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welcome 2 my site!this is a site 4 ppl hu got nufin better to do then look at a noob site!

also if ur in my site, can u tell ur friends to come, sign my guestbook and, well add me if u think im likable, or u could abuse me if for some reason u think im a jerk! but u wouldnt do that, would u?(*.*) *puppy dog eyes* lol

hey! lol im changin my intro! omg! lol if ur in this site invite ur friends or else...oh yes....a little girl called stacey didntinvite her friends but i got my revenge, oh yes....she was sorry then!Muhahahahaha!!!
srry i went 2 far lol

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

   :] pretty good day.
Hey, everyone at myO!

Well, today I had my cousins' birthdays (they're 1 and 3) at my aunt's place. =P the gf came with me and we bought them presents xD my 3yo cousin Ronan went crazy after he saw allt he lollies we bought him.

xD how's everyone else been?

I'm pretty relaxed now that I finished the 2 assignments I had due this week. I doubt I did that well in them, but there's not much I can do about it now anyway.

After the eco test(on friday, it's sat now here in aus) One of my friends and I went around to an italian restaurant near my school. xD it was pretty good, a bit on the expensive side though. ; A; the butler's chest was so hairy...it was sticking out of his shirt. ><"

Well, that's pretty much about it that's been going on for the past week, so I'ma let you guys go.

Love, Peace, Skeet and Cheese.(grats to everyone who recognises that)


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Returning to Myotaku!
Hey everyone,

well I'm sure nobody really paid too much attention to my old posts/blog anyway, but somehow I ended up ditching this site randomly.

A fill in on what's happened inbetween:
1) break up with the gf in the previous posts =[
2) *censored* amounts of heartbreaks later, I found my current girlfriend and we've been going strong for 11 months :]
3) Became a crazed little teenybopper, obsessed with DDR, shuffling and all things COOL.
4) realised thats pretty stupid, and just acted like my wierd little self. Kept the hair though x]
5)Had a lot of little mishaps here and there, but it's all good now :]

Well, since this is a blog I'll probably just talk about what's been going on lately. I'm in year 12 now, and in Australia that means HSC(BADDDD). So that basically means I have less free time, and I've stopped doing most activities. =[ I've recently found out about beyblades again and being the immature guy I am, became obsessed with them. >:{D Still a big anime fan, though I'm reading much more than watching nowadays. =P found a renewed passion for super sentai, kamen rider, and being the spiky hair-est dork out there.

Well, I'm outta here, and going to look around this site now, so I'll see you around xP.

Feel free to add me as a friend etc, It'd be cool to actually know people on here again XD

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

hey long time no see, im baaaack~ >=D
LOLZ HEY WASSUP PPLZZZZZ! lool soz i havent gone on in a LONG time but sadly...not much ahs happened. xP ive been going out with my girlfriend for 5 motnhs today! >=D howa wesome is that*does a dance* lool xP so i havent bn on in a long time and likelyhood is i have lost all connections with ppl i used 2 knw here,so i will ontroduce my self again.^^ hey im aiden =P hajime mashite lool if anybody's in a relationshipp comment me on how its goin!^^ lolz welpz,im gonna go cya around pplz!~^^ ja ne
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Friday, May 25, 2007

   luv is in the air~
lolz wassu ppls?xD im goin out wif dis grl n its so funny!i was teachin her how to play tennis n she was so funny!XD she tripped over the ball,which waws pretty wierd since i was hand feedin her da balls but oh well lolz so wassup wif all of u?
havin fun?lolz if u got ne gd stories 2 tell, tell me!

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

   hi all!
lolz new term at skool and its pretty good!lolz u wudnt think so but we got some kwl teachers n we're goin 2 a gelato factory!*droolz*lol im gonna eat so much gelato lolz.btw soz ppl i havent bn on much n stuff but im workin on it! tryin 2 find stuff 2 write abt!LOL so how r u pplz? lol cya cos i run outta words 2 say ><'
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