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Well I dunno what to say anymore, god damn Otaku, Thank you to all my friends here,. you are all awesome, I wish you all nothing but the best in life, As for me... well I dunno things are going okay I guess... getting shittier by the day this sounds like a post but its not. My name's Ant, I go by Alexandir though. My favorite color is red, and I like to match it with black (I'm like a power ranger I wear something red everyday) Usually I say that I'm gay but I've realized that that just causes people to strereotype me, I'm Xandir, I'm weird, and quirky and a little bit of a spazz. I can be loud and anoying and I can be the most macho guy under the right situation, thats not to say that I'm girly the rest of the time, not even close. I like to play video games and write stories. I also like to go hiking and I like being in the woods. I like to play instruments, and I like to leanr new things, its always fun. I'm a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) maniac, and my new obsession revolves around crab rangoon!!!! (OMG theyre like little pieces of heaven in your mouth) I'm running out of space so...

'till next time...

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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Its been SO long lmao. I dont think anyone will see this @ this point, but hey... F-it.

How is everyone doing!? Things have been crazy as hell for me! I have had 5 surgeries done in the last 4 weeks and haven't worked in 6 weeks. I had my tonsils removed and had a post op bleeding problem.

I hope some of my old Otaku buddies are still around, and I hope some new people stop by and I can make new friends. Man I do kinda miss this place... If i was any good with HTML I would totally revamp this page, but I suck so I wont lol.

Peace out, home skillets!


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Monday, May 21, 2007

   Well once again...

Once again i have let you guys down. Ive been gone forever and now i come back hoping that people still remember me lol. I hope everyones been ok, i would like to hear from all of you. Ive been hella busy. As ussuall all i have to report is drama and stress, and of course money problems. Starting this month i dont have any roommates anymore so i gotta pay rent and bills all by myself, not to mention i will be starting school soon and i'll have 2 pay for that too. Wish me luck everyone, this time im really jumping head first into the adult world... d_b


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Friday, February 2, 2007


I didnt realize it had been so long since I posted, well things are their ussual shitty self. Work has been driving me insane, home life is driving me broke, and love life is driving me dead... I dont really have anything new to say, just that ive been drawing a bit lately. Its been a while since i drew... well gotta go shower for work, hope everyones doing fine!

'till next time...


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Saturday, January 20, 2007


So its my day off, and im just gonna take it easy and rest up... i have no plans and ill probly be online all day, so feel free to hit me up

MSN: AleXavier_H@hotmail.com
Yahoo: HeeroXavier@yahoo.com
AIM: AleXavierR

'till next time...


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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Sorry it's been about a week u guys, stuff has been crazy. Well letsee... Tim (my coworker) is leaving which means i get to be the boss at my library, however, it sux because i really like Tim and I dont want him to leave... so i am sad...

Today i got paid, and i have to pay rent, and also i have to put in my roommates part because welfare hasnt kicked in yet... damn govt... 2 b honest i think she could be lookin for a job more actively but this time i'll help her out kuz if not i get kicked out...

What else... 360 kicks ass!!! WHOOOOO SO DOES THE WII!!!!! all i need is a PS3, and thats gonna be a long time before i get that... a long LONG time...

I am watching Bleach now!!! AWESOME!!!!!! OMG and its finally starting to feel like winter... kinda nice... but very very cold!!! ok well i gotta get to work...

tty all later!

'till next time...


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