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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

   Hey guys...

Sorry for being MIA for the last few weeks, anyhow, I'm doing ok now. School just started and my bro came back from Fla. My grandma isn't doing much better... they keep finding more stuff wrong, and to be honest I dont know how long shes got to live... but I dont want to bum anyone out just when I'm returning so yeah... I submitted somew new art... it started out as two pix, but I mixed them into one, check it out and let me know what you think, please be honest.

'till next time...


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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   I'm sorry

I'm sorry its been so long you guys, anyhow its raining here and although that ussually brightens me up today it just doesnt. I'm sorry I'll post more later...

'till next time...

>>Edit: My fanart isn't up I forgot to resize it, lol I'll post it tomorrow!


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Friday, August 12, 2005

   My view on.... LIFE

Life is so unfair, we live everyday and for what? Sure everynow and then something good happens, like getting some money, or a good job, but does it ever last? I find that everyone seems to think life will get better someday but theyve been thikning this for so long that... wouldn't someday be today? Just as things are starting to look up, I graduated highschool, I have a job, I'm gettign along with my family, I'm engaged! But happines is best friends with misery is it not?

Last night my grandmother had a stroke, she cant feel her right arm or leg, and from what I hear no one is optimistic. My aunts and uncles tell me that it'll be ok, but I know the truth, my mom spoked to her, and she told me that she was crying... Ive never seen my grandma cry, only out of happines... No matter what happened she always had hope, and always looked life in the eye and made everything seem better. But she was crying. I dont know what I'll do if something happens to her. I am with my sisters now, and I dont want them to see me cry my mom left for Florida this morning and I stayed here with them, I dont want them to knoe how bad it is yet.

There was a time, when my grandma was being reobbed rioght outside her house, and me and my cousin heard it, but we thought if we don't know who it is, then we dont have to worry about it. Then we looked out the window and saw y grandma and some guy dressed in black trying to yank off the necklace... What will I do... if I can never apologize for that? For all the time that I saw her and didn't say "bendición, abuela"? What will I do if I never get to see her again? I dont want to loose her.

Just as life seems to be going ok, tragedy strikes... thats my ultimate view on this pathetic excuse for a world that we live in.

'till next time...


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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   I might sound like an ass but here goes...

Well I just realized that I have been taking my room for granted, my brother comes back at the end of this month from Florida and I will have to once again share a room, I hate sharing a room It just means I will get no privacy whatsoever. I'm kinda hoping he decides to stay down there and start highschool over there, that would be awesome!!! Its not like its that far from the truth, he can continue working with my uncle to pay his way, and he can be near our family which he loves cuz that means that he has cousins all over the place!

Well anyway, cross your fingers guys! OH yeah I saw Nataku1 the other day, she hasnt posted in forever because she has no PC anymore and she moved away so she cant to the library anymore, I'm not sure she wants me to tell you guys but, she is having a baby! Ugh I can't stand her boyfriend, he is an ass. He is about to be a father, and all he can do is act like a little kid and play video games, if it wasnt for her he wouldn't even be working! I told her all of this and she told him and now he doesnt like me but you know what, who cares? That's my sister right there, and I ain't gonna let some black canadian loser (I am not racist, I have no problem with black or canadian people, some of my best friends are black, and I love Canada) ruin her life! I really see him fucking up that kid so bad, and It worries me becasue right now he cant even get his liscence becasue he wont tlk to his parents to get his birth papers, and shes like "I just let him do whatever he wants to now" but thats not right because his descisions affect both her AND the baby now, so hecan't be acting like a little turd just cuz he doesnt like his parents!

What do you guys think?

'till next time...


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Sunday, August 7, 2005


Don't have a lot of time to post, so just check out yesterdays if you haven't already sorry guys

'till next time...


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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   A little different!

Today instead of posting I will copy down a comment left to me by my my old buddy, Moldy Headbread:

"and his army emerged from the dark portal, laying waste to all those who would stand before him. For his power was so great, that he could level entire cities with a single cough! On that day, all knees bowed to this horrible master, never to taste the sweet nectar of freedom again..."

Take THAT Master Kyo and Tepocoora, and everyone else who
might opose me and my army!!!! Now beg for my forgiveness!!!

'till next time...


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Thursday, August 4, 2005

I have an army!!!!

(For those of you who havent been here in the past few days, please look back at the last three posts or so)

HAHA!!! Master Kyo, and Tepocoora, you will not take me alive!!! (Nor dead Yesterday I ran all over Otaku world recruiting helpers for my cause!!! And now Tremble before the power of my mighty, army!!!!

First off there's me!!! HAHA!!! With my ninja skills and my mighty Wing Gundam Zero!!!

Next we have angel of the night, with her helping hand!!!

Night Shade is there too, hoping all goes well!

Bebopinutrigun with her trusty sword in hand stands beside me in the battle field!

Beware, Swayywa in her demon form, standing in front of my troops!

Chichirocks hands me my sword as I prepare for Battle!

Master Marik and her Mill rod are always ready for battle!

Jakk401 using his fox magic to aid us all!

Irrelevance helps by staying away!!! (Apparantly she is a jinx or something?)

Hernandezcristal!!! A butter knife? Well I guess help is help!

Kayago helps me hide from my persecutors!!!

Thank you all of you who show me your support, I know we can beat them now!!!

'till next time...


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Wednesday, August 3, 2005


*gasp gasp* I've... been... running away from... Kyo, and... *gasp* Tepocoora *gasp* please, help!!! *gasp* *sigh* They have... a... *Gasp* fake beard *gasp* Theyre trying to *gasp* get the *gast* on Osama *gasp* by disguising me *deep breath*

It all started because I hadn't shaved in a long time, well Kyo wants a trip to Japan and Tepocoora wants money and what easier way to get it than to catch "Osama" well they were wrong, I am a master swordsman, and an accomplished ninja!!! I will not fall to them!!!! *sees them in corner* Damn!!! *hits floor* I summon thee!!! Bahamut!!!! *Bahamut comes out of the ground and attackes* I gotta go now, please lend me a hand Otakus!!!!

'till next time...


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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Well yesteray I finally let it sink in that I needed a shave. It started when I looked at myself and thought I looked like Osama Bin Laden well I sent a picture of me to Master Kyo, and she was like "Oh my god you ARE OSAMA!!!" And so we got into this argument about how if she shot me then she would get a reward, so I was like "I'll shave" and she was like "I'll glue it back on..." and so now she is tying to kill me... please help me escape Master Kyo, all of MyOtaku friends, please!!!

Here are some pix of me before and after shaving!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Monday, August 1, 2005

No work

Today is monday and I don't work, well It promises to be a boring day at home. Okay let me breakdown my weekend for you guys, on friday I didn't work cus it was my day off, I stayed home and did nothing all day. Saturday I worked all day, it wasn't hell but it wasn't fun either. At like three o'clock I realized that I didn't have my buspass and no bus fare either, so I called my mom but she was at the beach so she couldn't pick me up. I called Jakk401 but he was working and having car troubles, so I resulted to calling my bestest buddy, Lenny.

I thought he'd be like "nah man, sorry" but he was like "my dad is here, and he's not using the car so I'll pick you up" I finally saw Lenny drive!!! YAH!!!!

Okay so he brought me ome and I told him that we (the crew) was planing to do a little something later on and he said he was in. But later on I got a call from Jakk401 and he was like "I'm on the highway, the lugnuts on my tire fell off, my tire almost went with them" and I was like "SHIT! Are you allright?" and he was like yeah, but his parents just left him there alone to wait for the tow truck, I think that was fucked up.

Well then we couldnt get in touch with Myra, and I called Lenny and told him the whole thing was off, I was kinda pissed, but it couldn't be helped!

MOMMY to the rescue. My mom offered to let them come over, SLEEP over, and she even let me use her car, as long as I babysat my sisters for the night. I was like "ok!" So we picked up Lenny, Myra and Harry, and then we went to the supermarket where we bought ice cream, crab rangoons (which was a really bad idea) caramel, whip cream, cookie dough, soda, well junk food, then we got home and we ordered a pizza!!! YAY!!!

We had fun, Lenny was osama bin ladden for a while, and we all watched adult swim together, I was cracking up the whole night, I think there was something in the pizza.

The next morning, Lenny had to go early so he woke me up as he left, we all ended up getting up at like eleven, and we went to the bank so I could get some money and we went to eat at Apsara, once there, we were pissed because they didn't have any crab rangoon (they never do any more)

Well we went back to myhouse and my mom taught them how to make Flan (a desesrt, its like super cheesecake) and Myra taught me how to make eggrolls, *yum* it was a good weekend overall, but a lot of bad things happened, between Harry's car, his parents, and Eriks dad, there was a lot of drama...

'till next time...


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