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Saturday, June 26, 2010

   :] pretty good day.
Hey, everyone at myO!

Well, today I had my cousins' birthdays (they're 1 and 3) at my aunt's place. =P the gf came with me and we bought them presents xD my 3yo cousin Ronan went crazy after he saw allt he lollies we bought him.

xD how's everyone else been?

I'm pretty relaxed now that I finished the 2 assignments I had due this week. I doubt I did that well in them, but there's not much I can do about it now anyway.

After the eco test(on friday, it's sat now here in aus) One of my friends and I went around to an italian restaurant near my school. xD it was pretty good, a bit on the expensive side though. ; A; the butler's chest was so hairy...it was sticking out of his shirt. ><"

Well, that's pretty much about it that's been going on for the past week, so I'ma let you guys go.

Love, Peace, Skeet and Cheese.(grats to everyone who recognises that)


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