistry and History.To tell you the truth,the exam for Analytical chemistry is tomorrow(Tuesday)...but it will be an easy one for me...I RULE ANALYTICAL.C!! >:) :P
History is next Wednesday...

And for a last thing...i painted my room FINALLY!!.Yup,it had some sort soft yellow color,so i wanted i little more lively color to my room.You wanna see how it looks like??

Well you can actually see on the pictures below ^^.Yup,i finally posted the pictures from my hike at grandmum's country(it was hard to choose witch ones...i mean 92 pics O_o),pictures of me from the prom,and my newly colored room ^^.


Well that was about it...i think i said what i needed to say(although i know that there are tons of stuff to tell still :P)THANKS FOR YOUR LAST COMMENTS HERE AND FOR THE WALLS AS WELL!! :D :D:Wolfy,Stixxy,

SEE YA SOON ALL *sends lots of hugs and kisses* ^_~

P.S...I gotta change my site a bit...needs refreshment...

On top of the mountain

Another one from the top

An old kind of aqueduct,there was a big river once there...but it dried out...

One of the little waterfalls

A little river and a creepy tree O_o

On top of a little waterfall

Yet another waterfall

...Guess what??(Yup there are plenty of those things up there)

Pretty flowers ^^

Now this one...is a big one

The same one...bigger picture...

HEHEHE GUESS WHO??In front of the door,two hours before the prom-night xD

In my Onii-chan's room...Yeah,when i look this pic...i'm without my glasses...and a dress...it's sooo not me :P

Finally MY ROOM...with a kind of soft purple color...NOT PINK! :P.Ohhh and sorry for the mess.It's all cleaned now.The bed and all the stuff are set as they were :P

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Awww thank you soooo much about your comments guys ^^,Zaku,Fox,Stixxy ^^ *sends lots of hugs*.
Hehehe,it's always good to be back here,but just when i thought that i'll have some free time...the word "PROM-NIGHT" was put in my way...>:(.UGHHH >_<.Lucky you guys,you finish this Friday,but me,i still got one more week to go.So as the prom is getting closer every day now,my friends decided that it was time to do a little shopping AKA,i needed to buy myself a dress -_-.Ughhh,i hate shopping.It lasted for THREE DAYS IN A ROLL!!.LOL!It was always,school,then going to the mall,and then going home...i the evening -_-.Ughh,it was sooo hard to find something that i like -_-.In the end,today i finally BOUGHT something...one cute looking brown dress(hehehe,since brown is my favorite color ^^).Baahhh,it's finally over with that thing,but the thing was,the sooner you go to buy something,the better,or the prices will go "sky-high"...or there will not be much choices to look for...
Anyway,i'm glad that's over...

Ughh,in all the "prom-night shopping madness",i made a wallpaper,and forgot to submit it.And it was made three days ago -_-.I'm gonna kill Violet >:(.She was the most warmed up about going sooner.Shopping freak :P.LOL.
I'm SO VERY SORRY if i didn't commented on some of you :(.I just didn't have the time.Hell,i was barely home -_-.
Well feel free to check my new Vampire Knight wall in my portfolio,and tell me what you think ^^.Ohhh and thanks for the comments for it for now(Stixxy-chan,Wolfy,Vampy)

Ohhh and by the way,i uploaded my pictures form the hiking trip at my grandmother's country form my mobile phone to my PC...and there were 92 pictures!! O_O.Wow,now i need to pick the good ones and upload some here...maybe soon i my next post ^^.

Well,that's it for now,hope i was not annoying :P.HEHEHE for the ones who finish on Friday(tomorrow-today...when you'll reading this...LOL)...CONGRATS!! :D :D :D.Hehehe SUMMER VACATION IS COMING!!HAVE LOTS OF FUN!! ^_^

Take care my sweet friends and see ya soon then *sends lots of hugs and kisses* ^_~

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Saturday, May 3, 2008


I can't believe how long i haven't been here!!TWO WEEKS?!?!?!
Before i forget...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE B-DAY STUFF! ^_^.Stixxy-chan,Zaku-chan
*hugs hugs hugs*,loved the E-cards and Stixxy's wall ^^.Well,that was a long time ago now eh?LOL i can't believe that i'm actually 18 now! O_O

Thanks as always for your comments on my "very past" post:Fox,Wolfy,Stixxy,
Kytes,Zaku...*HUUUUUGE HUUUUUG* :D ^_^
I always enjoy to read all of your comments ^^.Hehehe,in a weird way,it "makes my day"! ^_^

OK,so if i start to write what happened in the past two weeks...i think ten post will no be enough to say what was going on...I'm gonna try to put it in a much shorter order...

OK,so on the 20 april was my B-day(and it was great ^^,hehehe my favorite present was my Onii-chan's one,a cool pair of head-phones,BIG ONES! xD),and the day after,21,it was my dad's B-day(Hehehe cool eh?When i was born,i was my dad's present :P).Both days were awesome ^^.

But everything has it's end ne?I had my finales that week,and it was a LIVING HELL!.I hope i did good on them,except math.I hate studying math >:(. Yup,i have them a lot sooner,cause guys,i'm graduating on the 21 of May...Just two weeks till prom-night O_O.

That weekend we even decided to go and visit my grandmothers on the country(they live in the same country...actually they are neighbours :P ^^).It was awesome :D.I even took some pictures from my hiking ^^.I LOVE HIKING! :D.Maybe i'll upload them on my next post ^^.

The next week(this one),hell again.Had some more exams,and i got sick again :(.I'm feeling better now,but my throat still hurts a bit -_-.April is a pretty tricky month.Lots of weather changes,sunny,then rainy and sunny again...and there you go...-_-

Umm,what else...well no animes this week(Bleach,Naruto)or mangas :(.But at least we got D.Grey-Man,Vampire Knight and Soul Eater ^^.Ohhh i just stared to watch a very interesting new anime to called "Nabari no Ou".I love the way how the characters look,and has a interesting story...it reminds me "a bit" of Naruto,but oh well...If you can check it out,tell me what you think ^^.

Ughh can't think of anything else,did i exaggerated with this post a bit?.I think that was about it in short,still lost of thigs to say,but i don't wanna annoy you.Sorry if it's to long(i know some of you are a bit tired of studying *hugs*)

So guys,thank you so very much for visiting me and i'll try to comment as much as i can ^^.Take care and see ya soon then *sends lots of hugs and loves* ^_~


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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ahhh i'm back :D

*MASSIVE HUUUUUUGS* Hello guys *hugs* :D.Ahhh i haven't posted in a while -_-.Thank you sooooo veryyyyy much for your last comments guys.Twists,Kytes(hope you like your B-day present ^^),Fox,
Wolfy,Divine(ohh hey ^^)Stixxy...*sends lots of hugs* ^_^.THANK YOU ALL! :D.Heheh i'm feeling SUPER GREAT now ^^.I love reading all of your posts as always! ^_^ :D

UGhhh,so sorry for not being here a couple of days,but i had so much things to do -_-.Like,i had a 400 page book to read till Friday(yesterday),and i had to make my Powerpoint presentation for the Starch project -_-,plus i had to help my friends with it to.So sorry for not commenting these days T_T T_T.

OOhh,lots of things happened this week :D.Hehehe,i don't know where to start! :P.I'll try not to make a big post...

Well for a start... finally i have a new laser printer :D :P.Wow,when i saw it,i felt like my dad bought me a Xbox! LOL.But the reason is that i needed it so badly(do you remember my little "adventure" with the *project accident*?).Hehehe,now i can print things as much as i like! xD xD

School was fun...annoying...but fun ^^.The past few days we where experimenting about sugar in sweets(juices,jams)and about vitamin C in fruits and vegetables(i brought a tomato :P).You'll be surprised that tomatoes have much more vitamin C then lemons! O_o.Yup,couldn't believe it myself...

Ummm,what else...Ohh i've read some manga and watched some anime in my little free time ^^.Suggestions from me?
- Liar Game (definitively,very interesting to read ^^)
- Bokura ga Ita (probably know this shoujo,i love it)
- Kiss in the blue (this one is kind of a drama,but a lovely one)
Did you read the new chapters on Bleach by the way?.Ohh,it staring to remind me of Lost a bit O_O.Anyone watches Lost?Hehe i know Stixxy does ^^.

Ohh and anime?.Bleach(OMG!! xD the last ones ROCKED!!Grimmjow is the man! xD).Hehehe VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!! :D :D :D(ZEEEEEERRRROOOOOO xD xD xD xD *screams*),Code Geass R2(finally the new season ^^),Soul Eater(thanks to Wolfy-chan ^^) and an old one:Black Blood Brothers ^^.Hehehe i loved that one ^^.

Ummm,if i continue,this will be a VERY big post...so i'll stop here.Still many things to say,but this is enough,don't wanna annoy you...

Well,thanks for stopping by here *hugs hugs*,i'll try to comment on your posts as soon as i can ^^. Take care and see ya all soon my sweets ^_^ *sends lots of hugs and loves to everybody* ^_~

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeling better now ^^

Hehehe thanks guys ^^.Stixxy,Wolfy,Anna-chan,

Well,i'm feeling better now(i can type and hold the mouse fine ^^)so i'll be back in in shape in no time ^^.Well,we were joking about that with my friends yesterday :P.LOL,now i have something to remember my school by :P.But naaahh,there is not gonna be scars at all.It was not so serious ^^.But it was painful T_T.

Anyway,i made a little B-Day gift for Kytes.HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYTES!! ^_^.Go ahead and check it out in your free time ^^

Well,don't wanna keep this long,just to say that i'm gonna comment from now on.Hehehe i was keeping track.Ohhh Wolfy-chan,Soul Eater ROCKS!! ^^.

Take care my sweets and see ya soon *sends lots of hugs and loves* ^_~ /div>

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Burned by acid?!?! T_T

See the title?...Ughhh guys,i had a DISASTER day at the lab...
We where experimenting the PH value between strong acids and week ones...so everything was going OK as it should be(i'm one of the best in the lab...),but here is where the trouble was...
When i was pouring down the bottle with the strong acid(Nitric acid or HNO3...it's a little number three),i accidently touched the top of the bottle with my hands,and touched small drops of the acid.At first i didn't notice...but then i screamed like hell!! T_T.I got burned by it!! =O.I was running around the entire lab just to find the shower section(where we clean the laboratory inventory)and wash my hands with cold water!! =O.Ohh i had luck my professor was near to,so there was no need to panic.But my friends got freaked out.
I was so embarrassed,i became "the accident of the week".Ughhhh it was painful like hell!!I have my hands bandaged now...and i can barely type this post T_T.Ohhh and when i think of clicking the mouse...T_T.This post took me two hours to type...

So guys,i think i'll not be able to comment this weekend,maybe even longer...dunno...I see some of you posted...i'll read them,that's the least i can do T_T
So sorry about that T_T...i guess this is totally not my month...
Take care guys *lots of hugs*

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