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Sunday, July 17, 2005

By polular demand...

Well I'm sorry I havent been around much lately Ive been very busy trying to sort life out but here it is by popular request a pic of me and my fiancee Harry!!!


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Monday, July 11, 2005

   Good weekend

Well where to start? On friday I was at home with my friends Elvis and Lenny and we had our fun... We tried to prank Elvis' girlfriend but she didn't pick up he was pissed... but Lenny and I wnet ahead with it... he tried to stop us... but come on Elvis can't stop Lenny and I (specially when were having fun lol)

Saturday I spent the day with Lenny again we hung out and we finally learned how to digivolve in Digimon World 4 (X) I'm now Wragreymon and he is now Clavis Angemon (they are awesome) That night my fiancee came over and my dear friend Myra (Rinoa Desire) called us up and invitied us to the movies...

When we got to MYra's house she was all hyper and peppy (cheerleading left its mark... poor girl) She gave me a caprisun pouch and then she pulled out a bottle of whine for her and Lenny I was all like "What I get the kiddie shit?!?!?!" Then she pulled out more caprisuns and she made everyone drink one cuz if not she got all crazy psycho on us. lol.

At the mall we had some trouble parking we went around like a thousand times before finding a soace lol. Then at the movies we watched Dark Waters it was okay... but the Manga was like WAY better. We had an awesome time.

Sunday my aunt and uncle came over. I love them theyre so awesome my aunt has a sword for me she says I can have it when I got to Florida (it's the Brotherhood from FFX) Well now its monday morning and I justr got done fightting with the sprint people theyre trying to rip me off!!! Damn sprint!!!!

well thats all for now...

'till next time...


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Friday, July 8, 2005

New Layout

I wanna thank my dear friend Sw33tz for making me this layout thanks again!!!

YOu know Sw33tz has been around since before I even started MyO... well she had a diff. name back then but... Well its just that there a few people that I would like to mention!

Kougajilover/Allison: My 1st friend on MyO thank you for sticking with me and being there always!

Sw33tz/Dany: The creator of this layout. A genious with HTML. Thanks again for the hard work!

Master Kyo/Ryu: My dear friend. Was once one of (if not the) most popular person on MyO lost his old site though so sad...

Poo62/Slaney: Dude!!! The most awesome little guy ever, always good for a laugh and a true friend.

Gundam01/Shaun: Another very special friend, he is very affectionate and a caring soul. My aprentice in the ways of Gundam Wing lol.

Conneryalexis: Always there to make me feel better, she is very special and a very good friend.

MidnightMistral/???: I wont say her name because I'm not sure how she would take it lol. We have our disagreements but she's a real good friend.

Shadowlight: We play tag on MSN it is so fun!!!! SHe always cheers me up when I'm down. lol

Jakk401/Harrison: Created 10 minutes ago this is my boyfriends new site... visit please!

and last but not least

Nataku1/Cyn: My best friend and sister. We have our hard times but were always right there with each other... I kinda miss her since she moved away...

'till next time...


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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

You guys...

I wanna thank anyone and everyone who has visited me during the last few days and made me feel better.

Physically I'm okay all my sences are back to normal save for my eyes. I feel blind as a bat and I can hardly read.

Mentally I'm okay I guess kinda tired of everything my sister got over her little drama and my mom is acting like nothing ever hapened. Harrison is extremely sick like he feels that his chest is caving in and I can't go visit him because I'm stuck babysitting

Emotionaly i'm confused. I'm still kindof in shock at my engagement, and I'm feeling kinda down about sumthing but I dont know what. I have, however, noticed that I put up a brave front and I dont let people see when somethings bothering me...

I started working out again and I dunno I dont think its gonna last, I need it cuz now I'm losing weight and I look like a sack of bones. But the problem is that it bores the living hell out of me!!!! I just cant do it I space out of just walk away and then an hour later I remember that I was supposed to work out.

I feel like a loser, I dont have a job, all I do is stay home all day and I dont even keep in touch with my friends... god damn whats wrong with me!?!?!?!?!?

I dunno sorry for all the ranting and the bitching guys...

'till next time...


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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

So sick of it...

My mom always makes being gay sound like its some sort of disease, or like a drug. I hate it when she's like "we'll help you through it" Like, WTF? You're gonna help not be fucking gay? Or "This affects the whole family and we'll deal with it as a family" SHIT, that's what you tell a drug addict when they get out of rehab!!!!!!! I just wish that for one damn second she would put herself in my fucking shoes!!! We can't deal with it as a family cuz she doesn't have to deal with the prejudice and the shit I have to deal with. My fucking sister is apparantly pissed as hell at me because I'm gay!!!! WTF??!?!?!?!?!? I'm sorry!?!?!?!?!?! God damn them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fucking hate them! My sister told me to get out of the house yesterday, and my mom comes in here talking bout, "she's pissed at you, and you gotta deal with that" and then she has the nerve to tell me that it's not about me so I have to fucking stop acting like it is!!! Who the fuck does she think she is? I wish I could go somewhere right now, just get the hell out of here, I wish I was eighteen then I would leave them all to rot in hell... I hate them! The only one that I feel bad for is my little sister Paola, She's too young to understand whats going on and she was afraid that I was gonna leave yesterday and not come back, she almost made me cry. And on top of all that my mom is now telling that until that little bitch of a sister calms down that I shouldnt bring Harry over, and that when I do I cant bring him into my room so I guess that now I have to keep my fiancee in the livingroom and we can twidle our thumbs!!! Hoo-fucking-ray!!!!

So sick of this...
next time...


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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Senses fail

Ugh, I don't know whats wrong with me, my senses are all messed up. Everything feels funny, when I touch things it feels weird, sounds are muffled, everything tastes funny, andmy vision is very blurry. The other day I was trying to read some manga and I couldn't I thought maube I just had to go back to wearing my glasses but now the air even smells funny. I'm kinda worried cuz I've never heard of a sickness that messes up all your senses at one, and its not like Ive had any other symptoms, besides some upset stomachs, and thats ussual for me... do any of you know anything about this?
'till next time...


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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

   Another day

Well I'm sorry I havent been around lately but I'm here now, I no longer work at the library and I'm having problems at home...
Well my mom seems to be reconsidering Florida, and that fine but I can't go with her... I feel really bad because I'm afraid she wont leave without me... However I can't leave Prov now, I have too many things here, my God-child will be born in less than a year, and other personal things, and I can't leave my boyfriend here... where one of us goes the other does too, but he has college so I can't go...

'till next time...


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Friday, June 24, 2005


FUCKING OTAKU!!! I just had the longst, most wonderful post about how you guys are my friends, and I didnt think I would me such wonderfl people here and this stupid piece of shit erased it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *storms off*

'till next time...


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   At workl

I'm at work, I've been working some full shfts lately because I need the money seeing as I will be jobless soon. My boss, Gene told me today why he had been kind of a pric lately, and it made sence, he said that if I'm out of high school then I need to be an adult and that means work like one because in the world no one ain't gonna cut me no slack, so you see, he's looking out for me.
He's an Earth Spirit... he's strong like a rock, but he can be very hard headed and hard to persuade, his hearts in the right place though. Well I got nothing else to say, my boyfriend and I are getting real serious, talking abou tthe future and stuff, its really exiting, but kinda scary, however, I know that whatever comes up against us, we can go through it together (it's our new theme) Well thats all for now
'till next time...


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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Conneryalexis!!! I'm sorry I wasn't around for your philosophy class lol, well anyway, thats what I always say, heaven must be a boring ass bitch of only the goody two shoes go there, so I'm guessing hell must be fun!!!! YAH!!!!

Anyway I'm really happy, things are finally shaping up. I graduated, I'm not moving to fla (kinda bitter sweet) and I'm going to college, yehaw!!! Now to sign up for college... lol!!! Anyway, I'm very happy cuz things are starting to shape up and for once I'm thinking into the future, and I see a happy one... with the person I love... *sigh* well, I'll see all you guys around!

'till next time...


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