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Friday, January 11, 2008

   11/1 2008
Sorry for really not updating for a while. Me and my friends was so busy with school the last before the holiday. Hope all of you have had fun by the way. I know that me and my friends have had lots of fun even though we werenīt together from the beginning cause we were visiting our cousins and so on. But the day after that we had come home so did we take the bus together to town,went to the cinema and saw the new Disney movie Enchanted. It was really fun and Iīd like to see it again but weīve already planned to see National Treasure Book of secrets next weekend cause this weekend tomorrow are we going to Samīs sixth birthday party which I think will be fun even though Sam is so annoying sometimes. But I wonīt write more about that cause Linda told me earlier today after school which began 8/1 when we were in town to buy presents for Sam that she wants to write about the party so Iīll let her do it. Well... I guess thatīs all I have to say for now so have a nice weekend.
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