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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   14/2 2008
It was so much fun at Lindaīs 17th b-day party this saturday. Firts we ate cake and then Lucy
,Jennifer,Amanda,Sarah and I gave her the presents we had bought. After that little Sam (Samantha) suddenly joined us. Jennifer asked Linda why she had come and Linda told us that she had invited her and then Sam gave Linda the cute b-day card her mother had helped to draw. After that we played games for a while,watched
Journey to Watership Down as Sam wanted to see
,played computer,listened and danced to music
,ate sweets and went outside for a while. Later when we came back inside we ate lunch and then me and the others said good bye to Linda and went home cause it was pretty late in the afternoon which means that we ate a late lunch. But it didnīt matter so much cause we had so fun. Hehe I guess thatīs all I have to say about my weekend cause I didnīt do something special the day after Lindaīs birthday. Happy Valentinīs day everyone by the way.

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