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Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Alright folks so Iím 20, 21 in August and Iím a College student long before VV I was on here often chatting with some of the most amazing people the otaku world had to offer we still have some of the awesome folk but not many most people moved to VV but I donít rightly like those folks so I stay hereÖ.kindaÖ.ANY WAY I like anime, card games, movies, video games, and music my favorite rock band is Linkin park my favorite rap artist is Snoop dogg or Ice Cube leaning towards the Cube and my favorite j-rock artist is Nightmare. I like to read so don't diss books in front of me its annoying annnnnnd lets see well I don't talk much because Iíve basically given up on the world people usually just annoy me. Well thats about it if you have any questions just ask


Every moment that I draw breath fuck it. Thy existence has no meaning.

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