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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Returning to Myotaku!
Hey everyone,

well I'm sure nobody really paid too much attention to my old posts/blog anyway, but somehow I ended up ditching this site randomly.

A fill in on what's happened inbetween:
1) break up with the gf in the previous posts =[
2) *censored* amounts of heartbreaks later, I found my current girlfriend and we've been going strong for 11 months :]
3) Became a crazed little teenybopper, obsessed with DDR, shuffling and all things COOL.
4) realised thats pretty stupid, and just acted like my wierd little self. Kept the hair though x]
5)Had a lot of little mishaps here and there, but it's all good now :]

Well, since this is a blog I'll probably just talk about what's been going on lately. I'm in year 12 now, and in Australia that means HSC(BADDDD). So that basically means I have less free time, and I've stopped doing most activities. =[ I've recently found out about beyblades again and being the immature guy I am, became obsessed with them. >:{D Still a big anime fan, though I'm reading much more than watching nowadays. =P found a renewed passion for super sentai, kamen rider, and being the spiky hair-est dork out there.

Well, I'm outta here, and going to look around this site now, so I'll see you around xP.

Feel free to add me as a friend etc, It'd be cool to actually know people on here again XD

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