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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Hi hi, welcome to my humble site. i have been on Theotaku for 2 years! hiya ... LIKE OMG, WELCOME TO MY HUMBLE SITE XD ... site theme: KH

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Would/will you?
[um, sure?] Come to my house to do nothing at all but chill?
[yea sure, unless you wanna be in the hospital ^^] Fight me?
[yeaaa!!! no way HOZAY] kiss me?
[unless u wanna be kicked off a cliff]Let me kiss you?
[sure] Watch a movie with me?
[with some friends] Go out to dinner with me?
[sure XP] Sing car karaoke with me?
[what am i doin right know??] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[nope] Hold my hand?
[well, you cant cook, so i don want you to kill my kitchen *nods*] Let me make you breakfast?
[kish at homework alredy person] Help me with homework?
[i scream bloody merder when i get tickled e.e] Tickle me?
[i tickle everyone exept the people im afraid of] Let me tickle you?
[sure] Instant message me?
[yea sure XD] Greet me in public?
[why not, just dont do anything bad] Hang out with me?
[^^ sure, just dont get on Lin or Shreds bad side, ive gotten on there bad sides before...] Bring me around your friends?
[i guss] Be down with me no matter what?
[in your life ^^] Go out with me?

Do you?
[wellll...*thinks about it* no] Think I'm cute?
[sometimes] Think I'm serious?
[mhm] Think I'm a good person?
[i dono] Think I'm conceided?
[im not going to USE sarcasm to say no this time] Want to kiss me?
[not in your life] Want to cuddle with me?
[yea no way] Want to hook up with me?
[well, as a friend is guss] Love me?

Am I?
[you asked me to help you with your HOMEWORK] Smart?
[asking the same ones OVER again???] Cute?
[yes] Funny?
[nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo] Sexy?
[yup] Cool?
[no] Romantic?
[yep, for asking me ALL these weird things! ^^"] A freak?
[i don like gangster] Gangster?
[mabey] Lovable?
[no] Adorable?
[i trust you...]Trustworthy
[umm, i guess??] Compassionate?
[ i guss XD] Great to be with?
[no] Attractive?

another 1 i got on froggy's page

1. Do you have a job? nur :D

2. How old are you? 11

3. Do you have any tattoos? o.o i better not

4. How about piercings? nopers XD

5. What do you study? manga/ anime/ drawing :D! like froggy

6. Are you in school? i would be in big trouble if i wasent >_<

7. What's your dream job? um... being an artist ( and blowing people up NO NO JK JK XD )

8. Do you believe in ghosts? yesh

9. Are you superstitious? only when people i dont know are around me when im in a place

10. What's your favorite hobby? um... goin gon the pc..? and rping? o_o

11. What's your bad habit? bighting my nails T_T

12. What sport do you like? soccor

13. What color is your room? blue D:<

14. Do you like Jewelry? yea :D i dotn wear alot of it though, i'll prolly lose it XD

15. What's your clothing style? hm, prolly whet i fee like, if im sad, prolly jeans, happy, mabey a dress or jeans if its warm, then prolly a dress if its cold, prolly jeans, im weird.

16. Who is it that you admire most? froggy :D

17. What's an embarrassing thing that happened recently? um, i was in my class, and we were going out for lunch, so i got out of my seat, and tripped over a coard, knocking all these books over, and almost taking the electronic thing with me XD

18. What's something most people don't know about you? um hm, that i really dont care what people are, or let me re-state that XD i dont care by the gender, or if there bi or gay, or what color they are :D! i dont know why people dont understand that XD

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