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Hello ! My name is Diana and Iīm 16 years old. I love watching anime and science fiction,reading manga books,cooking/baking,being with my friends,writing and drawing. P.s: Donīt forget to
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   14/2 2008
It was so much fun at Lindaīs 17th b-day party this saturday. Firts we ate cake and then Lucy
,Jennifer,Amanda,Sarah and I gave her the presents we had bought. After that little Sam (Samantha) suddenly joined us. Jennifer asked Linda why she had come and Linda told us that she had invited her and then Sam gave Linda the cute b-day card her mother had helped to draw. After that we played games for a while,watched
Journey to Watership Down as Sam wanted to see
,played computer,listened and danced to music
,ate sweets and went outside for a while. Later when we came back inside we ate lunch and then me and the others said good bye to Linda and went home cause it was pretty late in the afternoon which means that we ate a late lunch. But it didnīt matter so much cause we had so fun. Hehe I guess thatīs all I have to say about my weekend cause I didnīt do something special the day after Lindaīs birthday. Happy Valentinīs day everyone by the way.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   6/2 2008
Um... I thought that I souhldīve written about this sunday 3/2 just like me and Linda had said that I should but then we had problem with internet again. *sighs* When will this end? Oh well at least me and my friends had fun together at the slumber party as we had in Sarahīs house.
First we ate pizza,drank coke,talked about everything and listened to music. After that we watched Bridge to Terabithia as Lucy had bought in town last week. When the movie was end we read manga books,had a pillow fight,called some neighbours and hung up when they said hello,told
each other ghost stories,played hide and seek ,watched tv,ate ice cream,drank some more coke and went to sleep. Yep thatīs the fun part of my weekend. Hope all you others also have had a good weekend and that you will have it the coming weekend too which I know that I will cause Iīm going to Lindaīs 17th birthday party.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

   11/1 2008
Sorry for really not updating for a while. Me and my friends was so busy with school the last before the holiday. Hope all of you have had fun by the way. I know that me and my friends have had lots of fun even though we werenīt together from the beginning cause we were visiting our cousins and so on. But the day after that we had come home so did we take the bus together to town,went to the cinema and saw the new Disney movie Enchanted. It was really fun and Iīd like to see it again but weīve already planned to see National Treasure Book of secrets next weekend cause this weekend tomorrow are we going to Samīs sixth birthday party which I think will be fun even though Sam is so annoying sometimes. But I wonīt write more about that cause Linda told me earlier today after school which began 8/1 when we were in town to buy presents for Sam that she wants to write about the party so Iīll let her do it. Well... I guess thatīs all I have to say for now so have a nice weekend.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27/11 2007
Um sorry for not updating for a while. Iīve been busy with school and stuff so Iīve barely had time to be on here and I know tha itīs the same thing with my friend Animated Girl 2. But tomorrow night are we going to have fun. First are we going to the cinema to see Stardust which Jennifer earlier today showed a trailer of and then are we going to have a slumber party. But I wonīt write so much more about that now cause I thought that Iīd let LInda write about it so check out her site on thursday.
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