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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   6/2 2008
Um... I thought that I souhld´ve written about this sunday 3/2 just like me and Linda had said that I should but then we had problem with internet again. *sighs* When will this end? Oh well at least me and my friends had fun together at the slumber party as we had in Sarah´s house.
First we ate pizza,drank coke,talked about everything and listened to music. After that we watched Bridge to Terabithia as Lucy had bought in town last week. When the movie was end we read manga books,had a pillow fight,called some neighbours and hung up when they said hello,told
each other ghost stories,played hide and seek ,watched tv,ate ice cream,drank some more coke and went to sleep. Yep that´s the fun part of my weekend. Hope all you others also have had a good weekend and that you will have it the coming weekend too which I know that I will cause I´m going to Linda´s 17th birthday party.

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